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  • Myths and Facts of Testosterone Replacement Therapy San Diego

    More and more men are being diagnosed with low testosterone levels. This has caused concern for the male population but the questions remain. Will this be a cause for concern in the future or are we simply being led to another rabbit hole of unfounded fears transcending to paranoia. In this article we will talk […]

  • Viagra Connect Online UK: Is Viagra Available In the UK

    What is Viagra? Viagra is one of the most widely used pharmaceutical drugs in the last 30 years. Initially, the scientists were working on drugs related to hypertension, or high blood pressure, angina pectoris, and a symptom of ischemic heart disease. During the trials, it was noted that the drug did very little to prevent […]

  • Lasting Longer in Bed: The Problem Men Don’t Like to Discuss

    The issue of men’s sexual health has been dominated in recent times by one issue, that being the problem of erectile dysfunction. An extremely debilitating condition, erectile dysfunction has been the bane of a huge number of men across the world, leaving them feeling at the very least inadequate, and at worst, severely depressed. Thankfully, […]

  • Tongkat Ali: A Recent Medical Wonder

    The world is moving very quickly in science and technology. Thanks to the impressive progress of medical science in the last century that the deadly diseases that used to take away hundreds of lives take only a mere trip to the doctor or pharmacy to heal properly today. How did this tremendous change take place?If […]

  • Role of Testosterone for Prostate Gland

    Testosterone is a hormone secreted by the testes in men, in smaller quantities by the ovaries in women and also by the adrenal glands in both sexes. If it is rightly attributed to a role in virility, this hormone has many other functions in the human body. In men, testosterone production takes place during fetal […]

  • What you should know about hair growth methods

    Hair loss is a very frustrating problem because many “guaranteed” products do not work. Since allopathic medicine offers very few options, people have to resort to alternative solutions.  Hair growth methods for hair loss So what is there to know about hair growth methods? Here are some ways to help hair grow for men and […]

  • How Does Vardenafil Work?

    There are lots of men out there who struggle with a condition known as erectile dysfunction. Now, Vardenafil provides an effective treatment option for those who have erectile dysfunction. When someone suffers from this condition, they either have trouble attaining or maintaining an erection that is suitable for intercourse. If men are not able to […]

  • Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Male Menopause

    The human body goes through a vast array of changes as it ages. Changes in your hormones are a natural part of the aging process. Unlike the dramatic decline in reproductive hormones that women experience during menopause, the changes in the sex hormones in men have a more gradual decline. What this means is, male […]

  • The Quintessential Books That a Yogi Must Have in His Bookshelf

    Seriously, what can a book not do? Every yogi will be able to tell you nonchalantly of the moment when a particular book changed his or her life for good.  Books on yoga have the innate capability to transform the yogi and his practice for good. It can be one book, or it can be […]

  • Preventing Hair Loss: Tips that Make a Real Difference

    It’s highly likely that most men will experience some degree of hair loss during their lifetime – it’s even a common issue amongst women. Excess shedding is usually one of the first signs that your scalp might not be 100% happy. In other instances, the hair might start to thin quite rapidly until bald patches […]