Shifting Businesses into the Digital Era

Shifting Businesses into the Digital Era

Dr. Jordan Sudberg, CEO and Medical Director of Spine and Sports Rehabilitation in Islandia, New York is both a superlative physician as well as an excellent businessman.

Therefore, he is often called in to provide business advice to others, particularly physicians, who struggle to adapt to the changing business environment of medicine in the 21st century.

One area of business that Dr. Jordan Sudberg often advises business people in general and physicians, in particular, is to shift their business into the digital arena.

One of the first questions a business needs to ask themselves is: What are the primary advantages of moving their files, digitization of content, and communications digitally?

Inevitably suggests Dr. Sudberg, it all comes down to enhanced customer service. Dr. Sudberg is of the opinion, shared by many, that a mind, and set shift from offering a product to a customer-focused experience is the number one key to going digital.

If a business isn’t sold on the advantage of shifting to digital, their digital transformation will tend to be slow and cautious, and they will often be left far behind their competitors as a result.

Going digital is a lot like playing poker and if a business does not “go all in,” it will often be left in the dust, with little hope of catching up.

Another big part of going digital is opting into the mindset that the internet and social media have dramatically changed the way customers approach buying a product or service.

The internet has not just doubled or tripled the available products and services but has influenced it by perhaps a factor of 10 or more. Today’s customers want to be informed about what a company offers and what makes them stand out, and between the internet and social media, they are informed as never before.

Therefore, the object of going digital is to provide that information in spades and to offer as much as humanly possible, custom solutions to consumers’ problems and pain points.

However, merely concentrating on providing more information and better customer service is not enough.

Yes, that will go a long way, but other aspects of the digital era include empowering employees, particularly frontline managers, to offer a multitude of solutions to your customers.

Offering more information to customers and potential customers is sort of a shotgun approach. It hopes the added information provided will meet their needs.

However, if your digital transformation includes empowering employees to access the information needed to help specific customers, this targeted approach will be more effective.

Therefore, according to Dr. Jordan Sudberg, going digital involves much more than merely purchasing new software and copying original digital enterprises such as Amazon, which offers thousands of customer reviews on products.

Going digital is an attitude, a complete shift in business focus.

Arguably, going digital demands much more effort than merely opening up a shingle, either online or with a brick-and-mortar store. Going digital is above all a mindset that your customers or potential customers have already adopted, and such customers have little patience in waiting for a business to catch up.

So adopt the digital mindset now, and then follow up with the necessary software and business practices to make going digital a reality.