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  • Easy Skincare Tips That Could Change Your Life

    There are lots of small things that you can do to take care of your skin on a regular basis, and it’s important that you know about some of them. If you want to look and feel younger, you will find that these tips can be of great help. The quality and look of your […]

  • Bringing Ancestry to Life

    If we are to understand the bonds of humankind, we must first learn how to uncover the ancestry of one man or woman. It is, after all, a small step that leads to a giant leap; that propels an individual to better humanity by uncovering the thread common to all—the common threads of humanity—that form […]

  • Got All That? What To Do When You Don’t Understand Your Doctor

    Got All That? What To Do When You Don’t Understand Your Doctor

    Have you ever been at a medical appointment when your doctor says something you just don’t understand? Or maybe you think you’ve understood everything until you’re home, trying to remember your treatment plan with no idea what your doctor said. Lack of understanding in medical settings is unfortunately common, but it’s also a danger to […]

  • Staying Health Mentally and Physically During a Divorce

    Divorce is never planned but it is one of the most stressful things a person can go through in their lifetime. When children are in the equation divorce can feel like your family is ripped from you depending on the custody agreement. The one thing that many people forget to do is take care of […]

  • Super Bowl-ing to Sleepless Nights: Random Musings from a Health (Nut) Scientist

    I have adverse reactions to changes in my dietary patterns…to put it mildly. Lethargy, outwardly apparent sleepiness, severe gastrointestinal distress, edema, and circulation issues. I’ve just kind of accepted that my irregular consumption of unhealthy foods will ultimately result in as long as a few days of adverse consequences. My family has even came up […]

  • How to Maintain Good Health as You Age

    Throughout human history, a pattern has emerged that suggests each generation lives longer than the last. As better healthcare and advances in medical technology increase the lifespan of the average human, it’s more important than ever to keep yourself in the best physical condition. It’s not unheard of anymore for people in their seventies, eighties, […]

  • Biohacking Your Way to Lower Blood Pressure and Prevent Gout

    Biohacking, which essentially involves taking a hands-on, experimental approach to health, is the buzzword in the health sector these days, with more studies proving that what we eat has an enormous impact on how we feel. It is the focus of numerous conventions and workshops these days and if one thing has emerged from these […]

  • Warning Signs You Might Be Suffering from Sewage Exposure

    The last thing homeowners worry about is their home’s sewer line impacting their health. Wastewater quickly goes down the toilet, bath’s drain or even the garbage disposal never to be seen again. Before modern plumbing started to become the norm, sewage often poured into city streets, causing illness. Poor sanitation can also be found 10% […]

  • Get In The Know: 5 Reputable Research Outlets For 5 Controversial Health Topics

    America’s healthcare system is slathered in controversy, and there does not seem to be any relief in sight.  For years, the people of our nation have been arguing and battling over the limitations and boundaries of health science and treatment possibilities for an array of ailments contributing to the decay of human health.   With […]