• Preventing The Dangerous Effects of Polypharmacy in Elderly Patients

    Taking various prescription medications for coexisting medical issues, also known as polypharmacy, is becoming extremely common in the United States. Because it is more common among those with multiple diseases or illnesses, polypharmacy is especially prevalent in older adults. Polypharmacy commonly happens when patients are treated by different healthcare providers, who may not be aware […]

  • Ways on How to Improve Patient Care

    The health care team is tasked with making sure that the patient gets the right treatment that he needs in a well-controlled environment that facilitates his fast recovery. However, it cannot be denied that there are a lot of factors affecting how well and how quickly a patient recovers from an illness, one of which […]

  • How Dental Implants Can Give You A Winning Smile

    Are you hiding your smile because of broken or missing teeth? Are your dentures giving you constant discomfort? For a long time the only way to treat people with missing teeth was to do costly and painful bridgework and/or install dentures. But in this modern day and age dental technicians have developed dental implants that […]

  • Where to Live if You Have Chronic Pain

    Chronic pain is hard to live with, but sometimes, where you live matters. Depending on the cause of your pain, moving to a new location might alleviate some of your symptoms, making your life easier and more enjoyable. Recent studies have shown that, contrary to popular belief, the temperature and humidity of a region have […]

  • Can Stress Cause Constipation?

    I would like to address a problem today that you may not be fully aware of. It’s the idea that we use our minds and emotions to cause ourselves constipation, rather than curing it forever. Emotional stress can actually become a HABIT that leads to chronic constipation. Let me ask you a question: Have you […]

  • You’re Not Alone: All About Stopping Sexual Performance Anxiety

    If you’re like most guys in the world, you’ve experienced sexual performance anxiety at least one time in your life. That’s a perfectly normal occurrence and nothing to be ashamed of. If, however, you stress about sex every time you bed a partner, you may wish there were something you could do about it. Fortunately, […]

  • 5 Ways to Quit Smoking

    In the United States, cigarettes kill more than 480,000 American every year, which is why it’s no wonder that health officials constantly warn people about the negative effects of smoking. Whether you’ve just picked up the habit or have been smoking since you can remember, there’s no better time to quit like the present. If […]

  • 7 Health Benefits of Ice Cold Water

    Most people are well aware of the benefits of drinking plenty of water throughout the day and especially during heavy physical activity or extreme heat. But something many individuals don’t realize is that ice cold water has quite a lot of benefits. Both long and short-term. Some people drink ice cold water simply because they […]

  • 3 Tips for Having Smooth Well-Child Visits During Your Baby’s First Year

    Going to the doctor’s office is just part of having a baby in a modern society. Regardless of how you feel about medication or natural remedies, every parent wants what’s best for their child, which includes taking care of their physical health. Especially for babies, having regular doctor visits in the first year of life […]