A 2019 Beginner’s Guide to Squonking

E-cigarettes or personal vaporizers have been around the block since 2006. With all the technological breakthroughs in vaping and the global market it possesses, it has certainly become a phenomenon.

In fact, in the United States, over 9 million adults vape daily. That’s a huge figure without taking into account high school and college teens.

What’s the Buzz Behind Vaping?

Perhaps it lies on the flavor and the overall pleasurable experience. E-liquid offers a different dimension to the traditional smoker by mixing vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine, and food flavorings.

In terms of composition, all modern vaping devices have a battery, atomizer, wire coils, wicks, and e-liquid.

The mechanics are pretty simple – it all starts with the battery heating the wire coil. Then, the e-liquid is drawn to the coil through the wicks, either by manual dripping or extraction from the “squonk bottle.”

After the coil heats the e-liquid, it vaporizes, and the mist-like effect can now be inhaled for personal or group recreation.

Rise of the Need for Squonking

“Squonking” is probably the most interesting vaping jargon because of the sound it produces.

But what is it and how did it change the vaping landscape?

Let’s start with a slice of history first.

In 2009-2010, the flavor was scarce in the vaping world until the idea of drenching e-liquid straight to wicks or cotton was born.

It indeed amplified the flavor but there was a clear drawback: it was laborious.

Manual dripping requires you to carefully pour e-liquid onto cotton. With that, you’ll get a few amounts of vapor, so you have to drip again.

You also need to consistently check if the cotton is soaked. If you over drip, that can be really messy for your mod.

And did I already mention the hassle of holding your vape device in one hand and a separate juice bottle on the other?

How Does Squonking Solve the Problem?

The idea of a squonk mod came when a user on an E-Cig Forum had a Eureka moment.

Named as the “Juicebox,” that user’s creation had the appeal back then, but he failed to manufacture enough quantity for the snowballing orders.

Today, the mirror image of that idea is known as bottom feeding RDAs or squonkers like iPV V3 Mini.

Squonking mods have a hole in its bottom. It is where the juice bottle is located.

It allows the e-liquid to travel through the tube and be delivered straight up the atomizer by squeezing. After that, the wick now oozes with flavor.

So what happens if the wick starts getting dehydrated?

You simply need to press the bottle a bit! It will hydrate the wick back in seconds.

The best thing about squonking is it eliminates the eternal need to re-drip. It also saves effort and backpack space on your part as you don’t always need to carry e-liquid.

Upsides of Squonking

Squonking offers the following advantages:

#1: You’ll always have your e-liquid bottle with you

Forgetting your e-liquid bottle can be tough. With a squonking mod like iPV Mini V3, you’ll always have it since it’s built right into it.

Unless you forget the mod wholly or left the bottle somewhere after refilling, it sticks with you.

#2: Say goodbye to manual dripping

Squonking gives a smoother vaping experience. You only need to press gently when the wick is running dry. You don’t have to stop and re-drip again for the nth time.

Bid your adieu to messy mod sides because the juice in squonk mods never touch the outside.

If you press hard, the excess e-liquid only drops back into the bottle.

#3: Your other hand will be better off doing something else

You utilize both your hands when you manually drip. But with a squonker, you can still drive or turn a book on the next page with your other free hand.

Downsides of Squonking

#1: Most squonkers are mechanical mods

Mech mods are easier to customize and offers the most power when it comes to vaping. However, it’s also a loose device that functions without a regulator which makes it dangerous for newbies.

Also, the production of vapor will significantly go down as the battery starts to run out.

Fortunately, regulated squonk mods like Pioneer4You iPV V3-Mini are out there in the market.

#2: Short battery life

Due to spacing issues, most squonkers can only house one 18650 battery. Such battery life can dampen overall vaping pleasure.

Luckily, some squonk mods of today are equipped with up to 21700 battery size.

So, Should You Squonk?

It all depends on what you prioritize.

If you’re after cleanliness and convenience in moving away from manual dripping, squonking will be great for you.

But if you hate the nitty-gritty of assembling coils and wicks, and desire a long-lasting battery, you may want to think twice about it.

Whatever your decision is, put a premium on safety too. Having a basic knowledge of battery care and Ohm’s law can go long ways.