Pregnancy Care: How Can Bell Belts and Bands Help Relieve Pregnancy Discomfort?

While conceiving and carrying a child in your belly is the best thing ever, it could also be a growing source of pain and strain. The good news is that you can relieve stress by getting belly bands or belly belts. Most expectant mothers have found relief from wearing belly bands as they offer support while helping reduce hip and pelvic pain during pregnancy.

Most mothers attest that wearing belly belts or bands reduces pain, making them feel better, especially in late pregnancy. Primarily, the uterus growth experienced during pregnancy causes the ligaments around the abdomen to pull and stretch, which could result in much pain in the hips, pelvis, and back. Belly bands offer extra support; thus, you can maneuver through the day much more easily. 

Types of Pregnancy Support Wear

Belly Belts

These include rigid belts that wrap around the abdomen to help support the pelvis, belly, hips, and lower back during pregnancy. Usually, belly belts sit on top of your clothing, but some expectant mothers prefer to have them underneath. Also, belly belts are strap-like and narrow. 

Generally, these belts can be customized and adjusted to fit each person. Additionally, they offer firmer support that can aid in posture and balance during pregnancy. 

Belly Bands

These include tube-like and flexible garments that offer mild compression and support for the lower back and the hips. Belly bands can also be used as fashion accessories. Most expectant women wear belly bands around their tummies to cover unzipped or unbuttoned pants while covering the skin exposed as the tummy expands. Belly bands are available in numerous different designs, shapes, sizes, and colors.

What are the Benefits of Wearing Belly Belts and Bands?

Makes Exercise Easier

According to a report by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, wearing a belly belt, especially during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, makes walking or running more comfortable. Also, the belts can help expectant women avoid injuries while exercising. 

Reduces Limb Swelling

Typically, belly belts and bands help distribute the weight of the baby bump more evenly. Therefore, this even distribution reduces the occurrence of leg strains and lower back pains. As a result, your legs will swell less during pregnancy. 

Stabilizes Sacroiliac Joints

Generally, pregnancy causes a lot of changes in the body. For instance, the ligaments in the hip joints loosen, resulting in severe pain. Evenly distributing your baby’s weight using belly belts or bands significantly reduces discomfort and pain from sciatica. 

Prevents Pre-Term Contractions

The stability and support facilitated by belly belts and bands decrease the overall stress on the body of a pregnant woman. This, on the other hand, prevents pre-term contractions. 

Improves Posture

Usually, pregnancy stresses your body, especially the lower back and the abdomen. Belly bands even out your center of gravity, thus stabilizing your lower back and abdomen. According to research, more than 90 percent of the women who wear belly belts achieve an improved posture during all their trimesters. 

Consequently, maternity support belts reduce the risk of falling due to the stabilized pelvis and improved balance.