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  • When to Use Belly Balm?

    With everything that a pregnant woman has to worry about, stretch marks shouldn’t be one of them! From taking your prenatal vitamins, to watching what you eat, buying tons of baby things, scheduling endless doctors appointments, and attending birthing classes, it can be a stressful time. However, it’s important to avoid stress whenever you can […]

  • The Benefits For Doing Some Exercise During Pregnancy

    Mothers all over the world tell us, that being pregnant is one of the most wonderful experiences, that any woman will have in her lifetime, but they also tell us about the downsides as well. Some of the negative things about being pregnant, is the inability to keep your food down, and when you do […]

  • Is it Safe to Eat Acai Bowls When Pregnant

    Acai berry is supposed to be loaded with different health benefits and can help a lot of issues, including sexual disorders and weight loss, which is a great way. Still, the issue that needs to be asked is Acai really healthy for pregnant women, or not. We will explain whether or not acai bowls should be consumed […]

  • Introducing Hello Wisp – Everything You Need to Know

    There are some things that we all like to keep to ourselves. ‘Women’s problems’ are, after all, personal and we don’t necessarily want others to know what our problems are! The trip to the doctor’s surgery or pharmacy is one that is far from discreet – you never know who you’ll meet on the way, […]

  • Why is it so hard to spot Autism in Women

    The typical stereotype is that men are far more likely to be autistic than females, with a ratio of 3:1. However, the truth is that women are often misdiagnosed. Females display different symptoms than their male counterparts and end up being diagnosed as having borderline, avoidant, and schizoid personality disorders. Researchers and advocates are working […]

  • Uqora Clinical Tests for Urinary Tract Infection Prevention

    Urinary tract infections (UTIs) rarely hit as a one-off. They come in painful cycles, affecting either the kidneys (acute pyelonephritis), bladder (cystitis), or urethra (urethritis). According to Healthline, UTIs are the second-most common infection that humans can contract and are responsible for approximately eight million doctor visits every year. In fact, one in five women […]

  • 5 great ways to keep your breasts healthy in lockdown

    The coronavirus pandemic has meant that most of us are stuck at home. We can’t to work or socialize as normal, and this affects our health. One fantastically important part of our body which is easy to neglect is our breasts. It’s always really important to keep your breasts healthy. Read on for 5 brilliant […]

  • What can I use to fight cellulite?

    Everyone wants to get rid of their cellulite, no matter who you are, or what your age is. Today, there are many products out there that claim to help in getting rid of cellulite, but there is one thing you must try if you really want to eliminate those ugly skin dimples that drive us […]

  • How successful is IVF with Donor Eggs?

    IVF with Donor Eggs is a fertility treatment option for individuals who are unable getting pregnant on their own eggs as the result of infertility. IVF with Donor Eggs is also the best option for a same-sex couple where neither partner produces eggs. When a couple cannot be helped through procedures such as in vitro […]

  • Top 4 Causes of an Overactive Thyroid

    If you have ever had swelling in your neck or felt long periods of tiredness and soreness of your joints, you would have seen your doctor and the subject of an overactive thyroid would have come up. It’s one of those things we hear about a lot as we get older but, it’s not something […]