• 4 Reasons You Might Be Gaining Weight

    When it comes to something that more people have in common than they have as a difference, it’s wanting to lose a few extra pounds.  Many people live busy lives with a variety of temptations along the way which lead them packing a few more pounds than they would like.   Many people can’t figure […]

  • Dandruff: Details, causes, and natural remedies to remove dandruff

    Dandruff is not only irritating but is also an embarrassing problem that most people suffer from. If you are suffering from dandruff, leave your black shirts, suits, and t-shirts out of the equation and also other dark colored clothes are out for most people. But rather than running away from this problem, it is important […]

  • Healthy Foods That Can Improve Skin Health

    Whether you’re a man or woman, you will definitely want to do everything possible to keep your skin in great condition. Nothing can diminish your overall appearance quicker than a breakout or unradiant skin. While it is possible to improve your skin’s health and appearance with creams and lotions, you should also remember that you […]

  • 4 Tips For Eating Healthy At Work With a Busy Schedule

    Trying to stay healthy when you are at work and constantly on the go is something that doesn’t come easily.  When you are running from task to task and you feel hunger come on, sometimes your first instinct is to reach for something which is unhealthy and convenient. Rather than giving into the most convenient, […]

  • 10 Ways Your Husky Can Help You Cope With Depression And Anxiety

    Whether you have been suffering from depression and anxiety your entire life, or you were just diagnosed with these conditions, you probably already know what a major impact they can have on your life. Depression and anxiety can affect everything from your health to your social life. It is even possible that you can become […]

  • Where the worlds of cryptocurrency and traditional banking meet in perfect harmony

    Despite major breakthroughs, cryptocurrency has failed to gain transaction within the greater public. One project, Empire Card, led by female CEO Patricia Harrison, is trying the change that.  The global credit card industry is among the biggest in the world, generating billions of dollars worldwide every quarter. At the same time, the cryptocurrency world is […]

  • The Possibility of Breaking the Addiction Cycle Using Plant-Based Treatments

    “The addict substitutes a sick relationship to an event or a process for a healthy relationship with others. The addict’s relationship with a mood-altering experience becomes central to his life” – Patrick Carnes It is interesting to note that opioid drug addictions such as heroin addictions are treated with an opioid that works via the […]

  • Why fitness courses are getting more and more popular

    As the Australian population continues to exhibit high levels of obesity, the call to improve our overall fitness is becoming more urgent. Taking responsibility for one’s health through diet and exercise is a well-known mantra that has resulted in more people engaging in structured exercise and an increase in the variety of physical activities on […]

  • 6 Reasons Why Companies Drug Test Their Employees

    Two accidents that happened in the 1980’s prompted the 1991 Omnibus Transportation Act and subsequent regularity of workplace drug tests. Today, drug tests in the workplace have made good progress in terms of containing accidents and other problems. It is therefore not surprising to see companies testing new employees and even conducting random tests to […]