Is Vaping An Effective Stop Smoking Aid?


Typically, smokers will live a decade less than non-smokers. Fortunately, it’s not too late to quit even if a smoking addiction has consumed your life.

In recent years, vaping tobacco has become a popular substitute for smoking it. The smooth taste, sleek design, and plentiful flavors make vaporizing an attractive alternative.

Many people struggle with smoking addiction and find difficulty kicking the dangerous habit. Keep reading to learn if vaping can be an effective stop smoking aid for you or a loved one.

How Vapor Differs From Smoke

From a surface level, vapor and smoke look similar when exhaled out of the lungs. The difference though is quite significant on human health.

The smoke from tobacco has more than 7,000 chemicals. This includes arsenic, lead, and tar. Many of these additives are carcinogens that severely compromise the lungs and respiratory system.

Vaporizing produces a much less dangerous substance. Instead of using a flame to ignite tobacco, vaporizers use a coil or similar electronic mechanism to heat it up. The result is a flavored vapor cloud with much less toxic additives.

Think of the processes from everyday culinary activities. Smoke is made the same way from a charcoal grill with flames running through it, while vapor is produced similarly to the steam of a tea kettle heated on a stovetop.

Nicotine’s Role

Of course, it isn’t the harsh taste of smoke that causes people to become addicted to cigarettes. It’s nicotine.

Like many drugs, nicotine makes its way to the bloodstream for users to feel its effects. In addition to vaporizing, many people also turn to patches and gum to help quit smoking.

Unlike prepackaged cigarettes and over the counter remedies, however, vaporizing has a major advantage. Users can control the amount of nicotine they consume. This makes vaporizing a popular stop smoking aid due to the ability to gradually decrease nicotine dosage.

The Risks of Vaporizing

While vaporizing is a popular alternative to smoking, scientific research hasn’t necessarily deemed it as 100% safe.

Although not as many dangerous chemicals, vapor does contain some additives that can pose health risks. The different flavors vaporizers come in contain questionable substances to achieve the taste. Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes can also produce formaldehyde if not used properly, a substance known to cause cancer.

Additionally, the popularity of vaporizers has reached a whole new younger audience, including teenagers and high schoolers. This poses a risk of developing smoking habits as well.

Nevertheless, despite its evolving research and unknown longterm effects vaporizing in place of smoking continues to be a popular choice. If you’re unfamiliar with vaping or are interested in using vaping to quit smoking read more here.

The Best Stop Smoking Aid

Ultimately, the most ideal remedy to quit smoking is living a lifestyle full of consistent exercise and a healthy diet. Of course, this is easier said than done when nicotine isn’t involved.

Remember that everyone’s different and a certain stop smoking aid may work better for some than others. Vaporizing is a promising method for kicking a smoking habit, but it takes self-discipline. Rather than just rely on nicotine from vaping, set goals for gradually reducing your intake over time.

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