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  • Health and Wellness Author Teams Up with Registered Dietician to Release New Line of Family-Friendly Vitamins

    Health and Wellness Author Teams Up with Registered Dietician to Release New Line of Family-Friendly Vitamins

    The majority of Americans do not follow a healthy eating pattern. Approximately one-half of American adults have at least one preventable chronic disease according to the Oregon State University.  Many Americans are not meeting micronutrient requirements, but are exceeding their caloric needs.  The National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) reported a high prevalence of […]

  • Is Going to Church Safe During a Pandemic?

    For those who are wondering whether it’s safe to go to church during a pandemic, you aren’t alone. Christians across the world are wondering the same thing. They want to practice their faith and deepen their relationship with the Lord, but they’re concerned about the health of their families. There’s good news. George Rutler, one […]

  • Best Wellness Practices to Maintain

    Wellness experts like Helen Lee Schifter maintain health and good fortune in a multitude of ways. First off, a person has to be in the right mindset. Understanding that wellness comes from within is a critical step most people look over. A healthy body is only a side effect of a healthy mind. When we […]

  • Wellness in Women

    Since broadcast television, women have done their best to take over the health and wellness industry. They are passionate about wellness and have adapted to the research that has been done about body health. Women had stigmas around them that they always had to be paper-thin and weigh very little. Thankfully, due to other women […]

  • How to Stay Looking Youthful

    For generations, men, and especially women have been shaping the skincare industry. There are billions of products that circulate markets in grocery stores, pharmacies, and even online. For many, skincare products can be hard to find because they are not tailored to specific people. Although it’s easy to find categories of products such as ‘oily’ […]

  • COVID-19 Inspires a Conversation about Mental Health

    Too often when discussing and considering people’s health, there’s a tradition of solely focusing on the physical health and well being of an individual. People increasingly do so at the risk and expense of their mental and emotional health. According to Helen Schifter, this is a problem that is not at all new. Unfortunately, it’s […]

  • Maintaining good health during COVID-19

    The Coronavirus has been a challenge for so many, and it’s obvious why. But those challenges have not only been economic. Indeed, they have also provoked a discussion about health and wellness that was long overdue. Helen Lee Schifter has been sharing and promoting the need for more people to value health and wellness for […]

  • The Coronavirus Sparked a Dialogue

    The Coronavirus health pandemic has sparked a much needed dialogue about the need for more people to prize and prioritize their health and wellness. Indeed, health experts like Helen Lee Schifter have been imploring people to wake up and do so, for quite some time now. Surely, there are many health experts who have passionately […]