Tommy Wyher

  • How To Get Help For Your Addiction

    There is a terrible illness affecting millions of Americans today, and it is spiraling out of control quickly and spreading chaos and heartbreak in its wake. This illness is not a bacterial or viral illness spread from person to person, rather, it is the disease of addiction. That’s why it’s so important for anyone suffering […]

  • How You Can Deal With a Drug or Alcohol Problem

    Addiction is much more common than people like to think as addiction has impacted nearly every family at one point or another. The tough part of addiction is that many people feel shame about what they are doing to themselves so they hide it. This allows the addiction to progress to a point where some […]

  • How Important Is It to Have Straight Teeth?

    Well over 50 percent of children have teeth that are crooked or misaligned enough to require orthodontic care to straighten them. However, some parents or adults may be opposed to orthodontics because they believe it is only useful for improving one’s looks. While it can indeed boost self-esteem, orthodontics to straighten teeth is also beneficial […]

  • Getting Into Shape and Staying Motivated

    The task of getting into the best shape of your life is one taken on by plenty of people at the beginning of each year. By February only the people who are truly motivated are still showing up to the gym on a daily basis. Staying motivated can be quite difficult for those who have […]