Category: Children’s Health

  • How parents can help their children with mental health issues

    It used to be believed that children didn’t really get mental health problems, or at least not the same ones as adults. Now we know better, but that doesn’t make things any easier to cope with when your child’s affected. Often parents in this situation feel very isolated and helpless. It’s important to realize that […]

  • The Social Benefits to Music

    It is a language spoken as universally as mathematics and money, though some would argue with more culture.  Music – audible poetry, able to move the emotions with little more than an array of intricately woven sounds.  Some sing, some play instruments, some simply participate through listening  to live concerts or with headphones on their […]

  • Surprising Childhood Factors that Lead to Alcohol Dependency

    Drug and alcohol treatment requires a comprehensive understanding of childhood development. To keep your teens out of trouble, in school and away from substances, you will, too. Drug and alcohol treatment centers have a lot to say about alcohol addiction in adolescents. While alcoholism can be hereditary, a few factors presented in childhood can certainly […]

  • How New Parents Can Find A Nanny In 2017

    As a young family, the day your maternity and paternity leaves expire means the inevitable return to work, and you have to come up with a childcare plan. In many parts of Canada, finding high quality daycare can be an intimidating and frustrating process, and waiting lists often last for years, by which time your […]

  • Oral Health Tips For Parents Of Young Children

    Whether your child has a gummy grin with sprouting teeth or a mouth filled with pearly whites, it is important to ensure that they see a dentist regularly for a healthy smile. You should choose a child pediatrician who is competent and good with kids. The following is a simple guide on what to look […]

  • The Risks Of Talcum Powder Use

    Talcum powder, also known as talc, represents a mineral that can be found naturally around the world. It is good to know that this mineral is among the softest minerals – with the help of your fingernail you should be enough to scratch it. The scientific name of talcum powder is hydrated magnesium silicate. Talcum […]

  • 5 Signs Your Child Could Be Suffering from Depression

    Depression is very much a modern condition. We are now more likely than ever to admit to being depressed, with statistics indicating that diagnoses of depression are rising at an alarming rate. What many people don’t realize, however, is that depression also affects children, so if you are concerned about your child’s mental health, here […]

  • A Parent’s Guide for Battling Their Kid’s Addiction

    For parents, witnessing their children struggle with drug addiction can one be a truly disturbing experiences. A young person who was once full of life, productive, promising and happy has suddenly become disrespectful, defiant and lost the world. Sometimes, due to their involvement in alcohol and drugs, they have lost focus in school and lose […]