Category: Women’s Health

  • Reasons for pregnancy after 40 to gain popularity

    Some things that were considered strange only 20 years ago have become a normal tendency today. Several years ago it was difficult to find a woman after 40 who wants to give birth to a child. Today a 40-year-old woman can get pregnant as easily as find a writer at A couple of efforts […]

  • How women can reduce their risk of developing cancer

    Cancer is a disease that touches many of us at some stage in our lives. If we don’t suffer from the illness ourselves than it’s highly likely that a friend or a loved one will. If diagnosed early, cancer is often curable, however, it can still have a devastating, life changing impact on an individual. […]

  • Recovering After Pregnancy: What to Expect

    After birth, your body will experience various symptoms during recovery. You might be relieved that the nine months of pregnancy are over, but the postpartum period can bring about its own unexpected symptoms – hence why it’s often referred to as the “fourth trimester.” Although doctors suggest it takes around six weeks for a woman […]

  • HGH vs. Testosterone for Women

    Often supplements are linked with men and their bodybuilding ambitions. What we forget is the basic fact that women’s body is also made up of the almost same hormones and chemicals like a man’s body and use of supplements can benefit women too. Here we are about to discuss about two most useful hormones- Human […]

  • Anxiety Goes Epidemic Among Australian Women: What Can You Do?

    Women have pulled the short straw when it comes to anxiety. Not only do they suffer from anxiety disorders twice as often than men. The condition is also more debilitating in their case, as states a study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research. The statistics for Australia are particularly concerning as according to them, […]

  • Sleep-Enhancing Supplements that also Help with Menopause

    It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep these days. Not only is there so much that needs to be done, but your hormones might be feeling all out of whack, too – especially when you’re in the throes of menopause. Did you know the most commonly reported symptoms of menopause are hot flashes and […]

  • Support Groups for Breast Cancer

    Cancer. The world’s second biggest killer and one of the UK’s most common diseases. A lot of uswould struggle to find anyone that hasn’t been directly or indirectly affected by cancer. Whether it is a family member or through a friend’s family tree, for most of us anyway, it has left its mark one way […]

  • Why the Whey?

    With research suggesting that over 25% of regular gym-goers use it and annual U.S. sales exceeding $6B, dairy-based protein is the single most used product in the sports supplement world. Like most products in the sports supplement industry, it is best you take the marketing claims with a mountain of salt (Himalayan Pink of course), […]