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  • What are the Causes of Hair Loss, and How to Prevent it

    To determine the inherent cause of your hair loss, it’s best to see your doctor. Hair loss is often passed down from generation to generations. Some of the things that may trigger hair loss includes surgeries, major illnesses or some physical injuries, in these cases, the hair grows back without treatments. Some hormonal changes which […]

  • How Does Dr. Dov Rand Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

    For men who are having difficulty with their ability to achieve and maintain an erection, the problem can seem all-encompassing. Though many men encounter this issue as they age, it can be devastating when it strikes, affecting other areas of health such as stress, and mental well-being. It does not, however, need to be viewed […]

  • Healthy Apartment Living Tips for Men

    When you live in your apartment, there’s a lot that feels out of your control. You may not be able to paint your walls, you can’t make any major renovations, and you’re limited on how you can landscape your yard (if at all). What you can do, however, is take care of your health. Whether […]

  • Erectile Dysfunction: Do Natural Remedies Really Work?

    If you are having trouble downstairs, your first thought was most probably of a certain little blue pill. This, however, is not something which will cure any underlying problem. Like other similar products such as Levitra, or Cialis, they do serve a purpose but long-term solutions are still required. There have, of course, been many […]

  • How to Reach Your Maximum Capacity in Bed

    If you are a typical man then you definitely care about your sexual performance, or in other words how good or how bad you are in bed; because every woman cares about it as well and they expect certain results from you. If you do not work on improving your sexual potential and performance, no […]

  • 3 Surprising Ways a Backpack Can Help Transform Your Workouts

    One of the primary goals of any exercise routine is to improve your health so that you look and feel better. And we all know how much having the right fitness gear can make or break your workout. From having the right workout clothes to protein bars and music headphones, these things matter. But did […]

  • Using CBD Oil to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

    Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted infection that can occur in both women and men. It’s quite hard to detect without displaying visible symptoms, and can trigger the onset of major long-term health issues like infertility, increased risk of contracting HIV, and erectile dysfunction, if not treated promptly. In men, one of the long-term consequences is […]

  • Male Masturbation Myths- Why Using Masturbators Isn’t as Bad as You Think

    The myths surrounding the use of male masturbators can go from the extreme, to the seemingly plausible. But what really happens when you use a masturbator? Short answer? Nothing. Almost zero adverse health side effects have been found in conjunction with the use of male masturbators. In fact, the use of masturbators correlates with some […]

  • Most Effective Testosterone Therapy for Men and Women

    Testosterone replacement therapy is no longer talked about in hushed tones or gym locker rooms. TRT is out in the open so that every adult with testosterone deficiency can find the answers and get the help they seek. While your family doctor may not know much about testosterone (or other forms of hormone therapy), some […]

  • Switchbacks on the Molecular Pathway to Muscular Development

    Specific adaptations to imposed demands (the SAID principle), the idea that the body adapts specifically to the demands that you place upon it, is one of exercise physiology’s most accepted concepts. Those who have trained for athletic performance or body composition at a high-level recognize that your training must go through cycles, because as astonishingly […]