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  • 15 Must Have Health Habits from Super Healthy People

    Go Nuts and Eat Lots of Fruits Nuts are loaded with nutrients and health benefits – walnuts, almonds, cashews, pecans and pistachios contain heart-healthy unsaturated fats (the good kind of fat), Vitamin E, fiber and Omega-3. The endless types of fruits are spectacular for your health and are known to fight off cancer and disease […]

  • Nutrition Tips For Getting In Shape After You Give Birth

    Giving birth is an exciting checkpoint at the end of a long road.  When you finally make it to the end and are holding your little bundle of joy in your arms you feel like you just ran the world’s longest and most intense marathon and came in first place. Following the initial rush of […]

  • Top 5 Healthy Food Companies to Watch For

    It seems that everywhere you turn there are new warnings about unhealthy ingredients making their way into all sorts of processed products. Eventually you begin to wonder just how many food items really require high fructose corn syrup. Even the so-called “diet” products have been found to contain artificial sweeteners that are potentially more harmful […]

  • The Types of Tea You Should Be Drinking Every Day

    Tanuj Chhabdiya is a lifelong fitness enthusiast and self-proclaimed yogi that loves helping people find the perfect fitness plan for their lifestyle and needs. Since time immemorial, herbal tea has been offering its great taste and health benefits. Its supremacy in warming throats of users dates back to the eras of Ancient China and Ancient […]

  • How Teens Can Stay Healthy And Fit

    Some teens like to live an unhealthy lifestyle, which puts their parents at unease. Of course, these young people can be a little stubborn, making it even more difficult for parents. However, it is possible to ensure your teen’s health, but it will not be easy for every parent. Parents should know their teens better […]

  • How To Save Money When Preparing Meals

    One of the reasons that frozen meals are so popular is because of their convenience. What is easier than popping something in the microwave, pressing a button, and having a full meal done in minutes? The problem with frozen food, though, is that most of it is very high in sodium and preservatives. The other […]

  • Five Somewhat Common Things That Could Be Upsetting Your Stomach

    Are you suffering from an upset stomach more than a couple times a week? Do you often have diarrhea or constipation, or sometimes both within a one-week period? Stomach problems can really make it hard to live your life, and there are all sorts of things that could be messing with your digestive system. There […]

  • 4 Things You Should Do For Low Carb Diet Plan Success

    Are you striving to lose weight? Which method do you adopt? How well do you succeed in it? Each and every technique for losing weight requires certain steps to be followed accurately. But, rushing after fad weight loss techniques, people often ends up implementing it in the most erroneous way. Nonetheless, you always have a […]

  • Filling Your Bowl with Health

    Quick, what one nutritional component are 97% of Americans deficient in? Iron? Guess again. Bone-strengthening calcium? Nope. I’ll give you a few hints (or one that is really hard to chew on): your body cannot digest it. Yes sir/ma’am, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, only approximately one out of every 33 of […]

  • Weird but helpful health tips

    Being healthy is a dream for many people but most of them to not achieve the goal. Many people think that staying healthy is all about going on a walk on a regular basis and performing activities like yoga and meditation. However, being healthy is a task that is more than walking or performing yoga […]