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  • ContraGel: The Safe Alternative for Hormonal Birth Control

    After a very long time, females are turning their back on artificial hormones as birth control, leading to the grand comeback of barrier contraceptives. In order to make barrier birth control methods more effective, there has been a tremendous transformation from latex to silicone and the introduction of natural spermicides like ContraGel. With such advancements in […]

  • Which Is Better: NIPT or Amniocentesis?

    by David Jackson, MBA Noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) and amniocentesis are two of the most common screening procedures used to determine a baby’s risk of genetic abnormalities. While these terms are often mentioned together, they’re actually two very different tests. What is NIPT? NIPT is a simple blood test that’s typically recommended during the first […]

  • Revialage Product Breakdown

    Is Healthier Hair Possible? Revialage: Product Breakdown

    If you are on this page, you may be suffering some hair loss (embarrassing, right?), or you are one of those people obsessed with hair health. If you suffer hair loss, we understand. We have many clients who dread the reality of losing valuable hairlines. If you are obsessed with hair health, we are also […]

  • 8 Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Body

    Whether it’s your very first period or you’re struggling with something more serious, at some point in the course of being a woman, you may feel embarrassed, frustrated, confused or scared!  If you’ve wondered about what every woman should know about her body, whether they’re things you think everyone knows—or only you, then wonder no […]

  • What You Need to Know About the Egg Freezing Craze

    You’ve heard of egg freezing. Several new startup clinics have begun to advertise these services including local fertility clinics.  You probably have heard scare tactics about why or if you should freeze your eggs. Particularly if you are not sure about having a child anytime soon. Do you think about egg freezing? Are all eggs […]

  • What Are The Early Signs of Menopause

    When a woman finally stops having regular menstrual cycles, she’s at the stage of early menopause. Often referred to as the transition of life, this phase signals the onset of a woman’s infertility. Many health care providers in the medical field use the phrase ‘early menopause’ to indicate the time where a woman’s hormone levels […]

  • 5 Fertility Tips Top Gynecologists Swear By

    Some women spend years trying to avoid getting pregnant. However, when they’re already ready to have kids, only five out of six of them can conceive. Whether you’ve been trying to conceive for a while or just starting, there are things that you can do to help increase your fertility, allowing more chances of getting […]