Benefits and More: What Is Hemp Oil and Why Is It Important?


Hemp sales are making groundbreaking strides in the natural health world.

From reducing inflammation to non-toxic pain relief to its antioxidant capacity, hemp oil is a must-have in everybody’s natural medicine cabinet.

But the benefits of hemp oil don’t stop there.

Interested in going in-depth into the benefits of hemp oil? Wondering what exactly hemp oil is?

We’ve created the ultimate guide to understanding the basics of hemp oil to help you learn the ins and outs of this emerging industry.

What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil is an extract of the hemp plant. It provides a wide array of nutrients including cannabidiol, terpenes, antioxidants, flavonoids, and essential fatty acids.

Is Hemp Oil the Same As Marijuana?

While hemp and marijuana are the same species of plant, hemp is very different from marijuana.

Hemp is bred to be low in the psychoactive compound, THC, which is high in marijuana. Hemp is much higher in CBD, a non-psychoactive compound, that gives hemp oil its renowned benefits.

For this reason, hemp oil or CBD oil is completely legal.

What Is Hemp Oil Good For?

Hemp oil or CBD oil possesses a variety of benefits.

If you suffer from anxiety, chronic pain, or even want to quit smoking, hemp oil might be the supplement for you!

Reduces Inflammation

Cannabidiol is one of the most interesting compounds of hemp. Also termed CBD, this compound is responsible for hemp’s amazing anti-inflammatory properties.

It works by reducing the production of chemicals in the body that causes inflammation. These are called pro-inflammatory cytokines. As a result, CBD oil can help lower inflammation.

While lowering inflammation is beneficial for those with inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, and lupus, it’s also helpful in preventing other diseases.

Naturopathic doctors are using the mantra: “Inflammation is the root of all disease.” And it’s true! Research shows that that almost every disease begins with inflammation.

By keeping inflammation levels low through diet, exercise, and supplementation, you can help prevent disease.

Non-Toxic Pain Relief

Besides the anti-inflammatory power that is a pain reliever in itself, CBD oil also acts as direct pain relief.

CBD oil relieves pain by interacting with the body’s natural endocannabinoid system. Cannabidiol binds to CB-1 receptors and causes a release of neurotransmitters. The result is temporary and all-natural relief from pain.

This can be beneficial for more severe disorders like gout and MS, however, it can also relieve pain from a sore throat or post-gym muscle soreness.

Relieves Anxiety and Depression

Many people that use hemp oil report a huge reduction in anxiety. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons hemp oil is used.

Cannabidiol or CBD works to reduce anxiety by interacting directly with serotonin receptors. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of happiness and motivation.

By activating these receptors, CBD oil is able to provide a natural alternative to anti-anxiety and anti-depressive drugs.

Helps Smokers Quit

Marijuana may not help you quit smoking, but CBD oil might.

Research has pointed to CBD oil’s ability to assist drug addicts in the past. Now, emerging studies are showing it might help cigarette smokers quit, too.

This can be a huge health benefit to smoking addicts. Cigarettes are one of the leading causes of lung cancer.

A Good Source of Antioxidants

Some studies have shown that cannabidiol, the active component of hemp oil, acts like an antioxidant in the body. One study showed that it may even be more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E.

Antioxidants are important for longevity, brain health, and energy production. They protect the mitochondria of the cells that produce energy for our whole body.

How to Find the Right Hemp Oil

When shopping for hemp oil, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the best of the best.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

CBD oil isolates are not quite as effective as full spectrum hemp extracts. These full spectrum products can be found at Ananda Hemp.

Full spectrum hemp oil provides all the important constituents of the hemp plant. This includes terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids that all contribute to the benefits of taking hemp oil.

Free From Pesticides

Pesticides are chemicals sprayed on crops to prevent pests from damaging the plant.

Sometimes, pesticide residues can be left on plants like hemp. For this reason, it’s important to buy a CBD oil made with pesticide-free hemp.

CO2 Extraction

Supercritical CO2 extraction is the gold standard for creating hemp extracts. This method preserves all of the beneficial plant compounds, including the waxes.

Reputable Seller

Finding a reputable seller is important.

Amazon is not always the best source for CBD oil since it isn’t regulated. Instead, look for a seller with good reviews and testimonials.

A seller who is confident in their product may even offer a money-back guarantee policy.

How Can I Take Hemp Oil?

There are a few ways hemp oil can be administered.

Sublingual Hemp Oil

The most common and popular way is through sublingual oil. Hold the drops of oil under the tongue to absorb quickly into the bloodstream.

Liquid Softgels

Another option is liquid softgels. These gel capsules are filled with hemp oil and pass through the digestive system. Then, the hemp oil is absorbed into the bloodstream via the gut lining.

Vaporizer Pen for CBD Oil

Alternatively, you can use a vaporizer pen. Vaporizing is very different from smoking in that vape pens use very low temperatures. This avoids the nasty side effects associated with high-temperature combustion.

Hemp Oil’s Benefits Are Worth Investing In

While CBD oil may be foreign to some, it’s sure making strides in the alternative medicine world.

With little to no observed side effects and a wide array of benefits, hemp oil is turning out to be one of the most promising products on the market.

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