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  • How To Get Rid of Thigh Cellulite: 10 Exercises

    By David Jackson, MBA Bulgy cellulite in your upper leg and thigh regions is a big headache for many women who are concerned about their self image. Of course, genetics comes into play with this issue, as with many other body build issues. It’s just a fact of life that some women are more apt […]

  • A Leggy Problem: Preventing and Treating Varicose Veins

    It is fair to say that if you suffer from varicose veins, the idea of wearing shorts or swimsuits in the summer is probably off limits, but this is a problem that goes deeper than aesthetic considerations. There are vein treatments available from for example, which could help to solve the beachwear dilemma, and […]

  • What Causes Hair Loss in Women?

    While many of us will think of men when the subject of hair loss is raised, women are almost as likely to suffer from thinning hair. There is a wide spectrum of causes, and it can appear at any age, making it a problem for many women. Growth cycles Human hair grows in three different […]

  • A Few Things Everyone Should Know About Breast Augmentation

    In case you didn’t know, breast augmentation is a term used to describe improvement or enlargement of female breasts with the help of a specific surgical technique that typically includes the use of implant above or under the pectoral muscle. It is good to know that breast reconstruction is different than breast augmentation. Typically, breast […]

  • What Compels Women to Go Under the Knife? Is it a Quest for Beauty or Self-Esteem?

    The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) report that over the past year cosmetic surgical procedures have continued to grow. The number of surgical procedures and minimally invasive procedures was 15.9 million in the United States last year. Currently, this number has increased by 2 percent since 2014. However, since 2000, the number of procedures […]

  • Why Women Should Be Concerned about HPV Infection

    HPV, human papilloma virus, is a virus that is very common in both men and women. There are over hundred types of HPV. Each type is assigned a number. They are referred to as the papillomaviruses since some HPV types cause papillomas or warts. Papillomas are non-cancerous tumors HPV can affect the moist membranes that […]

  • Study reveals rice water good for hair

    According to an abstract from Journal of Cosmetic Chemists (SCCJ), Volume 44, No. 1, 2010 We researched the histories of the hairstyles and hair care practices of Japanese women, and found a very close relationship between the two. For example, the court ladies of the Heian Period, whose beautiful long hair, called suberakashi, reached to the […]