5 Weird Things that Might be Affecting your Sex Life

If you’ve been feeling like you’re losing control of your sex life, you’re not alone. There are so many little contributing factors beyond the obvious that it’s almost impossible to be fully aware of them. Here are some examples of some strange and unexpected influences on your sex drive and performance.
Cold Feet
I’m not talking about hesitation or fear of moving forward; your ability to perform in bed has quite a bit to do with the temperature of your feet. A university study showed that half of couples had difficulty reaching orgasm in a drafty room. Socks were then put on the feet of the subjects, and the problem was resolved for 80% of them. Make sure your room maintains a comfortable temperature for both you and your partner and, if you’re into it, throw some socks on.
Body Toxins
Most of us have built up a number of toxins in our bodies from smoking, alcoholism, or even lack of exercise and an over-processed diet. This takes a toll on our bodies in many ways, but your sex drive and endurance will always bear the brunt of your bad habits. This may explain the lack of energy and stunted libido you feel at the thought of sex. You might feel weighed down without even realizing it. Take on a juice cleanse, use an at home microdermabrasion kit, and you’ll be astounded at the difference you feel in many areas… but especially in the one that counts.
Your Bike
We’ve all heard biking can be harmful for men and their sperm count, but women suffer similar risks. With low-riding bicycles, women are forced to lean forward and put extra pressure on their pelvic region. This ends up doing damage and reducing sensitivity significantly in their genitals. Women should try using bikes with more upright handles, and men should be careful with their riding as well. If you ever had to sacrifice one form of exercise for another, this is the trade-off to make.
Flossing Habits
It’s not the bad breath that’s the problem, here. Failing to floss often results in harmful bacteria settling in the gums. These can permeate into the bloodstream, and have been shown to contribute to erectile dysfunction disorder. This is obviously a problem, and the bad breath doesn’t help much either. Make sure you maintain good flossing habits whether you’re a man or a woman: your partner (and your teeth) will thank you for it.
Lack of Chocolate
Chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac, and it has shown to provide positive sexual benefits for both men and women. A cube of chocolate a day has proven to increase sex drive significantly in both genders. It’s also a very romantic food, and is a perfect way to wrap up your evening meal and prelude the rest of the night. Aim for dark chocolate over milk, and don’t go overboard! You can also try other aphrodisiac foods, such as wine and oysters.
These are only a handful of the factors that might be contributing to your sex life, but don’t worry too much. Consult your doctor if you have major concerns, but for the most part you can keep your sexual health vibrant by remaining selfless and in open communication with your partner. The ultimate sex life comes from a positive emotional relationship. While this has a whole new series of contributing factors to consider, taking care of the small things can make a big difference.

Chris Miller is a professional writer, blogger, and English grammar enthusiast. Chris enjoys learning about new health products, procedures, and ideas.

Written by millerc086

Chris Milleris a professional writer, blogger, and English grammar enthusiast. Chris enjoys learning about new health products, procedures, and ideas.