The Many ways People Consume Cannabis and Hemp Products Worldwide

Cannabis and CBD have been consumed throughout history, and with so many years of being a big part of many cultures and practices, we humans have found countless interesting ways to incorporate cannabis and CBD into our daily lifestyles, no matter at what point of history we are. In this blog I would like to talk about some of the most interesting and diverse ways cannabis and hemp products have been consumed throughout history. You will find that many of these are available to you now, even if they were methods used thousands of years ago!

But first of all, before anything, I would like to explain to you what CBD is, and why it’s different from cannabis and hemp. CBD is a compound in cannabis and hemp plants. It is naturally found amongst many other components which are naturally grown within these plans such as CBDa, CBG, terpenes, flavonoids, vitamins and minerals, and THC. Thanks to the available technology today, we are able to isolate CBD from all the other components in hemp and cannabis, including THC. So CBD itself does not produce any psychoactive effects because it can be separated from the THC in cannabis and hemp plants.

CBD is very different from THC because CBD on its own cannot produce any psychoactive effects, and only interacts with the endocannabinoid system in our bodies as opposed to reacting with the brain like THC does. Therefore, if you were thinking about taking CBD, but ended up a bit apprehensive due to the possibility of it making you high, you no longer have to have that fear because you can take CBD without feeling high at all!


Cannabis Infused Foods

Since we have been able to record history, cannabis has been the center of many medicinal practices, and thanks to the wide diversity of different cultures using cannabis worldwide, there have been a large number of different ways researchers have seen it being used. Since ancient times, people have been infusing cannabis into foods we eat. Some of the most popular ways of presenting cannabis infused foods is in butter and oil. This is due to the fact that the extract is not water soluble and mixes with oils easier. Also because of the ease and quick preparation time of making cannabis infused oils or butter, and to the overall practicality of the end products. For example, one can simply spread cannabis infused butter on toast in the mornings, or cook with cannabis infused oil.

Cannabis and CBD infused honey

Honey can also be easily infused with cannabis extracts. Of course, historically there was not enough technology or scientific knowledge to isolate CBD from cannabis or hemp plants, therefore CBD infused honey was not an ancient practice, but is a flourishing and rising modern practice now! On the other hand, cannabis infused honey was a very popular medicine or treatment for different ailments in cultures across the world. These days, we know that honey has antibacterial properties, therefore it seems very logical for honey to be a natural remedy, and adding cannabis and CBD to it in ancient and modern times seems like a great way to amplify honey’s healing properties.

CBD Snacks and Candies

CBD is growing more and more popular globally, and with many countries already legalizing its use and production, it is starting to pop up in many different things, including CBD snacks and CBD candies. These snacks can range from CBD chips, CBD cookies, CBD brownies, CBD gummies, CBD lollipops, the list goes on. CBD snacks and candies are a great way for many people to use CBD and to easily incorporate it into their daily lives, and it is due to their practicality that they are rising in popularity as the most prominent way to take CBD aside from CBD oil itself. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love snacks? So just think: snacks with a purpose? Well, it can’t get much better than that!


Water Soluble CBD

Again, water soluble CBD was definitely not something used in ancient times due to the lack of technology and overall scientific knowledge about cannabis and hemp plants. But these days, a very popular and interesting way to take CBD is water soluble CBD. The thing about water soluble CBD is that it is usually tasteless, incredibly easy to mix with water or any other drink, and it’s so easy to take anywhere anytime. Making it a very logical way to take CBD if you are always on the go, or you simply prefer an easier and simpler way to take CBD. Additionally, many people prefer taking water soluble CBD when they’re first starting out their CBD journey because it seems to be much easier, much less of a hassle, and overall much more user-friendly than some of the more advanced or complex ways of taking CBD. Therefore, if you are just starting out to take CBD, why not give water soluble CBD a try?

Cocktails and Flavored Drinks

Another really interesting and fun way that CBD and cannabis products are consumed worldwide is in drinks and cocktails. Flavored drinks are a worldwide favorite thanks to the variety of flavors, and carbonated or non-carbonated options. Therefore, adding CBD or cannabis extract to flavored drinks just makes sense. It is the same as enjoying your favorite flavored drink, but you also get the benefit of having CBD or cannabis extracts in it. The same goes for CBD or cannabis infused cocktails. More times than not they are exactly the same as the traditional cocktails that you like, except they are infused and enhanced with CBD or cannabis plant extracts using products like tinctures, oils, syrups and water soluble CBD. When CBD first started coming on to the worldwide market, cocktails were some of the first drinks to be infused with CBD, and are now a classic staple in the CBD world.

Tea and coffee

Yes, technically tea and coffee are also flavored drinks, but historically, people used to make cannabis plant tea. Well, the same goes for today. Of course, there is a lot more regulation, and overall sanitation, but there are still cannabis teas available on the market today. The same goes for coffee. Historically though, cannabis coffee wasn’t really used, but since CBD came onto the market, CBD coffee has been another very popular way of taking CBD. This is both due to the benefits of CBD and the benefits of coffee. Not to mention, coffee has become an absolute must for a huge percentage of the population today, therefore mixing CBD with it seems logical!


Vaping Cannabis and THC

Vaping is another very popular way of taking both cannabis and CBD products. Vaping cannabis is a growing favorite, thanks to the non combustion nature of vaporizing. There are a few different ways one can vape cannabis ranging from dry herb vaporizers (like the mighty vaporizer), concentrate vaporizers for shatter and wax, and also THC infused vape liquids. What are the best things about vaporizing cannabis products is the fact that it’s so on the go. Of course, whether or not this is available widely depends on if it is legal or not in your country (like Uruguay and Canada), but as legalization spreads throughout the world, you can rest assured that vaporization of cannabis products is going to lead shortly after, and you might just get the chance to try it.

Vaping CBD

Much like with cannabis products, you can also vape CBD products. Normally, you can vape CBD infused e-liquids, wax and concentrates. Many people love vaporizing CBD because of the wide variety of different e-liquid flavors you can find on the internet and in stores. Also, as mentioned above, vaporizing is very on the go and super easy for those of you who have a more active lifestyle. That way, you can take your CBD with you everywhere you go, and you don’t have to worry about it being too bulky, too heavy, or too hard to transport. If you have CBD vaping available to you in your area, I highly recommend giving it a try because it can be a very fun and practical way to take your CBD, and it could benefit your lifestyle much more than other ways of taking CBD.


THC crystals, wax, and shatter

THC crystals, wax, and shutter are all derivatives from the raw cannabis plant itself. Historically, people would do many different things to obtain crystals, wax, and shatter, and it really depended on the region or the culture. But today, THC concentrates such as wax,  shatter, and crystals can be obtained at home, or by larger manufacturers. Once these concentrates are obtained, the way they’re consumed is by dabbing. There are countless dab rigs, and dabbing tools on the market today, and everybody seems to have their favorite one. Dabbing is widely preferred by people as opposed to traditional ways of smoking or ingesting cannabis and THC because many claim that dabbing offers a cleaner, tastier, and overall more pleasant experience than many of the other combustion method ways of ingesting cannabis and THC.

CBD crystals, wax, and concentrates

As you probably already know from reading the above sections of this blog, anything to do with CBD wasn’t around during historical times, but now, since we have the option of having a completely THC free experience, dabbing CBD products such as crystals, wax, and other concentrates has become very popular. Again, like with THC dabbing, CBD dabbing offers a clean tasting and very pleasant experience which allows a much faster metabolization of the CBD as opposed to other methods such as topical application or even digestion. Many people prefer to dab their CBD because the concentrates used in dabbing are usually much stronger. Therefore, I highly recommend trying it out if you are looking for concentrated CBD dosing. In addition to this, dabbing CBD is all done electronically with e-dabbing setups and electronic cigarettes, and for many this is also a big plus since there is no combustion involved!

Self care

CBD Toothpaste

Yes, believe it or not, CBD has made its way into many of the different things that we use on a daily basis, including our toothpaste. The reason behind CBD toothpaste is that, like many of the other CBD products, “since toothpaste is already something that we use everyday, why not add CBD to it and make that our main way of taking CBD?”. Well, it actually makes a lot of sense because CBD can be absorbed into the bloodstream better through sublingual application. Of course, it’s most definitely not one of the most popular ways to take CBD, which means that the majority of people either don’t know about CBD toothpaste or simply prefer to take CBD a different way. But, many other self care products are being presented as CBD products as well, therefore CBD toothpaste really isn’t that far out of the ordinary.

CBD Suppositories

On the not-so-glamorous side of CBD products are CBD suppositories. I know what you might be thinking, why would anybody ever take CBD suppositories? But it really isn’t that uncommon. CBD suppositories, like many other medications and supplements are being sold in a variety of different stores across the globe. CBD suppositories, or suppositories in general, aren’t ultra glamorous, but they are definitely very effective and quick acting. They are actually a better option for those who really dislike the taste of CBD and want fast results from it. CBD suppositories come in both vaginal and anal types.

In conclusion, you can see that there are many very interesting ways to take CBD and cannabis and hemp derived products, and I hope that you are able to find the perfect one for you no matter where you are in the world!