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  • Five Healthy Alternatives to Coffee In the Morning

    Coffee has become a staple for morning breakfast not only in the United States but all around the world. With so many coffee shops now available, it is accessible to anyone. Even though coffee is beloved by many, there are still people who refuse to drink it.  If you are one of the people who […]

  • What is the Candida Diet and Why Should You Use It

    Candida is a yeast genus that lives within the body and on the skin. There are hundreds of these yeasts in your body, but many of them can cause fungal infections if their population grows rapidly in an uncontrolled manner. They invade the bloodstream or other organs and cause illness. Candidiasis is the medical term […]

  • What Foods Should I Avoid With PCOS

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is the most common hormonal disorder amongst women today. PCOS is related to the foods that we eat because our gut health has a major impact on our hormone balance. While this list of foods to be avoided with PCOS may not be right for everyone, it is worth considering how […]

  • How Long Does Coffee Last?

    Coffee is the most popular beverage in the USA and is drunk all around the world on a daily basis. Everyone has their own preferences for what makes a perfect brew and although there are some health concerns about too much caffeine, coffee is good for a wide range of health issues including mental functioning […]

  • History of Why Wine has a Cork

    Cork was used to making fishing buoys as early as the fourth century in Egypt. However, no one knows for sure when the first cork was used to close a bottle of wine or corkscrew to open the first bottle of wine. Corks have been discovered in Roman shipwrecks going back to the fifth century […]

  • History of the Corkscrew

    Like so many other innovations, the corkscrew was developed out of need. Customers have struggled to remove corks from glass bottles with cork stoppers for as long as we’ve offered wine in glass bottles with cork stoppers, for as long as we can remember, until Peugeot invented their patented corkscrew designs. Inventors started devising equipment […]

  • Interesting Info on Rice

    Rice is one of those ingredients that allow people to create delightful dishes. This grain’s versatility and blank flavor are the base for endless recipes: sugary, salty, beverages, desserts, you name it. Rice can easily adapt to any preparation you want to make. Furthermore, rice is part of that exclusive group of food that is healthy for […]

  • The Importance of Treating and Purifying Water for Human Consumption

    Clean and purified water is an essential thing for everyone. We need clean water to drink, bathe, wash clothes, and other things. Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of accessing clean water. Before treatment and purification, water contains parasites, microscopic organisms, pollution, and synthetic substances. These harmful materials in the water pose various risks like […]

  • Know This Healthy Recipe for a Delicious Mexican rice

    Mexican cuisine is all about tradition and dates back to Maya and Aztec times. With the Spanish conquest, varied ingredients were introduced and formed what was later known as Mexican gastronomy. Most dishes are very simple but savory, based on fresh ingredients and tons of spices and herbs. The spicy touch is its main distinctive […]