Tommy Wyher

  • To Vape or to Smoke: That is the Question

    It’s no secret that smoking is frowned upon today. Family and friends plead with you, some almost in tears, to stop smoking and the TV assaults you with stop smoking PSAs and other considerably less than subtle “reminders” about how bad smoking is for you. And no matter what you go to the doctor for, […]

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Invisalign

    Invisalign is a variety of orthodontic treatment that helps to straighten the dental alignment, without using braces. And the professionals at New York Total Dental note that a straighter smile helps your confidence, impacting your social and work life. Metal braces may hamper the look of the wearer on smiling broadly, which can be addressed by the use […]

  • The Benefits of Water Birth

    Pregnancy is an exciting experience, and most women get prepared to it long before they actually get pregnant. Pregnancy is a type of rite women pass, and this is even more true about giving birth. However, when it comes to delivery, many women start wondering – whether they should give a normal vaginal birth? Or […]

  • James L. Chappius MD FACS of Spine Center Atlanta

    Spinal health is serious business. Without a healthy, functioning spine, you are unable to move and function in the world as you would like. Of course, the opposite is also true. It is for this reason, among others that operating on or areas near and affecting the spine can be a risky undertaking. In the […]

  • Keep Your Guests Talking: Tips For Choosing The Right Band For Your Wedding

    Don’t Skimp on These Wedding Essentials

    When it comes to weddings, they are a magical affair. They can also be very expensive. As you start planning your wedding, it can be easy to try to save money by going the budget route in certain areas. Some areas are easy to cut costs. You can curate your own music for the wedding […]

  • Treatment Options for Crooked Teeth

    Making the time to get your teeth checked regularly can be challenging enough as is, but it may be surprising to discover that you may need more than just basic dentistry. Whether you notice your teeth appear crooked, you’re having trouble with your bite, or your dentist brings it to your attention, having to get […]

  • How Pharmacists Use Technology to Help Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

    Pharmacists play an important role in the healthcare industry. They are not only responsible for dispensing medicine to patients in strict accordance with doctor’s orders, but also for educating patients on medication usage, side effects and safety. Pharmacists must have attention to detail because the information they must consider and share is unique to each […]

  • Financial Planning For Doctors

    Ways to Help Your Medical School Application Standout

    Applying to medical school is a big decision. The application process can seem daunting, and the programs are extremely competitive. Having good grades is important, but there are other ways to help you stand out from the crowd. It is important to know what qualities medical schools are looking for in a candidate. Adding these […]

  • Common Health Issues And How You Can Improve Your Health

    Everyone encounters health issues at one point or another and a variety of approaches are taken to improve these issues. Some people leave the issue alone hoping it will improve and in some cases they do. In other cases ignoring a health problem can lead to that problem compounding and leading to far more expensive […]

  • 4 Rewarding Careers for People Who Love Health

    Many people spend time researching health and the human body in order to understand how they can look and feel their best. However, what if you could help others to live their ideal lives as well? If you are a compassionate person with a love for health, it is never too late to consider a […]