• Physician Burnout: Learn the Warning Signs and Prevention Tips

    While you were in college and in medical school, your life pretty much consisted of studying and exams. There was hardly room for any type of social life but you knew you were up for that when made the decision to enter medical school; it was a sacrifice you were willing to make. But even […]

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    4 Tools That Make Life Easier for People with Mobility Issues

    Are you or a loved one dealing with mobility issues that leave you with feelings of frustration? Your physical limitations may be from surgery or life-long health challenges.  Whatever the case is, there is technology available that will make getting around and daily life easier. We’re going to discuss five tools that are worth implementing […]

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    5 Incredible Health Benefits of Amino Acid Supplements

    If you know anyone who works out, they may take BCAA supplements for better results. “BCAA” stands for “branched-chain amino acids” and they’re made up of valine, leucine, and isoleucine. But what exactly are the advantages of these? In this article, we’ll tell you 5 incredible health benefits of amino acid supplements. 1. It Promotes Muscle […]

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    Protect Your Smile: What Are the Different Types of Mouthguards?

    Mouthguards are important dental health devices for people of all ages. A lot of people, especially athletes, don’t wear them regularly, though. Only 60 percent of athletes report wearing mouthguards while participating in their sport of choice. People use mouthguards to help with a wide range of issues, including conditions like sleep apnea.  Read on […]

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    10 Crazy Facts About Straightening Teeth You’ve Probably Never Heard

    Braces, wires, rubber bands, even headgear. How many of us suffered through these rites of passage at some point in our lives? Even though straight teeth usually require hideous measures like these, you probably wouldn’t take back the fact that you got them. Because now you have an aligned, balanced smile that you can be […]

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    The Cardiac Diet: 7 Delicious Heart Healthy Foods

    Are you ready to eat healthily? Is your doctor telling you its time to get serious about what you eat? Do you want to know the best heart-healthy foods? Did you know that about 610,000 people die in the United States of heart disease every year? According to the Center for Disease Control, that’s 1 out of […]

  • Tips for Coping with a Brain Injury

    Brain injuries can be the hardest type of injury to cope with. As well as physical consequences, there could be more pronounced cognitive challenges too. As well as the individual who suffered the injury, the victim’s family are often in need of support and help as well. Treatment for this type of injury can involve […]

  • Dealing with Health Issues and Conditions You Can’t Control

    Life is not necessarily fair when it comes to health issues. You can do everything possible to remain healthy in your life. You can eat the right foods. You can get the right amount of exercise. You can live in an environment that is free of pollutants.  But that doesn’t always mean that you will […]

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    Fix Your Testosterone Levels: 7 Great Testosterone-Boosting Foods

    How important is it to have healthy testosterone levels? Very! But unfortunately, one in four men over 30 suffers from low testosterone. Testosterone is an essential part of men’s health. It regulates your sex drive as well as drives fat distribution, bone mass, and builds muscle mass throughout the body. For men, it’s vital to […]

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    How to Keep Your Mind Sharp: The Top Brain Health Tips

    In 2017, about 50 million people in the world were living with dementia. While this may scare you, there are things you can do to promote brain health. Continue reading to learn how to keep your mind sharp. Brain Function Decline Mild cognitive impairment describes the stage between the normal decrease in brain function with […]