How to Choose the Right Electronic Cigarette Kit

Millions and millions of consumers all over the world have made the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. There are loads of good reasons to switch – it’s cheaper, health organisations such as the NHS say that it’s safer, and there’s a huge variety of eliquid flavours on the market.

But vapers are finding themselves spoiled for choice. Hundreds of manufacturers make thousands of models of electronic cigarette, each with a range of specs and features that can be confusing to many new ecig users.

In this post, we’ll simplify everything for you, explaining the types of ecigarette on the market, and helping you make an informed choice.

Pod Electronic Cigarettes and “Cig-a-Likes”

Such as:


  •       Vapourlites VL5 disposable cigalikes
  •       Aspire Nautilus All-In-One Pods
  •       88Vape Vape Pod Pen
  •       JUUL Vapes

Pod egicarettes are very simple. They contain a battery which is about the length of a biro, and into that slots a sealed (or refillable in the case of the Aspire Nautilus) pod containing eliquid and a coil which turns the liquid into vapour.

When the eliquid runs out, you dispose of and replace the pod. Or in the case of the cheaper pod ecigarettes (some of which are modelled to look like cigarettes, hence cig-a-likes), you bin the whole unit, battery included, and pick up another disposable electronic cigarette.

The main benefit of a pod ecigarette is simplicity. You don’t need to worry about replacing wicks, and in some cases you don’t need to worry about recharging batteries. You just snap in a new pod and off you go.

However, this does mean you’re limited in your choice of flavours, and most manufacturers use pods which are only compatible with their own batteries.

“Pen-Style” Electronic Cigarettes


Such as:


  • Kik Vape 01
  •       Aspire Pockex
  •       Blu Pro
  •       88Vape Classic

Pen electronic cigarettes work on the same principle as the pod vapes. You have liquid, a coil, and a battery. However instead of the liquid and coil being kept in a self-contained unit, you have a tank with a replaceable coil.

When the tank runs out of liquid, you top it up from a bottle of eliquid (either high PG liquid or 50/50 liquid, but that’s another story). When the coil wears out, you replace it with another. And when the battery runs down, you recharge it.

With a pen-style ecig, you’ll find yourself needing to replace your hardware less often. Coils last for weeks, batteries for months, and tanks for years. That means that you’ll be using the same ecigarette for longer.

The main drawback here is complexity. Top fill and bottom fill tanks can be fiddly, and spilling is suddenly an issue.

However, you have a much wider range of options when it comes to liquids, meaning you can enjoy a broader selection of flavours from a whole range of manufacturers.


Sub-Ohm “Mod” Electronic Cigarettes

Such as:

  •       Custom, hand-made mods
  •       Kik Cloud 50w
  •       Vaporesso Armour Pro 100w
  •       Aspire Puxos

Until now, we’ve been discussing electronic cigarettes that retail for around the £5-£35 mark, ranging from disposable cig-a-likes to well-designed pens.

When it comes to box mods, those prices can skyrocket. Variable wattage, sub-ohm coils, accessories like titanium or zinc alloys, LED displays and even double and triple coil tanks can soon add up. A box mod can retail for upwards of £50-£100, although more affordable starter kits are available.

But what do you get for your money? Firstly, you get sub-ohm coils which can handle premium and luxury high VG vapes. That’s a huge selling point for many enthusiasts.

Secondly, you get the ability to blow absolutely huge clouds. Vaping tricks are done with box mod electronic cigarettes.

But using one of the higher-end mods can be tricky. If you’re a beginner, something like a Kik starter kit may be a solid investment, but otherwise we’d advise sticking to a vape pen until you’re more familiar with the hobby.

So that’s our starter guide to picking the right electronic cigarette kit. We hope it’s been useful!