Healthy Ways to Release Frustration

Healthy Ways to Release Frustration

Everyone has felt frustrated at one point or another. Naturally, most people would like to work their frustrations out healthy instead of huffing and puffing or harmful actions like drinking too much alcohol or eating junk food.

However, sometimes it’s just not possible to avoid these unhealthy ways because we’re unable to find suitable people-pleasing activities that will make us feel better about ourselves and “safer” for the party we want to throw for other people.

A great way of handling this frustration is by trying on some new clothes you’ve been wanting but haven’t bought yet, going outside and taking a walk around your neighborhood, playing a game on your phone, or watching a funny YouTube video.

Healthy Ways to Release Frustration

1. Get a massage. A massage is a great way to get rid of stress since it increases blood circulation and relaxes tense muscle groups. It’s also calming for your mind and helps you forget about that person who is making you frustrated.

Consider going to a spa or even massaging yourself at home with essential oils and muscle-relaxing techniques, like the ones available at yoga studios.

2. Take a bath or shower. There’s something relaxing about taking a long, hot shower or bath after being upset; however, if you’re feeling stressed, you can consider adding some Epsom salt or bubble bath to the water to make your bath more enjoyable and reduce stress.

3. Listen to some music. Whether it’s pop, folk, or country, music is a great way to relax and bring back the positive things in your life, then you can think about what’s wrong with the person that’s making you frustrated.

4. Get a pedicure. Jonathan Osler San Francisco explains, “Even if you don’t get a manicure, a pedicure is still a great way to give yourself an actual break from your daily routine. Massaging and filing your feet can help you relax and relieve muscle tension. As for the polish, it gives you something fun to look at while you’re getting a pedicure!

5. Take a yoga class. Once again, yoga is designed to help relieve stress and bring you and your body back into balance.

6. Turn on music or watch a movie and talk with someone in person (if possible). If you’re in a relationship, giving your partner some space by talking with a friend or a family member may make them feel better.

If you can’t find someone close to talk to, you can try texting a friend on the phone, updating your social media profile, or even going to an online chat room.

7. Take up another hobby. If nothing else is available, picking up some new hobbies under the stress of being frustrated may be what you need to expedite your work and make it more enjoyable while also allowing you to get rid of some negative thoughts that keep the frustration alive.

Jonathan Osler San Francisco says, “The idea of getting frustrated can seem like a negative thing, but it’s just a signal that something is out of balance. Life is not easy, and we can waste time feeling upset by dwelling on what’s wrong. The best way to keep the frustration from accumulating is to use healthy ways to get rid of it, or you may wind up in a terrible place.”