Category: Women’s Health

  • What to Consider Before Getting Breast Augmentation

    Many women feel uncomfortable in their own skin. This problem comes from many sources, and it’s often something you can handle without taking any drastic measures. But for some women, the cause of their lack of confidence is something specific – something they can choose to alter. That’s why so many women consider getting a […]

  • Questions Answered: What is IVF

    In vitro fertilization isn’t an uncommon or unknown word to most people. However, accurately defining that term tends to be difficult for many. You probably know that is an alternative for couples having difficulties conceiving, but you might also believe that IVF embryos are essentially test-tube babies. If you’re a little unclear on what IVF […]

  • 5 Ways To Maximize Physical Health During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is a special time in every woman’s life, especially if it is your first time around. It is a fascinating process to experience how your body prepares, throughout the months, for the baby (or babies) and ultimately brings it into the world. While pregnancy is a delicately beautiful process, experiencing pain and discomfort is […]

  • How To Overcome Common Breastfeeding Challenges

    Every phase of life is going to bring unique challenges that you must overcome, and being a mother is the biggest challenge of all. You have so many things that are going to change when you become a mum that it is completely overwhelming to think about. A huge choice for an expecting mother is […]

  • How Does the Doctor Determine If I Am Infertile?

    For many people, the diagnosis of infertility sounds like a sentence. This problem can drastically change a person’s life, disrupt the psycho-emotional balance, and influence relationships within the family. But is it all really hopeless?  Surgical Fertility Treatment is an effective method that allows you to achieve pregnancy in a natural way in 25-55% of […]

  • How to Maintain Balanced Vaginal pH

    Talking about vaginal pH is probably not a popular topic on girls’ nights, but making sure it is balanced is very important. A normal pH level for the vagina is between 3.8 and 4.5, which is more on the acidic side, and if it drops lower or higher for a longer period of time, there […]

  • How to Choose an Ob-Gyn

    Choosing your ob-gyn is one of the most important decisions a pregnant woman can make. Finding a doctor you trust and can meet you and your baby’s specific needs is important. When looking for an ob-gyn, this is what you should keep in mind: Figure Out Your Deal-Breakers For some women, their first instinct might […]

  • 5 Issues With Pregnancy No One Talks About

    Pregnancy is the most exciting time in a woman’s life. We go through some huge transformations when we are getting ready to become mothers. Most of these transformations are common knowledge worldwide. But there are some aspects of pregnancy that no one will tell you about. Here are 5 of these pregnancy issues that you […]