• A 2019 Beginner’s Guide to Squonking

    E-cigarettes or personal vaporizers have been around the block since 2006. With all the technological breakthroughs in vaping and the global market it possesses, it has certainly become a phenomenon. In fact, in the United States, over 9 million adults vape daily. That’s a huge figure without taking into account high school and college teens. […]

  • How To Cope When Your Partner Is A Workaholic

    When you’re in a marriage where work always comes first, there are numerous challenges that may arise in your relationship.  Navigating life without your partner can turn into a major point of contention in the relationship, but it doesn’t have to be a wrecking ball.   There is a happy medium between work and love, […]

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    Results Explained: How to Understand Lipid Test Results

    Medical tests often feel opaque to the layman. While many tests are a simple, binary answer there are others which can only provide guidelines for the person who has received the data. Of course, your doctor can give you advice based on your lipid test results but most of us want something more. If you’d […]

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    Stay Ahead of the Curve: 10 Fitness Regiments You Don’t Want to Miss for 2019

    There are over 174 million people worldwide who belong to a fitness club. In total, it’s estimated that there are about 201,000 clubs with net earnings of $87.2 billion. These people wake up every day with the aim of keeping their bodies fit through exercises. Well, you could be one of the fitness enthusiasts and […]

  • The BPC 157 Patch and You

    The BPC 157 patch is a convenient way for individuals to increase the amount of BPC 157 in their bodies without having to resort to injections. BPC stands for Body Protection Compound. BPC 157 is thus a compound that naturally occurs in the body and is responsible for promoting muscular health and other significant aspects […]

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    How to Keep Your Gums Pink & Healthy

    So, what do you need to do to keep your gums healthy and pink? I bet you’ve looked in the mirror already to check out how healthy your gums are! Healthy gums are a good indicator of healthy teeth. More precisely, healthy teeth require healthy gums. It follows then that practicing good oral hygiene is […]

  • Tips for Getting Through a Nasty Break Up

    It’s something that everybody will go through at some point. It can be very painful and difficult to get through a breakup, and if it’s the first serious one you’re going through chances are you’ll be at a loose end as to how to deal with it. However, there is a light at the end […]

  • What Is Lasik Surgery & How Can It Help You

    Good eyesight is something we dream of having or maintaining. After all, a good pair of eyes helps you see the world on a whole different level. What is beautiful becomes twice as beautiful; what is fascinating becomes mesmerizing. There is beauty and awe in being able to see clearly. Sadly, however, this is not […]

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    No Health Insurance? 7 Key Tips for Saving Money on Prescription Drugs

    Almost 20% of America’s GDP goes towards health spending. That number is constantly ballooning as medical costs continue to go up unchecked. If you’re feeling the burn of rising healthcare costs anywhere, it’s probably when you go to pick up your prescriptions. Depending on your insurance, you might be spending hundreds of dollars per refill. […]

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    Is Beef Jerky Healthy? What You Should Know

    Ah, beef jerky: it’s delicious. But, as you probably already know, delicious doesn’t always equal healthy. In fact, in most cases, it tends to equal the opposite.  So, where does beef jerky fall on the spectrum of healthy and unhealthy? Is it an anomaly that manages to maintain good nutrition despite its delicious taste? Or is […]