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  • 5 signs your child may have autism

    People say my child is different. Is my child autistic? Understanding if your baby or infant has autism at an early age will significantly impact his life. Early diagnosis means early intervention. Autism signs can be manifested even in babies. These signs may come in the form of developmental delays and behavioral patterns. Children with […]

  • Important Aspects of Your Child’s Development to Focus on

    Being a parent is extremely stressful in a variety of ways. Taking care of children is difficult and it is going to take a high level of patience over the course of time. Your patience is likely to be far lower if dealing with a teenager when compared to a child just entering kindergarten. Early […]

  • Why Youth Support Is Crucial

    According to statistics, depression is prevalent among American teens, especially among girls, wherein 13.7% of them belong to the age group between 12 and 17 years. This means one out of five teen girls had one major depressive episode once in their life.  To highlight the fact that the youth needs support, mentoring, and guidance […]

  • ADHD Therapy Tips for Your Child

    ADHD, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, is primarily treated through therapy sessions initiated by a therapist or parent. It is important for parents to not only take their child to sessions regularly but also implement what the child learned into your daily routine. Here are tips that will help you manage the symptoms of ADHD with your […]

  • How Nutrition Changes with Developmental Disabilities

    Ask any parent what is difficult about raising their young children, and mealtime dilemmas certainly top the list. Some children demand a steady diet of chicken nuggets, while others exist only on string cheese or plain pasta. From picky eaters to children who won’t sit still long enough to eat, parents face a daily struggle […]

  • Helen Schifter on Promoting Wellness

    Helen Schifter is interested in ensuring that the general public has more awareness concerning the need to value and appreciate their health and wellness. For that reason, there is a real interest in ensuring that the value of health and wellness is properly promoted. This can take many different ways, shapes and forms. But most […]

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    Uniting for a Healthier Future

    Helen Schifter has been a vocal advocate of the value of healthy living. She has been passionate about spreading information that will hopefully educate many in society about the need to transition to lives that prize and prioritize their health and wellness over much else. In the current environment we are in, health and wellness […]

  • Using a Garment Steamer to Sanitize Your Home

    The new normal for 2020 is all about hygiene. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face. Social distance. It’s only natural that we become more concerned about keeping a clean and sanitary home. One way to kill germs and sanitize your home without dangerous chemicals is using a garment steamer. It is important however, to […]

  • 7 Safety Concerns Inside the House

    While the home is considered the best and safest place for your family, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Though we have days when everything goes smoothly and we have no more concerns than how to fold a fitted sheet, we know that children and the elderly are not the only victims when it comes to house […]