Are actual cigarettes truly better than vaping

Man has been in love with tobacco for a long time. We have chewed it, we have rolled it up into cigarettes or stuffed into pipes and smoked it. Even after irrefutable evidence showed a direct link between certain cancers, infertility in men and smoking, we have still refused to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Then came vaping. An alternative to smoking that offers all the pleasures of taking a puff while shielding you from most of the potential dangers of smoking a cigarette. And yet, we still can’t put away the cigarettes.

Why are cigarettes still the go to choice for smokers even though they are aware of the potential dangers of smoking? Maybe it’s because cigarettes have such an addictive personality. That nicotine buzz that a smoker searches for each time he/she inhales a rich combination of burning tobacco and tar. Or maybe it’s the warmth that comes with the flame right beneath the nose and embers in between the fingers.

But risking your lungs and your life smoking a traditional cigarette isn’t actually worth it especially when you measure up traditional cigarettes against the benefits of e-cigarettes. Let’s consider some of said benefits.

  1. Vaping is a less expensive way to get your nicotine fix. Depending on where you live and the sort of taxes that are placed on cigarettes sold there, you are likely to find that the expenses accrued from vaping in a year are likely less than what you will spend smoking actual cigarettes in a year. And that’s not counting the eventual hospital bills that will likely come from a bad smoking habit or the expenses from shirts or furniture you accidentally burn with cigarette ashes.
  2. Vaping offers multiple flavours and a more robust smoking experience. With actual cigarettes, your flavour choices are quite limited. Typically, all you have access to are either menthol flavoured or non-menthol flavoured cigarettes, or filtered or unfiltered cigarettes. But with vaping, you have access to a wide variety of possible flavours for your cigarette. Some flavours you get to enjoy with vaping include; Strawberry, Vanilla Custard, black cherry, peppermint, cherry menthol, cola cubes, and so much more. You can also have access to rich tobacco flavours such as origins red tobacco, Virginia tobacco, and others. With vaping, you can enjoy the life of a smoking connoisseur of flavours without putting your lungs in any undue risk.
  3. Not only is vaping a cleaner way to smoke, it’s also cooler. Certain vapes even come with smart apps that you can use to monitor every aspect of your smoking life. For example, Loto Labs who sell induction vaporizers claim that their device has a, “…smart mobile control that gives users superior power over all aspects of their vaping experience. This ensures a tastier and more satisfying draw no matter what you vape…”

If cigarette smokers are sticking to physical cigarettes because they think they can’t get their nicotine fix from vaping, they are wrong. Different e-liquids offering different levels of nicotine concentration are available. From mild ones to really strong ones.

So unless you are simply a stickler for doing things the traditional way, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t heighten your smoking experience with vaping.