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  • Take off the Blinders – How to Be a Good Parent

    So you want to be a great dad or mom, right? The truth is – parenting isn’t the simplest of tasks. Plus, many parent parents fail to see that their actions aren’t always the best for their kids. But, you don’t have to be part of the statistics. You can set a good example for […]

  • How To Properly Care For Your Child’s Feet

    When children are born, they usually have strong, healthy feet. As they grow up, it is important to use proper foot care methods to ensure that they don’t encounter any problems as they age. As soon as your child is ready to take their first steps outdoors, you should purchase supportive shoes for their feet […]

  • The Benefits of Water Birth

    Pregnancy is an exciting experience, and most women get prepared to it long before they actually get pregnant. Pregnancy is a type of rite women pass, and this is even more true about giving birth. However, when it comes to delivery, many women start wondering – whether they should give a normal vaginal birth? Or […]

  • 4 Tips for Traveling with Special Needs Children

    Traveling gives you a chance to make memories with your family, but planning the trip can be a daunting task. Whether you’re planning a big vacation or a weekend getaway, it can be a challenge to find accommodations and activities that make everyone happy. If you have a special needs child, there may be additional […]

  • How to help your child not to get tired at school

    Most children derive joy from being amongst other kids their age in school. At a tender age, children are also inspired to learn and discover new things. And, that’s how their young brains are wired. But with time, their love for school starts fading away. Assignment help from you or other members of your family […]

  • Identifying Whether or Not Your Child is Ready for MMA Activity

    Martial arts have been used to help keep hyper children calm through exercise for decades. This can help teach discipline, routine, and stresses importance of staying active which are all valuable to children of any age. MMA can be great for children that might have excess energy or need to increase their self-confidence as MMA […]

  • 5 Health Benefits of Getting Your Kids Involved in Summer Sports

    For millions of children and teens, end-of-the-school year means signing up for a summer sport or two. While summer sports may make your schedule busier with transporting kids to and from events and limiting your vacation time, there are many health benefits to being involved in a summer sport. Healthy Weight and Physically Fit Many […]

  • How to Choose a Child Bike Seat

    Biking is a healthy way to stay fit, and with the help of a child bike seat, you can bring your little one along for the ride. Biking together will help instill healthy habits and maybe even get your child interested in biking when she’s older. But in order to bike safely with your child, […]

  • 3 Common (and Preventable) Health Concerns for Young Children

    Although data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 84 percent of children ages five to 11 are in excellent or very good health, all parents know to expect a certain number of illnesses and injuries to affect their children’s lives. After all, the average child comes down with six to […]