Skip The Cholesterol and Instead Vape Your Breakfast!

Wake up, wake up! Rise and shine! Welcome to my article on the best cereal ejuice. All terrible puns aside, my article will help you to decide which is the best cereal e juice to start your day with. The Hot Juice Vape Juice company now includes classic cereal flavors.

In no particular order, we will look at the different types of cereal e juice that Hot Juice offers, what vapers are saying about these fantastic flavors, the unique product ingredients for each flavor, the vape juice prices, and finally, the reasons why you should try these excellent new flavors!

Cereal Vape Juice – Which Taste Is Best For The Morning?

In the quest for the best cereal ejuice, the most important factor has to be the taste, right? Well with all the reviews that we’ve found for the newest Hot Juice Vape Juice cereal vape juice varieties, the exceedingly tasty Bam Bam Crunch Vape Juice flavor comes out on top!

Hot Juice is currently producing and releasing a huge selection of tasty Vape Juice flavors, and they already have over 65 available, with plans to include 300 more! Make sure that you try all of the other nice flavors available at Hot Juice, before you pick your favorite breakfast flavor!

Of course, it wasn’t easy deciding which one was the best cereal ejuice, maybe we’re wrong! But one thing is for certain: these cereal e-juice flavors definitely succeed in being authentic and true to the original taste. Why not try them all out? and decide which is best for you?

Cereal E Juice – Which Types Can You Get?

BAM BAM Crunch – crafted with the immensely popular ‘Fruity Pebbles’ cereal in mind, this classic flavor will provide you with that familiar fruity breakfast cereal flavor you’ve always enjoyed. Remember watching cartoons with a bowl of cereal? This flavor will take you on a wonderful nostalgia trip to your childhood!

Chocolate Puffs – the chocolate flavor is something that the Hot Juice vape collection has an abundance of. But this particular flavor is unique because it’s modelled after your favorite crunchy chocolate cereal! While you may not still eat the cereal, you can capture the Chocolate Puffs flavor once again!

Cinnamon French Toast – this is a breakfast institution for many, and this new cereal vape juice flavor perfectly mimics that classic taste you love. This flavor also perfectly captures the iconic aroma of this breakfast option, so don’t be surprised if this ejuice has you clamoring after the real thing!

Crunch Master – discover Hot Juice’s take on your childhood breakfast treat – Captain Crunch, with this excellent new breakfast e-juice flavor. This buttery, sugary, sweet milk taste combination will transport you back to childhood, when you watched cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants, and dreamed of living in a pineapple under the sea!

Tricks – Vapers will be pleased to know that there are tricks involved here, only the delicious cereal flavor you love, transformed into an excellent vape juice flavor. Modelled on the exquisite Trix™ cereal, this ejuice flavor might confuse your brain into thinking you’re having the actual cereal – it’s that good!

Hot Juice Vape Juice – Final Thoughts

We touched briefly on what people thought were the best cereal flavors, but it’s worth mentioning that vapers were vocal in their comments about these flavors. Some felt they tasted exactly like the actual cereals, while others couldn’t understand how Hot Juice managed to imitate the cereal and milk combo!

Hot Juice are not just masters at recreating classic breakfast flavors and turning them into tasty new vape juice flavors, but they also have managed to make many other fantastic flavors that you know and love. Are you a fan of cranberries? pears? or perhaps the delightful Pumpkin Spice Latte?

Hot Juice has achieved the unthinkable, they’ve created them all! And if all that wasn’t enough, Hot Juice also succeeds in delivering fair prices for vapers, enabling them to pick up a 30ml bottle of ejuice for just $19.95, or a 100ml TSA compliant bottle for only $29.95.

Additionally, for vapers who wish to stock up on their vape juice, Hot Juice offers free shipping for orders over $49. Vapers may also be pleased to know that all these brilliant flavors are made in the USA. Hot Juice even enables vapers to choose how much nicotine they have.

On a final note, we would highly recommend that you check out all the wonderful, innovative, and simply put, delicious vape juice flavors available at Hot Juice. They claim to be ‘America’s Favorite Vape Juice’ and it’s pretty hard to argue with that, especially when you see what’s on offer!