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  • What Items Do You Need for Your Baby’s Well-Being?

    If you’re the lucky new parent in town, we all root for you right now. We know it’s amazing and hard, altogether. We know and we feel for you. Rest assured that it’s all going to become easier and better as days go by. If you really want to make your life a lot easier, […]

  • Important Vaccines You May Miss for Your Children in Utah

    With the start of a new school year parents are naturally anxious to see that their children have gotten all of the school-mandated vaccines, and that their booster shots are completely up to date. Children are social beings who interact with one another so closely during the school day that there is every chance that […]

  • Chinese Demand for American Surrogacy on the Rise

    Facing an economic disaster as their population ages and young workers grow scarcer and scarcer, China officially changed their one-child-per-family policy to a two-children-per-family policy over two years ago. So far the results have not been as good as expected, according to Egg donor and surrogacy agency ConceiveAbilities. Originally meant as a way to control […]

  • Color for Calm Contest

    By Alyson Monaco More and more we are seeing the word “mindfulness” pop up in the health and wellness world.  Mindfulness can mean different things to everyone, but the general gist is that you are bringing awareness to your body. This awareness can be physical as well as mental, acknowledging stresses, anxiety, or other feelings […]

  • Teen Athletes And Eating Disorders

    Teen athletes may be at an increased risk for developing an eating disorder like anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. Sports like gymnastics, dance, diving, wrestling and figure skating may, in general, see participants at a higher risk for developing teen eating disorders. These sports may place a higher emphasis on the teen athlete’s appearance, size […]

  • An Overview of Sightsavers Work in Liberia

    Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world. This nation on the west coast of Africa has faced enormous difficulties over the last few years. The nation was involved in a protracted civil war which led to the deaths of thousands of its citizens. Just as the war was ending, the nation was […]

  • The Extraordinary Evolution of Baby Formula

    Baby formula vs. breast milk. The debate has raged ever since baby formula became an option for mothers. For many moms, however, there simply isn’t a choice. Whether they can’t produce breast milk, or they are on medications that are harmful for their baby, formula is the only option. There are other reasons many moms […]

  • How to spot mental health issues in a child

    It is now widely accepted mental health problems are no longer something to be ignored, trivialized or stigmatized. They are an omnipresent aspect of modern life, with statistics confirming the ratio of adults experiencing issues to be around one in four. If the situation is so widespread for adults, it follows that children will also […]