The Best Way to Take CBD Oil: Tinctures, Vaporizing, Sublingual Sprays and More


As CBD becomes more mainstream, we’ll be seeing lots of people who are willing to try it for their conditions. This is not surprising seeing as CBD has been known to provide relief for pain, anxiety, and depression.

According to a 2018 study, 62 percent of those who take CBD do so to treat certain health issues. 36 percent of these users say it’s effective as a standalone medication.

With more people seeking alternatives treatment options that have side effects, CBD might become the preferred “drug” of choice.

However, as with traditional medications, you need to know the best way to take CBD oil to get optimum results. This means finding the right form and dosages that work best for your situation. 

CBD Tincture

This is a vegetable-glycerine, oil or alcohol-based CBD extract that’s usually available in a bottle. These bottles often come with eye-droppers, which help regulate the dosages. 

Many users think of CBD tinctures as the best way to consume CBD. This is not surprising seeing as it’s discreet and can be used in public, without people suspecting that you’re taking CBD.

Also, you can use it to measure your doses and find the optimal dosages for you. It also makes application throughout the day, very easy. The eye-dropper, in particular, makes it very easy to control the amount of CBD you consume daily. 

This is a particularly important feature because everyone’s body is different, and two people may require different dosages for similar conditions. It all depends on their bodies, endocannabinoid systems, and cannabidiol receptors.

For instance, one person may get through the day with just four drops of CBD oil applied sublingually, while another will require six or more. The only way to know this for sure is to vary the dosages until you find the most effective one. 

These can also be added to beverages or food. The effects typically kick in after an hour of consumption and may last for eight or more hours.

CBD Oil Vaping and Smoking

For people who don’t mind smoking, this is the best way to take CBD oil. The CBD oil which is extracted from top-shelf cannabis is preferred by those who want fast results.

This is because its effects are quick, often times kicking in within 5 minutes of inhalation. This is possible because the CBD oil vapors are inhaled directly into the lungs, from where it’s almost immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

While this is great, the reality is the effects wear off pretty quickly. Users who are interested in vaping can just vape the CBD oil or CBD concentrates. Vaping usually requires the use of vape pens and juuls.

However, you need to make sure that the CBD oil you’re vaping is pure. This is important because many CBD oils tend to contain additives and impurities. 

You want to make sure that yours doesn’t. While many users inhale the vapor, others prefer concentrates in the form of shatter, wax, and others. 

The best CBD oils to vape, are the full spectrum types. They may be a bit pricey, but they’re totally worth it and better than smoking weed directly. 

CBD Oil Based Topical Ointment

These are CBD oils that are added to creams, lotions, oils, and ointments. They’re usually applied to the skin, particularly around the joints and other parts of the body that hurt. 

They’re effective for treating localized pain and helping you get fast relief. If you’re looking for a non-oral way to get some CBD into your system, this works just as well. 

This is great for people who don’t smoke and don’t like the taste of CBD oils. Its effects can be quite fast too. People who have joint pain, inflammation and arthritis will find this particularly effective for providing relief.  

CBD Oil Infused Edibles

These are edibles that are infused with CBD oil. There is a wide range of edibles that can be taken by both humans and their pets. Some of these include chocolates, snacks, biscuits, candy, gummy bears, and even regular food.

For pets, there are CBD infused treats and food. These will help the animals get their required CBD dosages. While CBD infused edibles can make for great snacking on the go, the downside is it takes time to kick in.

The average CBD infused edible takes about 2 hours to start working as it has to be digested in the stomach first before being absorbed into the bloodstream. But, its effects can last for longer than 8 hours.

So, if you need near instant relief for your pains, this is not the way to go. You’ll probably do better with CBD oil vaping, or applying the oil under your tongue so it’s absorbed faster into your bloodstream. 

CBD Oil Transdermal Patches

Similar to nicotine and other pain relief patches, this is a super effective way to get a steady stream of CBD oil released into your bloodstream. If you’re a very busy person, this might be the best way to take CBD oil every day.

All you have to do is apply it to your skin, wear your clothes, and go about your business. It’ll consistently deliver the CBD to your bloodstream through skin absorption.  

CBD Oil Capsules and Pills

More companies are producing CBD oils in this form. They’re usually encased in gelatin capsules that are easily broken down in the stomach.

If you don’t mind popping a pill or two at set times, this might be the best way to take CBD oil. All you have to do is pop a couple of pills in the morning, and it should last you all day, until evening. 

Which of These is the Best Way to Take CBD Oil?

As you can see, the best way to take CBD oil completely depends on your needs and preferences.

Some prefer just taking the regular oil sublingually, others prefer the transdermal patches, capsules, or edibles. At the end of the day, you have to decide which works for you. 

However, if you’re still unsure about which the best way to take CBD oil, visit Harcourt Health blog to read this article on CBD oil vs CBD creams