Alternative CBD Vaping Pen: What To Know About It

CBD vape pens are classified as vaporizing canisters for cannabis hemp extract. The pens are used as peripherals for smoking and the main function is to extract powerful ingredients from cannabis at a lower temperature rate thus all harmful effects in smoke such as carbon monoxide and carcinogenic “tars” are removed. These pens are then categorized into two kinds:

  • Rechargeable – Rechargeables are sleek and unique.
  • Disposable – Disposables are easy to carry and economical.

What is a Rechargeable CBD Vape Pen?

Rechargeable CBD vape pens are vaporized canisters that are filled with CBD e-juice. It has a built-in battery. It’s often small and lightweight and a few are designed to have direct properties of absorption towards the pulmonary area. Most of them are designed to vaporize the content of nicotine.

What is a Disposable CBD Vape Pen?

Disposable CBD vape pens are already filled with cannabidiol e-juice. They already include a battery and an atomizer. They often look like small fashioned cigars that steadily generate smoke for inhalation. These are already designed to deliver over one-hundred puffs before they go past their use-by-date. These also provide you with savings on money for battery purchase. You only need to purchase batteries every once in awhile.

Benefits of Using CBD Vape Pens

  • Provides Relief on Pain and Inflammation – The most common benefit is pain relief. The  Journal of Experimental Medicine published a study made in 2012 that shows CBD has the ability to stop severe inflammation and neuropathy that causes pain in rodents used as subjects without having a tolerance for analgesic. Studies have shown that CBD and other non-intoxicating compounds of cannabis may provide therapeutic properties to address treatment of severe pain.
  • Lessens Anxiety – Studies show that treating anxiety with CBD has shown efficacy for patients with moderate to severe anxiety. It also showed lower rates or occurrences of cognitive impairment, and speech discomfort.
  • Relief for Nausea – CBD has already been utilized for treating nausea and vomiting. Studies show that more than eighty CBD compounds present in cannabis aides in the prevention of having nausea and vomiting in studies made on animals.
  • Lessens Diabetes Risk – A few only know that CBD can help lessen the risk of having diabetes. Research made by
  • Neuropharmacology showed that CBD given to non-obese female mice with diabetes risk factors has helped them prevent diabetes as compared to mice that were not treated with CBD.
  • Treatment of CancerResearch has shown that CBD helps in cell death of cancer cells. It has also helped in tumor shrinkage, prevention against the growth of cancer cells and metastases of cancer cells to other parts of the body.
  • Treatment of Depression – Studies have shown that using CBD can help lessen attacks of depression. CBD helps maintain antidepressant effects on patients with severe to moderate cases of depression. This is done by elevating the response and signals for serotonin and glutamate a specific receptor mechanism (5-HT1A).
  • Treatment of Epilepsy/Seizures – Research made in 2015 shows that CBD can help reduce epilepsy/seizures.
  • Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis – Frequent attacks of spasm is quite prevalent for patients diagnosed with MS. This could affect the patient’s daily activities. Research made in 2012 shows that CBD can help provide relief for spasticity for patients who are suffering from MS.
  • Treatment of Acne – Using CBD to treat acne has shown very promising results. Research made in 2014 has shown that CBD helps reduce production of sebum, which is an oily substance and cause of acne if over produced.
  • Heart Health – Studies have shown that CBD can help prevent heart related ailments. One worth mentioning is the ability of CBD to lower blood pressure which can be linked to heart attack and stroke. CBD also lessens anxiety attacks and stress.
  • Brain Health – Studies have shown that using CBD is beneficial for the brain. It helps remove damaged cells. It also helps reduce glutamate toxicity which can cause impairment of some brain functioning.
  • Addiction Treatment – Animal studies have shown that CBD can help reduce drug addictions such as morphine dependence and heroin dependence.
  • Treatment of Mental Disorders – Research shows that using CBD can help people with mental disorders, specifically patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. It helps reduce psychotic symptoms.
  • Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis – Animal research shows that using CBD can help people with rheumatoid arthritis. It helps reduce the risk for joint destruction. It helps reduce pain in overall movement and also helps provide better quality of sleep which is helpful for those who need additional sleep.


CBD Vape Pens have a wide array of benefits to offer. We hope the article above sheds light into this product and always remember everything should be used in moderation. Have you used a CBD vape pen before?