3 Ways to Physically Prepare To Become Pregnant

For those of you who thought getting engaged and then married was going to the biggest change in your life, choosing to have a baby can bring about some even bigger changes for most couples. And while most parents-to-be know what they need to do to prepare to bring the baby home at the end of nine months, most don’t think too much about how they should begin preparing before they’ve even got that bun in the oven. So to help ensure that you have the healthiest pregnancy possible, here are three ways you can and should begin preparing physically to become pregnant.

Start An Exercise Routine

According to Nora Tobin, a contributor to Fit Pregnancy, staying active during your pregnancy can help relieve a lot of the aches and pains that often come along with being pregnant. Additionally, taking time each day to be active can also help with things like getting sleep, managing your weight gain, and helping boost your mood and limit your stress. But to get the maximum benefit from this, getting exercise should be a habit you start before you get pregnant and that you maintain throughout as much of your pregnancy as you can. So if you don’t currently have a solid exercise routine, it’s best to start one now.

Get In The Habit Of Taking A Prenatal Vitamin

Once you get pregnant, you may come to find that you’re a little more forgetful than you otherwise would be. For some women, “pregnancy brain” is a real thing that can cause you to have a few little missteps in your thinking. But for things as important as taking your vitamins, you should do all you can to ensure these little things don’t get forgotten. To help with this, Lauren Gelman, a contributor to Parents.com, recommends starting the habit of taking a daily prenatal vitamin before you actually get pregnant. This will help to instill this into your routine and increase the chances of you getting enough folic acid, vitamin B, iron, calcium, and other vitamins and nutrients vital to a healthy pregnancy and baby.

See Your Dentist

While your body is busy creating your baby, a lot of its attention is diverted away from your own wellbeing at times, especially when it comes to your oral health. Knowing this, Healthline.com suggests that you see your dentist before you get pregnant to ensure your oral health is adequate now and you know how to keep things looking and feeling good all throughout your pregnancy. Many women experience pregnancy gingivitis and cavities, which is something you want to avoid if at all possible.

If you’re planning to get pregnant in the next few months, consider using the tips mentioned above to help prepare your body for this new adventure.