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  • Holiday Stress

    The holiday season opens with Halloween, builds to Thanksgiving and continues gaining momentum through the end of the year. While holidays are supposed to brings us love and joy, many find the holiday season to be ‘somewhat’ or even ‘very’ stressful. Common Causes of Holiday Stress The problem arises when we break the “all things […]

  • 4 Tips When Preparing for a Stress-Free Retirement

    There will come a time when you need to hang up your boots and settle down. Until then, you need to make sure your future is secured by preparing for your retirement. As young and active as you are, you will need to plan for your retirement early so you can enjoy the rest of […]

  • How To Find Relief For Jaw Pain Caused By Stress

    An estimated 70% of U.S. adults report experiencing stress due to current global circumstances, according to research by the American Psychological Association (APA). Stress can have numerous effects on your health, whether they can be noticed or not. It may cause individuals to feel tense, forcing them to clench their teeth more than usual. This may […]

  • Best Yoga Pose for Stress Relief

    Yoga is a world-renowned practice that has helped so many individuals with stress relief. By working on a few positions that help with posture and other mechanisms, relaxation is bound to happen. Zen experts like Helen Lee Schifter practice yoga and mediation as a form of stress relief and to increase peace in their minds.  […]

  • How Baking can Relieve Stress

    Believe it or not, taking out your frustrations on a batch of cookies isn’t always the worst idea. Many have used baking as an outlet for stress and worries because it helps the mind focus on something else. When the world is on lockdown, the best way to adapt is to try new things from […]

  • Can massages reduce stress?

    Of the plethora of benefits that come with massage, reduced stress is the most important. Many people visit the gym or spa center to eliminate the different forms of stress in their bodies. Stress can be either physical or mental. The physical stress often involves stressed muscles resulting from a buildup tension, increasing pain or […]

  • 5 Best Stress-Reducing Activities You Should Do at Work

    Stress is a feeling Americans are all-too-familiar with. And unfortunately, we’re not doing a very good job of controlling it. 77 percent of Americans say stress has created physical problems, and 73 percent reported psychological issues due to high stress levels. The good news is there are easy ways to manage stress, even when you’re at […]

  • 9 Ways Yoga Can Help Lower Your Stress

    In today’s busy world where so many are overwhelmed, people are seeking to find ways in which they can feel calmer and more relaxed and one technique that some are using is yoga. For many years now, yoga has proven to be a highly effective methodology for healing many ailments such as bad posture or […]

  • How Stress Can Affect Your Overall Health

    The mental effects of stress are serious, but they’re far from the only way in which stress can impact your health. That’s why having effective coping methods for dealing with stress and anxiety is important for everyone. This guide shows you some of the most serious ways in which stress can impact your physical health. […]

  • Managing Stress With CBD During Quarantine

    This post was written to highlight the natural benefits of ethically sourced and manufactured CBD products. If you, a friend or family member has been affected by COVID-19, please know you, or they, are in our thoughts and prayers. Coronavirus has infected the world. Millions are jobless. The grocery store shelves are bare. If you […]

  • Stress-free Medical Alternatives

    Stress-free Medical Alternatives

    Medical information can be confusing and stress-inducing. Why not use medical alternatives instead of regular pharmaceuticals? These might include grandma’s old home recipes and new modern techniques developed to provide relief. Home Remedies Every family has a few of these; it’s the old home remedy that normally tastes awful. Surprisingly these can provide relief from […]

  • 5 Ways to Prioritize Self-Care When You’re Stressed

    Life tends to send stressful situations our way almost daily, so it’s no wonder why more Americans are stressed than ever before. With work stress, family drama, and other life irritations, it can be hard to find balance in your busy life, but it’s just as important as your other priorities. In fact, prolonged stress […]

  • CBD vs. Xanax: Could the Holy Herb Be a Better Alternative to Managing Stress?


    Are you drowning in anxiety? Almost 40 million Americans find themselves struggling with some type of anxiety. If this describes you, you know all too well how crippling this condition can be. Looking for an escape, individuals dealing with anxiety often find themselves having to decide between CBD vs Xanax. While Xanax is a powerful tool […]

  • Just Relax: Here Are Simple Ways to Avoid Getting Sick From Stress


    Whatever your situation in life, you are not immune to stress. It affects all of us, and we need it to a certain extent.  There is a point when stress becomes excessive, though, leading to a slew of potentially crippling problems. It’s clear that chronic stress has a direct effect on one’s mental health, but fewer […]

  • 6 Activities To Reduce Stress And Improve Health

    And Some Activities To Avoid Stress Is a Part of Life; Managing it Improves Life Without a little stress, you might not get out of bed in the morning. Pressure can be a motivational force. Some tension is good for you. When the pressure gets too much, it affects health, friendships, and work.  Work-Life balance […]

  • Top 4 Stress-Free Disclosure Tips When You’re HIV Positive

    As difficult as disclosure is, there are certain things you can do to prepare yourself for what’s coming. Your crush will be sitting across the table from you, and we all know they’ll be shocked when they find out you’re HIV positive. At the same time, you must not buy into their shock. You have […]

  • 6 Great Ways to Reduce Stress in College

    Let’s face it: studying in college is not only the most wonderful but also the most stressful time of students’ lives. From the start of studying until the end of it, it will be almost impossible to avoid stressful scenarios. One of the biggest causes of stress is homework. However, there’s no need to worry: […]

  • How to Deal With Overwhelming Stress at Work: Top Tips and Strategies


    Did you know that 80% of workers believe their job is stressful? Not only can stress make you feel unhappy, but it can also have a huge impact on your physical and mental health. To avoid long-term problems, it’s essential to learn how to deal with overwhelming stress before it’s too late. Read on to […]

  • Five Ways to Reduce Life’s Stresses

    Stress is often a trigger for people who abuse alcohol and drugs. Instead of resolving their stress productively, they choose to drink or take drugs to try to forget about their problems. Unfortunately, that can lead to more serious problems like addiction. For people who use drugs or alcohol during times of stress, and those […]