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  • Using a Garment Steamer to Sanitize Your Home

    The new normal for 2020 is all about hygiene. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face. Social distance. It’s only natural that we become more concerned about keeping a clean and sanitary home. One way to kill germs and sanitize your home without dangerous chemicals is using a garment steamer. It is important however, to […]

  • 7 Safety Concerns Inside the House

    While the home is considered the best and safest place for your family, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Though we have days when everything goes smoothly and we have no more concerns than how to fold a fitted sheet, we know that children and the elderly are not the only victims when it comes to house […]

  • Tips for Supporting and Motivating a Child with Special Needs

    Nearly one out of every nine children in the U.S. today receive special education services, as reported by the National Organization on Disability. Some of the most common special needs include speech and language delays, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), cognitive delays, social and emotional disorders, and learning differences. As a parent, you will undoubtedly look for the […]

  • Health Impact of Air Pollution and Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality

    Research found that in 2015, air pollution cost Canadian families about $36 billion because of premature death and illness, according to CBC. Ideally, when you think about air pollution, several things cross your mind from industrial smoke to small particulate matter and fumes from automobiles. Many people also assume the air quality in their homes or at […]

  • Ways Children and Young Adults can Contribute to the World

    The world is a busy place, and at times it can seem very chaotic. Depending on how you view things, the world can be a drastically different place than others would see it. An opinion can be a beast to one person, and a small dog to another. Nowadays, you shape your own reality based […]

  • Why Steam Inhalation is the Best Relief for a Cold

    Having a blocked nose and experiencing symptoms of cold can cause anyone to be in a bad mood. One of the most common home remedies to this mood dampening problem is steam inhalation. Steam inhalation works by the affected person inhaling water vapor. The warm air opens the blocked nose, throat, and lungs by loosening […]

  • Coronavirus keeps spreading; droplet precautions to take.

    The 2019 novel coronavirus (which scientists have designated specifically on their scaling research as 2019-nCOV) is often labeled a beta coronavirus. This is due to its rapid development in Asia, specifically in China. WHO gave the virus its current designation of COVID-19 just two months ago. The disease is what is known as a zoonotic […]

  • Children’s Vitamins: Do They Work

    Children’s Vitamins: Do They Work

    Once upon a time, vitamins were developed for mainly adult consumption.  As more scientific research unearthed the discovery of superfoods and the importance of certain nutrients play a part of our body’s maintenance, a push to encourage children to supplement their daily diets.  Many of us recall the push for kids’ vitamins such as the […]