Advantages of Vaping vs Smoking

If you have tried without success to quit smoking, “vaping” might finally help you break the habit.  Vaping involves the use of smokeless “e-cigarettes” – rather than burning tobacco, these devices have a mechanism that heats up a liquid until it forms a vapor that is inhaled.  These liquids can be flavored and may or may not contain nicotine.  Many people have been able to switch to e-cigs from traditional tobacco products, reducing their risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer.  Here are some of the features that help users make the switch.

Nicotine – nicotine addition is one of the main reasons that smokers of tobacco products have such a difficult time quitting smoking.  E-cigarettes can allow smokers to avoid the negative withdrawal effects of going “cold turkey” with liquid formulas that contain nicotine.  Operating on the same principle as chewing nicotine gum or using a nicotine patch, e-cigarettes allow users to wean themselves from nicotine gradually over time, while immediately eliminating the harmful effects of inhaled smoke.

Feel and function – for many smokers, the act of smoking itself is one of the pleasures they enjoy about smoking.  E-cigarettes very often resemble real cigarettes in terms of how they feel in the hand, and some even have an LED tip that glows as you inhale the vapor.  The vapor that is inhaled contains no tobacco or carbon monoxide, but it can be felt as it is inhaled, and gives a satisfying smoke-like appearance and feel as it is exhaled.

Habitual aspects – many smokers find it hard to give up the ritual of having a cigarette with their first coffee, or of stepping away from their desk with colleagues for a mid-morning break.  E-cigarettes allow smokers to tackle the process of quitting in stages, perhaps focusing on reducing or eliminating the dependence on nicotine before taking on the equally difficult challenge of changing habits.

Social smoking – some people just like to smoke as social events, parties or nights out, but would not consider themselves to be regular smokers.  For people who enjoy the social aspect of smoking, e-cigarettes make it possible to do so without risking nicotine addition.  It makes it possible to enjoy a smoking experience without the immediately negative affects, including feeling unwell or smelling like an ashtray.  Because there are no harmful chemicals in the exhaled vapor, e-cigarettes may be allowed in areas where smoking is not allowed.

Second-hand smoke – not only does vaping immediately reduce the harm caused by smoke for smokers themselves, it also eliminates the threat to people around them caused by second-hand smoke.  

Convenience and affordability – e-cigarettes are chargeable and re-usable.  The cartridges can be either refilled or replaced, but the cost of doing so if far less than the costs of a pack-a-day smoking habit.

All in all, e-cigarettes offer many smokers a valuable tool to support their efforts to reduce or eliminate their consumption of traditional tobacco products.