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  • 7 Ways To Help Protect Your Family From Infectious Diseases

    Infections are caused by pathogens—microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, parasites, or fungi. These foreign bodies enter the body, multiply, and interrupt regular functions. Also, infectious diseases are one of the main causes of death and illness in the US and throughout the world. For some people, especially those suffering from cancer or heart disease, those […]

  • Pikler triangle: why does your kid need it so much?

    If you have children, consider buying a Pikler triangle for them. This piece of climbing furniture will always keep them entertained. It will enable the kids to develop their physical and intellectual abilities. Also, climbing furniture will become an elegant decoration for their room: it nicely fits into interiors of any style and color palette. […]

  • Give Comfort With Kids Cough Medicine

    It’s always a tricky situation when your kid gets a cold or the flu. It hurts your heart when they’re coughing and feeling miserable, and there’s nothing you can do but offer comfort, love, and medicine.  Often when your kid gets sick, cough medicines are not needed. A child’s immune system can handle a lot. […]

  • Why Good Air Quality Is Key To Respiratory Health

    Over the past few years, government agencies such as the EPA and the CPSC have warned that the air inside homes and buildings can be more severely polluted than the air outside. This, coupled with the fact that people spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, can have a harmful effect on human health, with polluted air […]

  • 4 Types of Medical Chillers and Their Uses

    When purchasing medical equipment and machinery for your business, you will naturally want to do everything in your power to maintain safe, efficient, and reliable performance levels. Operational temperatures are an integral feature, which is why medical chillers are among the most important investments that your medical business could ever make. Allowing medical machinery to […]

  • Car Seats Can Save Lives

    Car seats can save lives, just as seat belts do. One of the best ways for parents to keep their young children safe in the car is by choosing the right car seat and using it correctly. However, many parents find that car seats are difficult to use, and either choose to ignore them or […]

  • Early Signs of Cerebral Palsy

    URL:  Cerebral palsy is a disorder that may lead to abnormalities or brain damage. If you suspect your child has cerebral palsy, you want to be sure of the signs and symptoms you are looking for. This is the first step towards getting your child the attention and care they require. You shouldn’t let […]

  • How to Help Your Teen Improve Their Mental Wellbeing

    Are you worried about your teenager’s mental health? Has your happy-go-lucky child suddenly become withdrawn and distant?  Do you suspect that your teen is depressed or that they are abusing drugs or alcohol? If you have answered yes to any of the above, then now is the time to take action. Even if your teen […]

  • Why Baby Care Products Should Contain Natural Ingredients

    We all know just how delicate a new-born baby is, and all products used for skin care and other reasons should only contain natural ingredients, as the baby has yet to develop an immune system. We have all moved towards healthier lifestyles over for the past, with many women changing to health and beauty products […]