4 Interesting Ways How Air Conditioning Affects Your Health

4 Interesting Ways How Air Conditioning Affects Your Health

Not so long ago, ACs were considered a luxury item and only a few households could afford them. Today, having an AC is common in most households and premises. Despite their benefits, ACs have also led to some health problems. Read on to find out how your AC could be impacting your health and why it’s important to have an AC unit fixed if repairs are needed.

1- Dehydration

Dehydration is a common problem associated with air conditioners. An AC can dry up the air in your home or premises leading to dehydration. The air in the room is passed through the condenser that cools it before being released. As the air is cooled, water vapor from the air condenses into droplets of water. This water is then collected and drained. This process is beneficial to people living in an area with high humidity. However, those residing in an area with low humidity may end up being dehydrated. If you are experiencing headaches, dry lips, dry skin, feeling light-headed, or feeling weary often, it could be a sign of dehydration caused by the AC.

2- Aggravated Allergies and Asthma

Air conditioners that aren’t maintained well may be the cause of aggravated asthma and allergies. ACs collect pollutants from the air and they get filtered by the AC’s filter. If the filter isn’t replaced regularly and the vents aren’t cleaned, this could lead to respiratory problems. Especially for individuals suffering from respiratory issues, this could be a trigger for aggravated asthma and allergies. Staying at home can be beneficial to such individuals since they aren’t exposed to pollutants. However, if the AC is not properly maintained, this could have a counter effect.

3- Lethargy

People who spend long hours exposed to an AC that’s set at a very low temperature may experience sluggishness and laziness. This happens because your body is trying to keep you warm and is therefore burning a lot of energy in order to do so. This, therefore, translates to fatigue and sluggishness. If you are experiencing this, try increasing the temperature on your AC and spending some time outdoors to counter this effect.

4- Respiratory Issues

People who spend more time indoors under the AC tend to experience respiratory issues. This is because the mucous membrane lining the nose becomes inflamed and irritating. This is referred to as rhinitis. If you spend long hours under an AC and are experiencing a dry throat, blocked nose, and runny nose, you could be suffering from rhinitis.

Air conditioning is important and has made our homes and premises comfortable. However, everything needs moderation and proper use. If you are spending long hours under the AC this is probably causing you issues. Moderation is therefore imperative. You can either get a humidifier to increase the humidity at your place or turn up the temperature of your AC. Also, you can try to cut down on the time you spend under the AC. You should also ensure your AC is properly maintained and serviced to avoid any pollutants circulating in your system.