How To Save Hundreds Of Dollars Making Your Own Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Vaping consistently gains new vans among smokers since it enables them to manage nicotine levels, enjoy unlimited flavor choices, and also removes dangerous combustion byproducts from their daily habit. At this stage, we all recognize that tar and carcinogens exist when we smoke cigarettes. Thankfully, we are able to stay away from this with vaping.

Vaping is not just for nicotine smokers, however. Vaping is as great a delivery vehicle for cannabis as well. Now that lots of US states ratified legal medical and recreational marijuana, people can enjoy vaping both THC enhanced vape juice and medicated CBD ejuic.

It only takes minutes to realize the numerous benefits vaping brings to both cannabis and nicotine smokers. Because nicotine smokers were the earliest adopters of this new technology, they are used to grabbing nicotine loaded atomizers at their local convenience store and immediately enjoying a safer smoke. Now cannabis users can get in on the same benefits with pre-filled vape cartridges.

You might have seen these pre filled vape cartridges at your neighborhood dispensary. A look inside reveals cannabis concentrate (either THC, CBD, or maybe a mix of both) along with a vape juice solution.

There are many good things about using both THC infused e juice and CBD enriched vape juice over standard smoking methods. There are also advantages infused e juice holds over some other types of vaping.

For starters, we need to examine why cannabis-infused vape juice is better than smoking cannabis, also called analog use.

Most smokers realize that smoke has carcinogens and tar but cannabis also exposes users to some byproducts when smoked as well. These additional, harmful agents mix with cannabinoids, the components in marijuana which make us feel great and cause health benefits. Why risk your health when there is a better way?

If that doesn’t convince you to try vaping, what if we tell you that vaping is a more efficient way to use cannabis? That’s right, vapor carries cannabinoids into the body faster and preserves more than smoking. Not only are cannabis concentrates more powerful than marijuana bud, but vaping gets more of them into your body!

Quick uptake is particularly important for medical users who take CBD to help treat and manage their epilepsy. There is no doubt that vaping is the fastest way to get your medicine into your body, period.

Before you run out and buy pre-filled cannabis cartridges, let’s review some drawbacks. These carts are hard to get your hands on unless you’re near a dispensary. They’re also expensive and leave little control to the user.

You just have no idea what kind of concentrate is in there.

Well, there is a better way to use the best, most cutting edge technology to achieve the cleanest vape for a fraction of the cost of these pricey prefilled cartridges. With Wax Liquidizer, you have total control over your choice of concentrate. You choose your favorite of our 6 flavors. You save hundreds of dollars. You can safely order Wax Liquidizer over the internet to anywhere in the world because it contains no THC or CBD itself. You add that in the privacy of your own home after it arrives.

We know you’re curious by now. Here’s how you can move to the head of the vape class.

  1. Pick up any concentrate of your choice;
  2. Choose your vape pen, vape rig, or even pod system;
  3. Order some Wax Liquidizer (stay tuned for a discount opportunity for first-time buyers!);
  4. A way to heat your solution;
  5. A heat-safe mixing container.

See how this works in this video. You simply won’t believe how fast and easy this is.

How does this save you money? Let’s do some simple math.

If typical pre filled vape cartridges cost $35 at most dispensaries for 5ml carts and you can get concentrate for $35 a gram, by adding 2ml of our Wax Liquidizer solution you can stretch this concentrate into 6 of your own cartridges. That’s $210 worth of prefilled carts! And it takes less than 5 minutes to mix them yourself. It’s foolproof.

Imagine how much you could save by doing this regularly? And there’s no catch- Wax Liquidizer is extremely affordable, adding little to nothing to this overall total.

Not to mention the level of control you have over the flavor and concentrate of your choice is priceless.

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