Category: Children’s Health

  • The Importance of Oral Health Care for your Child

    Kids are sponges who absorb everything they hear and observe, and they gather most of this information from their parents. You might not assume your kids hear much of what you say when you’re repeating instructions to clean their room for the tenth time that day or reminding them for what feels like the millionth […]

  • How to Properly Prepare for Your Newborn

    A new baby in your home means a change of lifestyle for everyone. It’s an exciting time but it can also be a little stressful. After all, you’re suddenly in charge of a tiny, vulnerable being who needs your help almost all hours of the day. We have some tips to better prepare you to […]

  • 7 Things In Your Home That Could Be Making You Sick

    The reason you and your family members are regularly sick could have nothing to do with poor immunity or unhealthy interactions with the outside world. There are several things around your home that might be causing you to get sick every once in a while.  So, if you or other people in your house regularly […]

  • 7 Healthier Alternatives to Prescription Stimulants

    Are you feeling drained? Do you find that the simplest tasks take so much energy that you cannot stand the thought of completing them? Maybe you or someone you love was diagnosed with ADHD, (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), or ADD, (Attention Deficit Disorder). You may feel inclined to jump to prescription stimulants right away. This […]

  • What Are The Benefits Of Growth Hormones For Kids?

    Growth hormone therapy has become an increasingly popular treatment for children whose growth is stunted by a deficiency in growth hormone. But did you know that it has many other benefits, including improving heart health and boosting a child’s school performance? The use of growth hormones for kids who don’t have growth hormone deficiency is […]

  • How to Find Clothes for Kids on the Cheap

    Are there any places to find cool clothes for your baby boy or baby girl on the cheap? How to avoid spending thousands of dollars on your kids’ wardrobe only? How many clothes do they actually need? First of all, let’s make it clear that it’s absolutely okay to spend lots of money on your […]

  • What Items Do You Need for Your Baby’s Well-Being?

    If you’re the lucky new parent in town, we all root for you right now. We know it’s amazing and hard, altogether. We know and we feel for you. Rest assured that it’s all going to become easier and better as days go by. If you really want to make your life a lot easier, […]

  • Important Vaccines You May Miss for Your Children in Utah

    With the start of a new school year parents are naturally anxious to see that their children have gotten all of the school-mandated vaccines, and that their booster shots are completely up to date. Children are social beings who interact with one another so closely during the school day that there is every chance that […]

  • Chinese Demand for American Surrogacy on the Rise

    Facing an economic disaster as their population ages and young workers grow scarcer and scarcer, China officially changed their one-child-per-family policy to a two-children-per-family policy over two years ago. So far the results have not been as good as expected, according to Egg donor and surrogacy agency ConceiveAbilities. Originally meant as a way to control […]