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  • What Is a Penile Implant and How Do They Work

    Penile implants are an option if hormone therapy and medication that aims to increase blood flow have failed to achieve or maintain an erection. Your doctor will surgically implant a prosthetic device in your penis and scrotum, helping you regain sexual function. The use of penile implants will not increase sexual desire nor improve sensation. […]

  • TRT in Los Angeles

    Testosterone, in the public eyes, has long ceased to be just a hormone. . Hormones, more specifically testosteronem does not determine social differences, but it does affect health. With age, its production in the body naturally decreases. In such cases, substitution therapy under strict medical supervision is warranted. Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) in Los Angeles […]

  • Nutrition Tips for Men

    June is Men’s Health Month, and it’s a great time for men to consider what they can be doing to improve quality of life. Men should be thinking about how they can exercise more and how they can incorporate wellness boosting foods such as lion’s mane gummies into their diet. This article will outline the […]

  • Marijuana Addiction Treatment

    Marijuana is one of the prevalent drugs in society today. With more states and countries legalizing it, there are various debates on whether the drug is particularly addictive and harmful side effects. Statistics indicate that roughly 9% of individuals who use marijuana will develop an addiction to it with time. This figure is set to […]

  • Take care of your prostate and avoid issues later

    This is for all the men out there. Gentlemen, your prostate is one of those body parts that’s often forgotten because it generally doesn’t cause any problems that would get your attention until you’re in your late 40’s. Unfortunately, once you get into that age range, you start to hear about your prostate, usually because […]

  • Effective Steps For Stopping Hair Loss

    One of the most prevalent disorders worldwide is hair loss; it affects one-third of the population. Everybody loses a hundred hair stands any day. It’s a normal occurrence, but you don’t have to think over a few follicles breaking off. Hair loss may be caused by several factors, including food, mineral deficiency, drugs, fatigue, emissions, […]

  • Does Covid-19 Pose a Threat to Male Fertility?

    The Global pandemic COVID-19 has shaken the world to the core. From health matters to economic affairs, everything has turned upside down.  Survivors of COVID-19 have reported some side effects which persisted after the recovery from the virus. Heart diseases, muscle spasms, weak joints, and deteriorated mental health are to list a few. According to […]

  • Prostate Health Supplements: The Truth All Guys Should Know [2021 Guide]

    Prostate Health Supplements: The Truth All Guys Should Know [2021 Guide]

    ADVERTISEMENT. Let’s face it, aging is a factor of life. As time passes, we evolve both mentally and physically. While this is inevitable, there are measures we can take to maintain our health and wellbeing for as long as possible. Along with living a healthy lifestyle of eating nutritious foods and exercising regularly, taking supplements […]

  • How to Maintain Your Muscle Tone with Testosterone Boosters

    As a man ages, his testosterone levels naturally drop. If you’re a man in your 30s or 40s, you might find that your naturally decreasing testosterone levels are making it harder to build and maintain the same level of muscle definition and strength that you easily attained in your teens and 20s. Can testosterone boosters […]

  • Men’s Skin Care: Do’s And Don’ts For Good Looking Skin

    As the largest organ in your body, your skin is an important part of your health. A daily men’s skin care regimen is a healthy habit to keep as you get older to ensure you’re looking your best at any age. Integrating a skin care regimen into your daily grooming routine is easy once you […]