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  • 5 Best Probiotic Foods for a Healthy Diet

    Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels Author: Scott Pack Right now, whether you know it or not, there’s a battle of good versus bad happening in your gut. Good and bad bacteria, that is.  Your digestive tract is home to thousands of species of bacteria—some good, some not so good. The good bacteria helps with proper digestion (including, […]

  • Is it healthy to be a vegetarian?

    Vegetarian diets are already part of many people’s lives around the world. There are no studies that provide data on the percentage who follow a diet of these characteristics, but the reality is that there are more and more products aimed at this public and more restaurants whose gastronomic offer revolves around fruits, vegetables and […]

  • The Most Important Benefits Of Buying The Best Organic Coffee

    Coffee is one of the most popular hot beverages around the world for a number of reasons, especially as it can give you a hit of caffeine in the morning, as well as provide a number of health benefits. Indeed, drinking coffee may potentially extend your life expectancy as well as reduce the potential to […]

  • Gift Ideas for Baby Shower Tea Parties

    A tea party is the perfect theme for a baby shower. Utterly feminine and sophisticated, it also takes us back to the times of our youth when tea parties were a great way to spend an afternoon. 5 Fun Ideas for Baby Shower Tea Parties Baby shower tea parties will be even more fun if […]

  • What Are The Benefits Of Marine Collagen?

    Everyone serious about their beauty routines is familiar with collagen and the role it plays against aging. What most do not know about is a certain kind of collagen that comes straight from the ocean. It turns out that fish have more health benefits than what we first imagined! What Is Marine Collagen? Marine collagen […]

  • The Best Foods and Drinks for Optimal Oral Health

    Here is an interesting fact; people who drink soda every day have 62% more tooth decay than other people. From a very young age, parents and teachers try to teach their children the basics of oral health. Brush your teeth after every meal, floss daily and don’t eat candy. But did you know that what […]

  • How to Make Vegetarian Keto Diet Work

    A ketogenic diet is known to have high fat, moderate protein, and very low carb content. It helps to enhance overall health in the body and help in weight loss. Most of the recipes available for a keto diet include animal fat and meat. But it is possible to have a vegetarian keto diet. By […]

  • Mojito cocktail on dark stone table. Top view with space for your text, Alcoholic drinks

    Types of Alcoholic Drinks and their Alcohol Content

    Have you ever wondered why some drinks lead to a drunker night than others? You know that liquor is stronger than beer, but isn’t a shot a shot no matter what alcohol you choose? As it turns out, that isn’t always true. Here’s the alcohol content of various types of drinks and how they can […]

  • Prevent a Cold with Zinc, Echinacea, Vitamin C and More

    There have been many advances in medicine throughout time, but we still haven’t found a cure for the common cold. However, there are ways we can strengthen our immune system to prevent colds from occurring. There are many supplements you can take that will decrease your risk of getting colds including zinc, echinacea, vitamin C […]

  • 5 Ancient Health Remedies That Are Making a Comeback Today

    We live in an age where medical science is progressing faster and faster each day. Thanks to thousands of years of research, we can cure common ailments with something as small as a pill. While it’s fascinating to see how far we’ve come, let’s not forget the value in taking a look back. Many of […]