Breathing In Healing: The Top Benefits of Vaping CBD Oil

CBD is all the rage these days, with a wide variety of products available on the market. It’s popular for good reason, too. 

Many people use the substance to treat a number of illnesses like chronic pain, seizures, and anxiety. One of the most common ways to consume CBD is by vaping it. Vaping comes along with its own benefits, and combining the two is great for reasons we’ll get into in this article. 

Here are a few of the benefits of vaping CBD:

Benefits of Vaping CBD

We’re going to go in and out of the specific benefits of CBD, the advantage of vaping, and combinations of the two. 

Vaping is Fast-Acting

Whatever you’re vaping, whether it’s CBD or nicotine, the results are going to come on quicker than most other methods. In the case of CBD, that means getting the relaxation and pain relief as soon as you can. 

Many of the ways to ingest CBD, which we’ll get to later, take a little longer to kick in than vaping does. Vape oil absorbs into your system quicker than other methods such as topical treatments and edibles. 

The vapor enters your system through your lungs and moves directly into your bloodstream. This means that whatever effects you’re looking for are going to start occurring immediately or within a few minutes at the very most. Alternative methods of ingesting CBD typically require that the substance goes through your digestive system which slows the time of the effects.

Higher Bioavailability

Bioavailability is a term that refers to the percentage of a substance that is absorbed and used by the body when there’s a desired effect involved. Typically, the bioavailability of a product depends on how it’s ingested. 

It’s generally the case, as it is with CBD, that inhaling a substance will allow your body to use more of it. Studies have shown that the percentage of substances like THC that gets absorbed by the body are higher when patients vape the product.

This is in contrast to eating or applying oils to get the desired effect. We mention THC because it is a cannabinoid similar to CBD. If you’re not familiar with cannabis and its components, we’ll give you a little run down here. 

Marijuana is composed primarily of two cannabinoids; THC and CBD. CBD is the element that produces the calming, sedating effect while THC is the psychoactive ingredient that produces a high. CBD does not get you high, it only operates to sedate and relaxes you.

Immediate Access

Another huge benefit of vaping is that you have constant access to your vape if you need it. This, combined with the fact that inhalants are fast-acting, makes having a CBD vapor on-hand extremely valuable. 

In the case of those with anxiety, this can be a lifesaver. Having a panic attack requires that you take immediate measures to reduce your anxiety. Eating a CBD edible will help in the long run, but vaping will produce immediate effects in your time of need. 

The convenience of vaping is becoming more and more useful as well. Vaping is more and more accepted in public spaces and is certainly a more acceptable method of ingested than smoking. 

This makes it possible to incorporate your daily dosages of treatment into your day without being scoffed at or viewed differently. You don’t have to sit around and blow giant clouds of vapor into your office, but you don’t have to find a back alley or sit in your car like you would if you were smoking cigarettes. 

The reality is that you are using CBD for a medicinal benefit, and people are starting to take note of the fact that there are actual benefits to using it.

Concentrated Substance

CBD products have grown to be extremely sophisticated as the market has expanded. With more competition in the market comes more reason to create a high-quality product. 

You’ll see as you look at the ingredients in CBD vape oil that they are an extremely pure substance. In fact, most oils contain primarily natural products intended to further increase the health benefits of vaping. 

You can pick and choose how far you want to stray from the base of CBD oil. A lot of people prefer to buy oils that only contain CBD while others like to spice it up with different flavors and additives that could provide benefits. 

Pain Management

CBD has shown to provide benefits to those experiencing chronic pain. While research is still a little lacking, the consumer reports are in overwhelming support of the suggestion that CBD can be used to treat pain. 

One of the ideas as to why CBD can treat pain is the fact that the substance resembles chemicals that already exist in our bodies and operate on our pain management systems. 

Specifically, CBD operates on our endocannabinoid systems, which regulate a number of things in the body. This system primarily operates on our glands in hormone production, but also deals with brain function and more. 

CBD is a cannabinoid which resembles those that are already naturally produced within our bodies, allowing it to act naturally to bring about therapeutic effects. People have been inhaling and using natural cannabinoids for centuries because of the beneficial effects of hemp, and we are just now beginning to understand what specific effects come about. 

You Don’t Need a Prescription

The fact that you don’t need a prescription to use CBD makes it easy for casual users to test out the effects. It also makes access to the variety of the market incredibly easy to utilize. 

You can try the vast range of products available, including different kinds of CBD Ejuice, vaporizers, and more.

The reason that you don’t need a prescription is that, despite the great number of health benefits, there are pretty much no known risks involved with vaping CBD. 

Anxiety and Depression

There are some suggestions floating around that CBD oils can actually reduce effects of anxiety and depression. Depression and anxiety are some of the largest global causes of disability and are extremely difficult to treat. 

If you’re experiencing one of these illnesses, you should consult with your doctor and discuss what to do about counseling and moving forward with treatment. Before you do so, however, you should get informed about the medications that are used to treat anxiety and depression. 

Many of the medications can lead to side-effects that are counter to the purpose of the drugs. CBD has been used to treat anxiety and depression separately and has proven to be useful as a supplemental, organic treatment to use in the process of getting better. 

Further, CBD can be used to treat some of the peripheral issues that can lead to a larger anxiety disorder. Things like trouble sleeping can have a huge effect on one’s mood and lead to daily problems that feed underlying disorders. 

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

One of the lesser-known benefits of CBD is that it is thought to treat acne. Weird, right?

It’s true, though. CBD is anti-inflammatory and has the ability to reduce the production of sebum. If you’re not up on your acne terminology, sebum is the substance that lives beneath our pores and is essential to moisturize our skin. 

When we’re blessed with an abundance of sebum, however, our pores get oily and clogged. That’s when pimples start to occur and acne breaks out. While human studies have yet to be done, research suggests that moving forward with those studies could lead to a lot of promise. 

Alternative to Opioids

CBD’s ability to treat pain is a godsend. In the face of an opioid crisis, products that aren’t addictive and hold no possibility of overdose are needed. 

Many of the drugs that doctors prescribe for pain fall into the opioid category and can be extremely addictive. So addictive, in fact, that these drugs are regularly sold on the black market and lead to overdose. 

A lot of celebrities, for example, have overdosed in recent years. Even people who take the medication as prescribed can start to get addicted and have an extremely difficult time getting off when the treatment is done. 

CBD, while less powerful of a pain medication, provides the benefits needed to get over a lot of small to medium cases of chronic pain. If you have a little bit of pain tolerance, staying on the safe side is a great idea. 

While it’s nice to have the pain taken away entirely, sometimes that benefit comes with a huge cost

Want to Know More?

The benefits of vaping CBD are numerous, and more are showing up all the time. Keeping up your health sometimes means staying up on the latest news and advancements. 

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