The Many Different Flavours Of Disposable Vape Brands

Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more people turning to it as a healthier alternative to smoking, and for many, doing so has even helped them stop smoking altogether. Along with its rise in popularity, has come a plethora of advancements both in the technology used in vaping devices such as the IQOS Originals duo, and in the flavour profiles available in e-liquid form. 

From disposable vaping devices that come with the flavoured vape juice pre-filled, or vape pods, kits and rechargeable devices that can be filled (and refilled) with e-liquids of your choice, and when it comes to choice, there is plenty of it!

But why are there so many different e-juice flavours, and which ones are the top sellers among vapers? Let’s take a closer look:

The most popular flavoured e-juices in the UK

Naturally, anything that’s flavoured is subject to the specific tastes and desires of the user, but some flavours produced by vape brands are proving to be more popular than others:

  • Fruity 

From watermelon and raspberry, to cherry and guava, if there’s a fruit you enjoy the taste and aroma of, there will be an e-juice to match it!

  • Dessert

Whether you’re a macaroon lover, or a sucker for muffins and jam tarts, with dessert flavoured e-juices, you can satisfy your sweet carvings with ease.

  • Tobacco

There are many vapers who simply want to recreate the experience of smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette, and with creamy, nutty or caramel tobacco varieties to choose from, you can get all the pleasure of smoking tobacco, with less of the harmful toxins.

  • Menthol

Generally providing the vaper with a smooth vaping experience, menthol e-juices are cooling and refreshing in the mouth. 

  • Ice and frozen

If you’re new to vaping, you might not know that some flavours come with a refreshing finish similar to being frozen or iced, which can be a pleasing experience depending upon your taste. Having become popular in 2022, these varieties have continued to be enjoyed by many UK vapers. 

With so many flavours already available, what can vape brands possibly come up with next?

Exotic flavours are still at their height of popularity in the UK, and more brands, such as Elfiq, IVG, Twelve Monkeys and Just Juice, are expected to launch new varieties to meet consumer demand. With the ice range and unusual flavours in the spiced and herbal range, such as Dark Aniseed 50/50, being created, vapers are set to be more spoilt for choice than ever before.

Dual-flavour vapes are also hugely popular and mean that vapers can swap flavours without having to switch devices or change their flavour pods. 

What about nicotine salts?

Hugely popular as their flavours are great and they give a much milder hit on the throat, Nic salts come in nicotine strengths of 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg in 10ml bottles, and in a wide range of flavours for disposable vapes, along with rechargeable devices. 

Vaping as an experience, is always improving, and those who choose to vape, whether using disposable devices or rechargeable ones, are guaranteed to have a pleasing experience that offers all the same qualities of smoking traditional cigarettes, without the harmful toxins.