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  • Social Media Can Negatively Impact Relationships

    It’s important to pay attention to your partner in romantic relationships, and so many people ay close attention to their phone but ignore your partner. Let’s say that you’re out to dinner with your boyfriend, and you’re planning on having a romantic evening, but you notice that he keeps on checking his phone. You’re not […]

  • Tips for Getting Through a Nasty Break Up

    It’s something that everybody will go through at some point. It can be very painful and difficult to get through a breakup, and if it’s the first serious one you’re going through chances are you’ll be at a loose end as to how to deal with it. However, there is a light at the end […]

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    How to Boost Your Libido- 6 Effective Tips

    Libido which is the sex drive can vary from one person to another. Many people suffer from a low sex drive which truly it is not a serious health condition and can be managed easily by improving the libido. We have listed a few tips that can help you to improve your sex drive; 1. […]

  • How To Find Your Feet After A Long Relationship Ends

    (Source) After the breakup of any relationship, settling into single life can be tricky. After a long-term relationship, being alone can even be downright scary. For such a long time you have been with another person physically and emotionally, working together at life and now, you’re going solo again. The world of dating has moved […]

  • The First-Date Beauty Checklist

    You have a date tomorrow. You’re nervous and excited. What do you wear? How do you get ready? Should you wear red? Should you get a haircut? Should you get your nails done? There will be so many questions flying around in your brain, causing confusion and anxiety in equal measure. But don’t worry. We’ve […]

  • 5 Tips for Enjoying a Normal Love Life When You’re HIV Positive

    Today’s dating scene can be quite cruel to men and women who have a sexually transmitted disease. These unfortunate people are usually stigmatized and judged by other single individuals, which is why they can’t find a suitable partner. The case is the same with HIV-positive men and women. The fact that they have this virus […]

  • Is My Anxiety Affecting My Sex Life?

    Your brain plays a leading role in your sex life – your genitals do the work but your brain coordinates the rest. Your brain is what takes in stimuli and processes them. However, there is more to sex than responding to a look or touch from your partner. Your brain is also answering questions about […]

  • 6 Ways to Repair Rocky Relationships

    Relationships are hard. Whether you’re struggling to communicate with your partner, agree with your mother, or tell your friend they hurt your feelings, there are plenty of obstacles that challenge even our closest relationships. But even when there’s turbulence on the relationship rollercoaster, we don’t give up on the ones we love. No matter what […]