Best UK CBD Vape Oil and E Liquids 2018

Understanding the difference between CBD hemp oil, CBD vape oil, reliable CBD vape oil juice and CBD e-liquid isn’t always easy when you’re just getting started in the CBD world. Even among some of the more experienced CBD users, there is confusion between CBD hemp oil and CBD vape oil. Cannabidiol or CBD is made from the hemp or cannabis plant. CBD vape oil is made from hemp plants that contain minuscule amounts of THC mixed with vegetable oil and propylene glycol to enable it to be used in a vape device. Both CBD oil and CBD e liquid contain traces of THC but never enough to get you even close to becoming high.

For many years CBD has been used for its medicinal properties. CBD has been used a lot longer in an oil form in comparison to how long it has been utilized in vaporizers. CBD hemp oil was originally just available in an oil form, but many people refer to CBD vape juice or CBD e-liquid as CBD vape oil. It isn’t oil; it’s a specially formulated liquid which is only for use in vaporizers or CBD vape pens. Most CBD isn’t made from cannabis plants, with the majority of CBD e-liquid coming from industrial hemp plants. Industrial hemp is legal in most countries if the THC count is below 0.2%.

The biggest difference between CBD vape juice and CBD oil are that CBD vape juice can be can only be vaped, while CBD oil can’t be vaped, only taken orally. CBD hemp oil or CBD e-liquid can provide you with some of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, without the side effects of THC or the risks of smoking cannabis in the traditional ways. If you don’t like the idea of vaping CBD, or taking CBD oil, you could always try it in one of its other forms as an edible, lotion or salve. You can either use disposable CBD vape pens, pre-mixed CBD e-liquids or concentrated CBD solutions. Pre-mixed CBD vape e-liquids are available in a different variety of strengths and flavors; ultimately the choice is yours. Unlike traditional nicotine e-liquids, where you start high and go down, experts suggest you should start with a low dosage of CBD e-liquid and then work your way up to higher dosages. Different people will experience the effects of CBD products in different ways, no two people are the same and won’t react in the same way.

Here Are Some Of The Best UK CBD Vape-Oils and E-Liquids for 2018!


  •        CBDfx CBD E-Liquid – This e-liquid isn’t available in fancy flavors, but it is a high-quality premium CBD E-liquid. CBDfx has been formulated to mix with other e-liquids, something you won’t find with many other CBD e-liquids.
  •        Koi CBD – Koi CBD started out in the regular e-liquid market, so CBD e-liquid is a natural progression for them. Koi CBD e-liquid has many delicious flavors and strengths available to choose from. It isn’t cheap, but premium CBD e-liquid doesn’t come without a little cost.
  •        CBD Drip – CBD Drip is available in a full spectrum of CBD varieties. It is Clean Green Certified, so if you’re looking for a natural product, CBD Drip may be the choice for you. It isn’t cheap, or available in different flavors, but it is a premium CBD e-liquid.


Reviews are an important tool when deciding on the best brand of CBD vape oil to buy. Try Googling “ma CBD” and read a few of the reviews on this particular UK CBD supplier.  It is usually safer to go with a UK company to ensure you receive your products quickly and without customs hold-ups.