Can Tupi Tea Herbal Ingredients Fix ED & Improve Sexual Health?

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is defined as the inability to maintain an erection firm enough to achieve a successful outcome during sexual intercourse. 

Studies have shown that ED will affect around 52% of men during the course of their lives (increasing with age), making it the most prevalent form of performance-related sexual challenge affecting men today. However, the figure of 52% is probably the result of underreporting. This is due to a variety of factors, from increasing amounts of stress as a result of the modern lifestyle, and the social stigma that surrounds any discussion of sexual ‘underperformance’ among men.

However, ED should not be seen in isolation. There are wider issues in the spectrum of sexual health that will be affected by ED, such as emotional and/or relationship issues and increased levels of stress. Healthy sexual functioning (and sexual health) is an important contributor to mental and physical health.

There are a number of prescription medical treatments for ED that are currently available. However, many men seek alternatives to drugs that can have serious side effects and interact with other medications, causing additional health problems.

Many are in search of a natural and organic way to improve their sexual health and treat the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction.

Tupi Tea for ED, a natural supplement has been developed in order to meet this increasing need – and has proven effective at improving the quality of sexual function and health that can be associated with ED.

Tupi Tea Recipe contains a variety of natural ingredients that have been time proven to improve sexual performance – and treat the symptoms of ED. 

These ingredients include Tribulus Terrestris. This spiny plant and its extracts have been used in traditional Asian medicine for generations as a treatment for impotence due to the fact that it increases the production of Testosterone. 

Tupi Tea also contains Maca root from the high reaches of the Andes in Peru and is reputed to increase libido, energy levels, and stamina. 

This supplement also contains extracts of Ginger Root, which has been known to have aphrodisiac properties. A University of Illinois (Chicago) showed that Ginger Root can stimulate the production of Serotonin in the brain. This is a chemical responsible for optimizing sleep patterns, improving mood – and increasing libido (sex drive).

Tupi Tea also contains L-arginine which, according to a recent article in the Natural Medicine Journal is a frequently used in the treatment of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. It increases sperm count and motility (effective movement), and it has been implicated in increasing testosterone levels, as well as assisting men suffering from Erectile Dysfunction to achieve firmer and longer-lasting erections.

Zinc Stearate is also included in the Tupi Tea formulation. Zinc is both an antioxidant – and responsible for the correct functioning of the immune system, lowering stress – and the optimum production of testosterone.

The ingredients of Tupi Tea are all natural and if taken as directed the supplement has no side effects. It can be taken immediately prior to sex in order to improve sexual performance, however, a longer course is recommended for those men who want to achieve maximum benefit from its use.

It is available as a pleasant cinnamon-flavored powder that can be mixed with other liquids – or in capsule form for added convenience. 

The formulation of Tupi Tea ensures that it will be of maximum benefit to those men who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. 

It increases levels of blood flow to the penis, boosts confidence, increases the secretion of testosterone – and can reduce stress, which is a major contributor to Erectile Dysfunction.