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  • How to Regain Your Partner’s Trust after Cheating

    We all make mistakes. That’s the sad truth, especially in a relationship. However, if your mistake is something like having an affair, dealing with the consequences can be quite harder. After all, when your partner discovers that you’ve been cheating on her, you need to rebuild the foundation of your relationship: trust. Here’s how you […]

  • 4 Types of Fertility Treatments and Their Odds of Success

    If you and your partner have been struggling to conceive, it may be time to look into fertility treatments. But which treatment is right for you? The best way to make the decision is to talk to a fertility specialist. However, you can go into your appointment armed with information about some common treatments and […]

  • 5 Ways to Bring Fun and Passion Back into Your Life

    Have you been feeling a bit down? Maybe you don’t even know why. But somewhere along the way you’ve lost the passion and the drive that you had in your younger years. If the future seems like a dull prospect, and the only thing that gets you through the day is the idea of your […]

  • How Snoring Can Derail a Relationship.

    Modern couples live busy and active lives and there are many things that can tear apart even the most seemingly secure relationships. The structural foundation of a relationship is that both partners find the companionship and company of the other to be pleasant. Both partners must feel good about the time spent with the other. […]

  • 5 Lifestyle Changes That Can Rescue Your Sex Life

    Sexual dysfunction can take on several forms. Common problems for men are premature ejaculation and impotence; whereas loss of libido is a condition which affects many women and a number of men too. When sexual issues arise, they can be difficult for individuals and couples to confront, let alone seek help for. But sexual problems […]

  • Essential facts about the STD you may already have

    Chlamydia is a very common STD caused by a bacterial infection. Many of you may already have it and not know it as it can present with no symptoms at all. This means that it is underreported and although it is already a very common infection it could be even more prevalent. The danger is […]

  • Five Things To Brighten Up Someone’s Day

    Have you ever simply wanted to brighten someone’s day? Maybe they are under the weather, or maybe they are just in a bad mood and you want to help cheer them up. Maybe you simply need to do a little something for your own self to brighten your day. There are many things that can […]

  • The Terrifying ‘NEW’ Growing STD!

    Shockingly enough, the newest, and scariest, STD is something that everyone has heard of before. Gonorrhea has recently been announced as the highest threat by the CDC. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease that causes infections in the throat, genitals and rectum. It is easily spread, and few people realize when they actually are infected. […]