Dealing With Depression: The Top Healthy Coping Mechanisms You Need to Know

Research indicates that there’re approximately 17.3 million American adults live with a major depressive disorder. More women than men will suffer from major depression and children are not exempt. The Centres for Disease Control estimate that up to 1.9% of children between the ages of 3 to 17 suffer from depression.

The effects of depression are far-reaching, as they impact on almost all aspects of life. According to the World Health Organisation, depression is a leading cause of disability and a major contributor to the global disease burden. But anyone living with it will tell you that coping is hard.

Read on below for more about coping with depression. It’s possible to overcome it and go on to live a happy successful life.

Tips for Coping with Depression

Recovering from depression is difficult, and many people learn to live with it as best as they can. What they have become good at is turning to particular skills to help during the difficult times. We’ll share with you some of the things you can try.

1. Be Positive

One of the first things you need to do is to challenge any negative thinking from your end. Anyone suffering from depression will have a lot of somber, negative thoughts. You need to recognize them for what they are and try to remain very positive all the time.

2. Find Something to Capture Your Attention

It will be tough to tear your attention away from the mood you are in when you are feeling down. Look for something else to focus on. it could be a good book, listening to music, taking a long walk, or even dabbling in your favorite past time.

3. Set Some Goals

You’ll realize that anyone who is in a state of depression is usually in a very lethargic mood. They find it difficult to do the most basic things, including getting out of bed or even taking a shower. If you start doubting your ability to handle such mundane tasks, come up with a coping with depression worksheet.

It should highlight what you want to achieve daily. Include everything that goes into your normal routine. Every time you achieve a goal, Pat yourself on the back, don’t be ashamed of any accomplishment, no matter how insignificant.

Only you know the challenges you undergo to achieve them.

4. Don’t Overlook the Basics

As we have stated above, anyone who is going through depression may not be able to handle quite a number of aspects in their lives. You must, therefore, try to take care of the basics in your life including a good diet, and physical exercise. Try to move around as much as you can, even if it means sweeping the yard every day.

5. Find a Support Group

It’s not uncommon to find someone who is going through depression in a dark room with the curtains drawn. They tend to neglect those who are closest to them because they do not want to be a burden. It’s alright to be selfish by leaning on other people.

Talk to your family and friends and surround yourself with positive Energy. Share any feelings you may be going through, especially those of sadness. Your family and friends want the best for you, and they’ll not turn you away in a moment of need.

6. Actively Motivate Yourself

Go onto the internet and look for resources that can help you cope with your depression. It may require that you read a few depression quotes, or even focus on stories other people are sharing. It can be reassuring to know that you’re not going through the process alone.

7. Seek Professional Help

We may all need professional help once in a while to overcome tough times. There’s no shame in seeking the help of a therapist to help you with coping with depression and anxiety. Therapists have the requisite training and will help you pinpoint things that may be holding you back.

8. Avoid Alcohol and Drugs

Try and avoid the use of alcohol and drugs when trying to overcome depression. Research shows that there is a link between substance abuse and depression. Keep in mind that you will only get temporary relief until you become sober again. Then the depressive state will come back two-fold as you’ll probably hate yourself for what you did.

9. Try Art

Depression art will allow you to express yourself artistically when you are going through depression. Try painting or even writing so that you take the focus away from your thoughts. Keeping a journal is also a great asset because you can for your thoughts into it. Those that you’re not able to share with anyone we’ll find a place in a journal.

You can be as honest as you want without thinking that someone will judge you for the things you are saying.

10. Try Boosting Your Image

Depression and low self-esteem tend to walk hand in hand. Focus on your positive qualities, and try to build upon them. Go for a makeover, cut your hair, start exercising so that you get your body back in shape, and spend time with people who bring out the positive in you among others.

Avoid any situation that’ll make you doubt yourself, and this includes toxic friends and relatives.

11. Get Plenty of Rest

When you’re going through a depressive state, you’ll feel tired all the time. You may also sleep too little or too much. Make a sleep schedule and stick to it. With sufficient rest, your moods will elevate significantly.

Get Back to Being Healthy

Depression will take a toll on your mental and physical health. You need to learn the right ways of coping with depression. Incorporate three or more of the tips we have shared into your daily schedule and watch your life transform.

Almost all the tips we have given don’t require that you spend any money, or take any medication. But you must have the willpower to go through with some of the suggestions.

Remember, overcoming depression depends on you, and even the best support system will not achieve any results if you’re not willing to get out of the funk.

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