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  • Leaving a Legacy of Health

    Several years ago I attended a public health leadership conference. You know the type: your employer pays several hundred dollars and flies you across the country to fall asleep for several days in a hotel conference room. I was completely prepared for a week of team building exercises and judging my colleagues as they did […]

  • 7 Health Benefits of Ice Cold Water

    Most people are well aware of the benefits of drinking plenty of water throughout the day and especially during heavy physical activity or extreme heat. But something many individuals don’t realize is that ice cold water has quite a lot of benefits. Both long and short-term. Some people drink ice cold water simply because they […]

  • Looking to Shred Fat? How to Know What Really Works

    According to statistics released by The JAMA Network, more than two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight, and many of those are considered to be obese. These statistics are rather startling when you first realize just what that means in terms of health and fitness, but once you understand the nature of illnesses […]

  • Bone Broth: Fact or Fiction?

    As a culture, we are always looking for the new miracle superfood. Acai, coconut oil, going gluten-free, bulletproof coffee, there is always some recently-discovered nutrition fad that is going to change your life. One of the latest supernatural elixirs of life is bone broth, the flavorful liquid made by slowly simmering the bones of meat, […]

  • Tips For Finding The Right Doctor

    Not all doctors are created equal, and on top of that, you may have certain preferences when it comes to health issue you want dealt with. Then, you also have those specialty doctors, if you mental health problems, heart problems, autoimmune deficiencies, etc. It can be overwhelming just thinking about it. You definitely want to […]

  • Essential Oils: Safe and Organic

    Essential oils are a critical success and a commercial phenomenon. These concentrated plant components, which can sooth muscles, reduce stress, increase focus and purify the body, are no longer hard to find or difficult to purchase. Even better, essential oils have the potential to stabilize emotional balance and support a person’s immune system. In addition […]

  • A Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle starts with the Food You Eat

    At my meditation and yoga class the other day, I overheard some people discussing the difficulties of maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle when life’s demands such as business travel, family life, and every day stresses can easily throw off a healthy daily routine. A healthy daily routine should be things that you regularly do on […]

  • Cross, Fit? (Part Three)

    In parts one and two, I discussed what I like about the CrossFit movement and what I don’t like about it. In conclusion, I will discuss whether you should stick to the commercial gym or try the local box instead. Did you find a good coach? Your fitness experience greatly comes down to who guides […]