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  • 5 Steps to Develop a Healthy Mindset

    “Mindset” is quickly becoming one of the trigger words in health and fitness. Yeah, that fluffy, somewhat ambiguous term that is usually accompanied by other pleonastic terms, like “persistence” and “work ethic,” is coming under legitimate scientific scrutiny—and by exercise scientists, of all people. If you believe what is able to get through the peer […]

  • HR Hell – Dealing with Long-term Absence

    Managing absence in the workplace is never an easy task. Even short episodes of illness need to be dealt with sensitively, professionally, and with clarity. It’s no surprise to learn that handling long-term absence is one of the most difficult problems faced by managers and Human Resource teams. It’s time consuming and a tricky area […]

  • Top Vaping Studies For 2017(so far)

    For 2016, that entire year will go down in history and remembered by the vaping community as the year of numerous researchers. For the vaping industry, the vaping research and use of e-cigarettes all point towards the benefits of using e-cigarettes than using regular cigarettes. As a matter of fact, the use of e-cigarette has […]

  • The 40% Rule

    The Navy SEALs have what they refer to as the 40% rule: when your mind is telling you you’ve reached your breaking point, you’re really only 40 percent there. Much of their training is centered around breaking down psychological barriers. Performing highly skill-intensive tasks while sleep deprived, pushing their physical boundaries after having eaten almost […]

  • 5 Approaches To Health and Wellness

    When it comes to health and wellness, obviously it’s important that you find your own balance of approaches. But, when establishing your perspective on the matter for the first time, it can help to know what some of these focus points are. So instead of moving from general to specific, you’ll be moving from specific […]

  • Battling Insomnia or Need to Ramp up Productivity? Nootropics May Help

    More than ever, people are multitasking in order to keep up with life’s demands and expectations. Not only is multitasking bad for your brain, it also makes you less productive, disrupts sleep patterns, deflates energy levels, and all around can deteriorate your health. The go-to solution for many habitual multitasking suffering from these effects would […]

  • Common injuries that could lead to serious health issues

    Accidents and injuries are a common fact of life; it doesn’t matter how careful we are, accidents can and do happen, whether that’s in the workplace, as the result of our lifestyle, or during a sporting or leisure activity. The most worrying thing about such accidents, though, is that seemingly minor injuries can sometimes turn […]

  • Medical Technology: A Coming of Age Tale

    Remember the good old days of medicine when all you needed for an amputation was a shot of whiskey and a hand saw? Yeah, me neither, thankfully. It’s amazing to think that only twenty years ago, we were still using corded phones and worried about things like long distance calls.  Or how most major surgeries […]

  • A Few Ways to Slow Down the Harmful Effects of Aging

    Growing old is an inevitable part of life, yet people can age gracefully and look good well into the latter stages of life if they take proper care of themselves. Aging is visually defined when there is a clear presence of wrinkles on the skin, loss of pigmentation that gives humans their vibrant hue, and […]