The Pitfalls of the American Education System

The Pitfalls of the American Education System

According to educator Jonathan Osler, the US education system has a lot of flaws at the moment. While that may not surprise many people, Osler points out some specific issues within the system that most people might not be aware of. With this being said, it’s relevant for educators to know about these pitfalls and how best to address them for students to get an education with more effectiveness and less stress.

Osler begins his article by discussing how he got into education and how that led to being a teacher. He finds it essential for people to be able to learn about the issues behind the education system because, as stated before, there are flaws within it. Osler then mentions what he refers to as “the hidden curriculum” within the education system, which is a way of teaching that goes against basic logic and thought processes. He talks about how teachers stop students from learning by allowing them to remain in their world rather than bring them into the real world.

Osler also discusses the “teaching to the test” phenomenon and how it’s affecting education. He refers to it as a form of teaching because of testing and how much teachers are stressed out about grades and testing. He talks about teachers being taught by placing a lot of emphasis on tests and exams. He also states that teachers become dehumanized because they lose the drive to do a good job when they’re not being graded on something.

Another main issue Osler talks about is the lack of an appropriate curriculum for students to learn from. He states that there are too many things that teachers are not being taught so they can become better educated, including the effects of television on the learner and how their brains absorb information. Osler mentions how teachers have a hard time teaching many different areas because of the need for more testing and examinations with which to grade.

Not only this, but Osler talks about how the education system is using “fear” to keep students in line. Osler describes it as a form of indoctrination that begins early and continues through the years. In this way, educators are taught not to sit back and try to analyze what is going on with the education system but instead let the system control them.

Jonathan Osler also discusses how some things are not being addressed within the education system and why. He talks about how teachers are hurting themselves and their students by treating them poorly and using an aggressive approach toward them. Osler believes in a significant lack of integrity in the US education system. As such, it becomes harder for people to do their jobs without compromising their integrity.

As mentioned previously, Osler discusses the issues of teachers being poorly treated. He talks about how teachers are treated as “less than” other professionals and that they don’t have the proper respect of the government or the public. Osler compares it to a doctor working for free and believes there is a problem facing the way teachers are treated.

In conclusion, Osler does believe that some things need to change for educators and students alike to get a better education. He believes that teachers need to be treated kindlier and can work a lot harder without compromising their integrity. Moreover, he believes that students must learn how to learn and think critically for them to get out of school and into the real world. Osler states that people need to realize that they’re not in school forever and will have a job after they leave, so there needs to be some plan for them to have something upon leaving school. This way, they will be better prepared for the real world.