What resistance and watts should the best e cigarettes have

In 2018, many vapers choose to enter the electronic cigarette world using an electronic way. And that’s not bad at all! If they get good advice on the right setting for a new starter, the experience of vaping is a much more interesting and qualitative one than the one veterans started on a few years ago. So, this is an article for beginners, on how to set the right watts and resistance to get the most out of our electronic cigarette.

Similarly, this article cannot give a standard recipe about the ideal setup for a beginner, as its discovery is a subjective experience, a beautiful and experiential journey that everyone has to go through alone to see what fits. What we can do instead, for those uninitiated, is to talk about the relationship between wattage and resistance, and how this relationship influences the experience with the best electronic cigarette.

Temperature, flavor intensity and vapor production are variables that need to be balanced. The wattage determines the level of heat produced in the resistance. The more the electronic cigarette is set at a higher wattage, the more heat will be produced by the resistance.

There is no universal rule, but intense and rich flavors such as coffee, chocolate or tobacco are better rendered at a higher wattage that ensures greater warming of the e-liquid. On the other hand, fruit flavors such as apple or berries taste more when the e-liquid is vaporized at a slightly lower temperature. The key is to experience by yourself and see what suits your tastes.  You can find here the latest news in the vapers industry.

Modular electronic cigarettes that allow you to adjust your watts give you the advantage of making fine adjustments to the device until you find the setting that gives you the best experience.

Another important component of the electronic cigarette that influences the experience of vaping is the resistance, which is between 0.1 and 3.2 ohms. Those that have less than 1 ohm are intuitively called “sub-ohm” resistors.

The “sub-ohm” resistors require a higher wattage, while those above 1.8 ohms require a lower wattage. Let’s not go into very technical details because we don’t want to confuse the beginners. Instead, let’s see two setup examples that are a right match for beginners, who are often not cloud chasers and do not watch a large steam production, prefer e-liquids with high nicotine concentrations, and are more interested in throat-hit and flavor:

resistance of 1.6 ohms; wattage 10-16; voltage 4-5

resistance of 1.8 ohms; wattage 9-14; voltage 4-5

resistance of 3.2 ohms; wattage 6-8; voltage 4-5

Another important mention: Choose a clear-mousse designed for mouth-to-lung vapors (which allows the vaping similar to classic cigarette smoking – first inhale the steam into your mouth, then in your lungs). As you experiment with several electronic cigarettes, you will want to lower your nicotine concentration and have more steam production, point at which you will go to another level: sub-ohm digging. To vamp the sub-ohm, the vapors must be inhaled powerfully, directly into the lungs, which is only possible with e-liquids with low nicotine concentrations.

But until you get to sub-ohm, you can try these settings and you can share your experience. In 2018, it’s a lot more difficult to be a beginner vaper because the possibilities to choose between different electronic cigarettes with different settings and functions are much more varied. But with patience and willingness to be informed about these possibilities, you will have the opportunity to experience the vapors at a quality that could have not been imagined a few years ago.

The electronic cigarettes were invented by people who wanted to quit smoking and their original purpose was to reduce the number of smokers. As a smoker, you already know how annoying and stressful it may be to be in a place where smoking is forbidden. Just when you feel the need for a bit of nicotine, you can’t satisfy your craving because of the restrictions. When you go out or on vacation it’s all the more frustrating not to be able to enjoy a smoke when and where you want it to.