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  • 6 Best Healthy Energy Options for Your Body

    How to Workout Online

    The first way a person can workout online is by hiring a fitness instructor. Many fitness classes are now done virtually because of COVID-19. IT’s clear that this is definitely not the same experience as an in-house workout, but for many, it’s a way to keep supporting local gyms. Those like Helen Lee Schifter, enjoy […]

  • Why Mental Health is So Important

    Mental health is very important and constantly underrated by the media. What some media outlets post is very damaging to people’s mental health. The stereotypes, body shaming, negative comments, and so much more are a serious issue for people’s mental health. Helen Lee Schifter is an activist for mental health and wellness. It’s very common […]

  • The Age of Fitness

    The age of fitness is upon us. When a person dedicates themselves to being healthier and more proactive with their fitness, many great things will start happening. Professionals in the industry like Helen Lee Schifter use their platforms to create a non-judgmental wellness space. Many consider fitness and health a traumatic topic. However, once the […]

  • 6 Tips for Preventing Dehydration While Hiking

    Benefits of Working Out

    There are many benefits of working out in this day and age. Benjamin Harow enjoys working out. The reason so many people are excited about maintaining their fitness is that they like to be healthy. Doctors, nurses, and many other health professionals recommend remaining as healthy as possible during such unstable times.  Due to COVID-19, […]

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    Youtube Fitness

    YouTube fitness is an upcoming trend for 2021. As many are already familiar with, many creators use YouTube as a platform to develop exercises for all people. In addition, it doesn’t matter the skill level of an individual. Helen Lee Schifter, a health expert, enjoys practicing yoga through an online induction.  Many people participate in […]

  • The Online Fitness World

    There is a whole industry that creates profiles for people to follow based on their fitness wants and needs. It makes it so easy for people to work out in the comfort of their homes. Many health professionals like Helen Lee Schifter remember what it’s like before this “Online Fitness World” became live. Many people […]

  • Why Fitness is So Vital to One’s Health

    Our bodies are constantly working. From the moment we are born, our bodies are a non-stop cycle of pumping blood through our veins and doing it’s best to stay alive. Helen Lee Schifter, a fitness expert, explains that fitness should not be a choice. In order to keep the body balanced, one must exercise in […]

  • How to Keep Fit Indoors

    With technology and social platforms being much more accessible to people, indoor activity has become much more popular. Those who study wellness and health, like Helen Lee Schifter, have come up with routines that don’t always require outside exercise. As the digital age grows, so do digital exercise techniques.  Their new technology that has people […]

  • Best Yoga Pose for Stress Relief

    Yoga is a world-renowned practice that has helped so many individuals with stress relief. By working on a few positions that help with posture and other mechanisms, relaxation is bound to happen. Zen experts like Helen Lee Schifter practice yoga and mediation as a form of stress relief and to increase peace in their minds.  […]

  • Improving One’s Health in Basic Steps

    Helen Lee Schifter has been a writer on the subject of health and wellness for an extended period of time. During that time, she has contributed her insights to a variety of different well-read and highly respected publications. Those have included Thrive Global, Medium and other blogging platforms that are well read by the general […]