Uforia – Nutrition’s Latest Wunderkind Opportunity

By Rachelle Moyer

If the catch phrase about real estate is, “Location, Location, Location” then the catch phrase for direct marketing could be, “Timing, Timing, Timing.”

Let’s say you’ve signed onto an exciting opportunity, the company has a rock star executive team and there is a quality product. The only challenge: somebody else has already talked to everybody else about the opportunity- The market is saturated.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into something before it takes off, in an unsaturated market that is ever-expanding, then the company is called Üforia. If you’ve not heard of it yet, you’re not alone. The company is brand new, the team behind it are old pros and the product is something truly special.

One-of-a-Kind Product

First the product. CEO Ron Williams calls this, “Designer nutrition.” It’s not comprised of some rare fruit deep within a remote jungle that promises rejuvenation. It’s formulated with peer reviewed ingredients we already know about. What makes this product unique, is how the combination and amount of those ingredients is compiled based off our individual DNA.  

The information in our DNA that contributes to those ingredients by revealing something in our genes called a single nucleotide polymorphism, or SNiPs for short. These are variations in our genetic code, passed down from our parents. SNiPs can occur once in every 300 nucleotides and some of these variations can effect the quality of our health. If we have SNiPs, there are certain vitamins, herbs and minerals we can be taking to counteract the negative effects of our genes not expressing themselves properly.

Enter Üforia. After sending off a simple DNA sample to their HIPAA certified lab, they take your DNA results and produce a one-of-a-kind customized nutritional formula for you. All based on your DNA. Yes, there are companies out there that test your DNA and tell you what you should be eating or supplementing your diet with. Some companies put a bunch of third party vitamins in a box and ship them off to you. You’re basically taking a few of the Acme Vitamin Company’s Vitamin D, another Acme Mineral Company’s Zinc and maybe a few B Complex. However, it’s many different pills that all adds up to a lot of guesswork and money.

Üforia cuts right to the chase and compiles your nutritional supplement from a combination of over 70 high quality, peer reviewed, plant-based ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals all packaged within one supplement form. This is not “just what the doctor ordered,” it’s what your DNA has ordered. Yes, my formula is going to be very different from my husbands.

What I like about the uniqueness of this product is that it’s not something someone can buy at a discounted distributor price and then try to sell on Amazon. No, no, no. Why would you? You’d be selling somebody else’s one-of-a-kind formula that won’t work for anyone but the person it was designed for. If someone is to purchase Üforia, they have to get with an authorized distributor, or “Ütrionist” as Williams refers to them.

Williams also says, “People are not going to walk into the health food store ever again and play pin the tail on the Vitamin D. That’s just a blindfolded guessing game. Maybe you buy the right amount, maybe you don’t. You could face deficiency or toxicity. It’s expensive and wasteful.” Your DNA knows what you need, and Üforia makes that a tangible concept to optimize your health. From here on out there’s only two formulas, the formula before your DNA test and the formula after your DNA test. People are now going to doubt the one-size-fits-all formula on the health food store shelf.

A Great Team of Founders

This is a game changer, and Williams knows that. He has partnered with Terry Lacore of the Lacore Enterprises fame. Williams successfully ran Forever Green and Lacore successfully runs Lacorre Enterprises. Both men are used to the multi-million dollar health and nutritional space. In fact, they met during a law suit. Lacorre was suing Forever Green over the formula for a keto drink. Williams won, but in the end, Williams also won over Terry. The CEOs decided they really liked each other, so Terry offered Ron the chance to head up the Üforia line, and Ron jumped at it.

These guys threw in for the trifecta, by adding a powerhouse of a coach and trainer to get things done at the highest level. Network Marketing Pro, Eric Worre is onboard for training. Worre has over thirty years of experience in network marketing, traveling the world and training leaders for success. Here he’s bringing his sought-after insight and customized training plan to a company that’s all about customized nutrition.

Aggressive Compensation Plan

These guys all understand the power of this product, they know how to market the product and they’ve structured a phenomenal compensation program to reward anyone looking to seize the day. It’s a uni-leg comp plan, eight levels deep and however wide you want to go.

There’s an add-on bonus called Discounts and Dividends. This is the cherry on top of everything else. The D & D program will not only drop the price of your monthly Ütrition formula, you’re getting cash back on top of that as far and wide as your new customer base goes. Up to $20 a person. They are rewarding growth by encouraging their Ütritionists (distributors) to continually attract new customers, and this product lends itself to being utilized for optimized health. Not just talked about as a business.

Now Is the Time to Get Onboard

If you’re reading this for the first time, you’re not alone. See it as a good sign! Üforia is in an invitation only phase before their soft launch in October. Right now, for no money down you can be invited to get a position within the organization and the ability to invite your own team. In October, the product will be made available. It’s important to note that in January of 2019 the company will be doing a national launch event. However, for the months of October, November and December all Ütritionits are paid out 40% on their first level and 10% on their second and third level. It’s a pretty aggressive way to get the ball rolling, I love it!

The product is created with a one-of-a-kind technology that nobody else has, plus it’s not a fad because our DNA is here to stay. There’s an exciting group of experienced people ready to help you take this to the world. Well, for now the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico.

However, the people you talk to in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico are all going to be newbies hearing about Üforia and that bodes well for you. Strike while the iron is hot- Timing, timing, timing and allow people with the experience of what Ron Willams calls, “Making health a habit.”

Currently, Üforia is invite only. To get an invitation and know more, visit DNAAuthority.com