The 5 Best Stores for Buying E-Juice

Over the past decade, vaping has become one of the biggest trends in cigarette alternatives. Vaporizers and e-cigs work deliver nicotine by way of something called “e-juice”, which contains liquid nicotine, flavoring ingredients, and usually some type of vegetable based oil. This “e-juice is passed through a heating element known as a vape coil, producing a stream of heated vapor.

There are different flavors and formulas of vape juice, each varying by brand, so it may be a little bit overwhelming when people are just starting to get into vaping. And all vape juices are certainly not created equal. Thanks to e-commerce and the online market, buying the best e-juice for vapes has never been so effortless.

When it comes to finding the best e-juice for vapes, it is very important to research stores that offer this product, otherwise, your time and money could prove to be wasted.

So where do you start? How do you choose a good online vape retailer to suit your vaping needs and personal tastes? Keep reading to learn more about 5 of the best online vape stores.

1. VapeWild

VapeWild is one of the leading online vape retailers, and their reputation stands for itself. Vapewild is rated number for it’s selection of vape supplies, and for it’s knowledge of informative articles. VapeWild offers quite a bit of value to it’s visitor whether they visit the site to make a purchase, or just to have a few questions answered. This online vape store offers a wide variety of vape related products ranging from vape mods, starter kits and upgradable components, to a wide selection of the best e-juice flavors on the market. And if you spend over $30, you will be rewarded with priority shipping.  

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of shopping with VapeWild.


    • A large selection of flavors to choose from
    • A large inventory of mods and devices
    • Voted best e-juice for vapes in 2018
    • Customer service is high-quality and loyal


    • You’ll love the flavors so much, you’ll end up spending more than you planned on.

2. VaporDNA

This store comes in at number two, due to the fact that this company is known to have a large number of e-liquids in storage. VaporDNA is based in China, and certainly doesn’t have the reputation of being the best, but they are known for being rather inexpensive.When you have a vapor habit, e-juice can run low on a regular basis, this store can come in handy for those of you who are looking for a new alternative method of keeping money in your bank.


    • A large number of products always in stock
    • Priced relatively cheap


    • High shipping costs

3. Ejuice Deals

This online store advertises deals, and provides exactly what it claims. If you are looking to stock up on e-juice, this companies website offers the option of buying in bulk at wholesale cost. If you are looking for massive clearance savings and promo coupons, you will find all that and more with this e-juice supplier. With the amount of money you can potentially save by buying in bulk, it may not be a terrible idea to buy from this wholesale vendor.


    • Offers constant promotions, coupons, and sales
    • Massive savings
    • Wide selection of flavors and nicotine levels


    • E-juice is only available in fixed quantities

4.  MyVaporStore

Perhaps you are looking for a particular brand or flavor and you can’t seem to satisfy your vapor fix? If this is the case, turning your attention to MyVaporStore will be your best bet.

This great online vape supply store is stocked with a very unique set of products and e-juice. From mods and upgrades, to unique flavors and branded merch MyVaporStore is continuously expanding their stock to provide customers with the best vape products.


    • Fast delivery
    • Premium selection
    • Convenient pricing
    • Unique flavors


    • Limited e-juice flavors

5.  Direct Vapor

This company is great for a couple reasons in particular. Free shipping and 15-day refund period being the most attractive factors. Direct Vapor is also known for being quite affordable, and also offers diacetyl-free vape juices made from natural ingredients.


    • Return policy is 15 days
    • 60-day warranty
    • Diacetyl-free e-juice
    • Affordable e-juices for vapes


    • Flavors are limited


Before you go ahead and purchase this type of product, you need to know what preconceived preferences you have beforehand, this way, you can determine what type of e-juice you want for your vape and from what store. After trying a few different varieties, you may find that you enjoy some kinds of vape juice far more than others.

Experiment with mixing flavors to come up with your own pleasing blends. The possibilities for vape satisfaction are endless.

What are your favorite flavors of vape juice? Leave us a comment with your recommendations in the section below.