Clancey Yohman Answers: How To Start A Marketing Career In 2023

One of the finest methods to increase your income as a professional in this day and age is to start a job in marketing. However, even if you possess many creative abilities, you still need to go through a few crucial steps before starting along the career route.

In this article, Clancey Yohman will take you through what you need to begin pursuing a marketing profession, including all the prerequisites that will ensure that you overcome any obstacle you will meet.

Register for Online Courses

To land any marketing job, you must at least have a strong understanding of the basics of the profession. There are many different ways to learn these, such as books, blogs, YouTube videos, Ted talks, classes, workshops, and more.

However, while all the aforementioned are all great ways, it’s best to choose online courses as it allows you to learn all you need and also gain a certificate that will look good on your resume.

Earn a Degree

As the marketing industry is quite competitive, more than just online certificates are required. To be taken more seriously, you will need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. You could also go for a master’s degree after that to further boost your chances for employment.

Several business or communication programs are offered within such institutes that will detail relevant pieces of information that can be applied to real-world marketing foundations. Examples include market research and analytics, public relations strategies, consumer behaviors, digital marketing, and other courses that align with the exact niche you are interested in.

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Participate in a Marketing Internship

According to Clancey Yohman, making the essential shift to a marketing career requires real-world experience in marketing scenarios. This can be obtained through a marketing internship while enrolled in your bachelor’s program or after graduating.

You will be able to decide via the internship whether a specific marketing field is the right path or whether you prefer working in a particular sector. You will also likely establish connections with other senior marketers that can help with mentoring and links to relevant jobs.

Have a Portfolio

A portfolio can help you distinguish yourself from other applicants for the same positions, although it is not absolutely required. It helps increase the likelihood that recruiting managers will be interested in you as the portfolio proves you are passionate about the job.

The portfolio should contain marketing-related tasks you completed during your internship or in your own time, such as creating marketing content, advertising campaigns, logos, or working on other pertinent tasks. Think about creating a website and adding your work for employers to access quickly.

Taking more time to work on your portfolio so you’re always in a position where you can share it with a prospective client or even an agency you want to work with is mission critical to your success.

Create your Resume and Apply for Jobs

The final piece of the puzzle is to create your resume, which will be used to apply for jobs. It should highlight the important marketing skills you’ve developed through your studies and internships.

You can also describe any other volunteer experience you may have that is pertinent to the position, including the specifics of what you accomplished there.