• 5 Compelling Reasons Why to Go to a Drug Addiction Recovery Program

    It is an often-painful truth but a liberating one when accepted: staying in a Drug Addiction Treatment Center can transform lives. There’re nearly too many good reasons to list on why a person facing drug addiction should explore this kind of opportunity if it is open for them. Check out our top 5 compelling reasons […]

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    How to Stop Dry Cracked Feet from Ruining Your Day

    Are all of your aches and pains in your heels? Instead of trying to stay off your feet all day (which isn’t always practical), you need a real fix. Otherwise, the cracks in your heels can lead to cellulitis or a diabetic foot ulcer. According to this survey, 20% of adults in our country have […]

  • Self- and light-curing: characteristics and differences of resins for relining temporary prostheses

    In recent years, the temporary prosthesis, i.e. the temporary or transitional prosthesis that accompanies the patient from the beginning of the prosthetic therapy until the birth of the definitive prosthesis, has undergone changes in its potential use. This clinical step, a transitory time to guarantee the patient the chewing comfort, has become a useful and […]

  • Health Benefits of CBD in The Body

    Over the last decades, cannabidiol has been known for the production of illegal and harmful substances to the body. However, with more experience and extensive research, it is now clear that CBD has many benefits to the body. For this reason, by taking the CBD dosage as instructed by your doctor, there are more benefits […]

  • The best supplements to support fertility naturally

    Across the globe, women are struggling to fall pregnant or to take their pregnancies to full term. In the U.S. alone 10% of women between the ages of 15 and 44 are facing this problem and often there are no apparent causes.  Couples who are struggling to have children face emotional issues as they try […]

  • Diet and exercise the epitome of a healthy lifestyle

    When it comes to maintaining one’s overall health, it goes without saying that people can sometimes be decidedly lax regarding the attention to detail and emphasis they put on taking care of themselves. It is one of the biggest faults that we all too often do not take the care with our bodies that we […]

  • A look at stem cell therapy trends

    Stem cell therapies have been with us for about 30 years now. For some conditions such as leukemia and lymphoma, it is a vital tool. In fact, bone marrow transplants were one of the earliest forms of stem cell therapy to be proven to work. It was the success of this treatment that lead, in […]

  • Life-Changing Conditions From Spinal Cord Injuries

    You will probably have heard the term “life-changing injuries” on news reports accompanying pictures of horrific crashes or accidents. These are vast and varied depending on which area of the body has sustained the injury and how well they will recover from them. One of the worst areas to life changing injuries is the spinal […]

  • Considering filing a medical malpractice case? Here are your next steps

    When you’ve been let down and injured by the doctors and the medical team you were supposed to trust, it’s natural to feel a wide range of emotions. From anger, frustration, desperation and of course, concern for the future. How will you pay your rising medical bills? Can you afford to take time off work? […]