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  • Modern Health Trends Worth Considering

    Certainly, eating right and exercising will always be key in helping your body function at its peak. That said, new discoveries are being made every day pertaining to human health, and the bodies we live in. For starters, consciousness itself isn’t physically dependent. Have you ever heard of disassociation? Now there’s a lot of negativity […]

  • “SARMsCanHarm”

    According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), sports nutrition comprises 14 percent of the global dietary supplement market, and as much as 1 out of 5 college students report the use of supplements to enhance muscle size and strength. The possibility of bigger, more defined muscles and improved athletic performance without the side effects […]

  • The Basics of Genome Research and Its Usefulness

    While the word may sound complex, “genome” is simply a term used to talk about an organism’s DNA make-up. Scientists use the genome (an organism’s DNA) to study and understand genes, DNA, nucleotides, and much more to understand how a living creature is built and how it operates. For example, scientists have studied and figured […]

  • How to Choose the Right Electronic Cigarette Kit

    Millions and millions of consumers all over the world have made the switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. There are loads of good reasons to switch – it’s cheaper, health organisations such as the NHS say that it’s safer, and there’s a huge variety of eliquid flavours on the market. But vapers are finding […]

  • 5 Health related chores you might be overlooking

    A healthy lifestyle is something many people aspire to, and you may already be taking steps to get there. Whether those changes are big (like working daily exercise into your routine) or small (such as having less soft drink), they could lead to some great results. However, there are steps that may be overlooked on […]

  • The Alternative to Weed Nearly Everyone Can Use

    After a challenging and stressful day grinding away at work, it can be hard to “shut down” and relax for the evening. Many recreationally turn to marijuana, which has been used for thousands of years to de-stress.   Despite certain states legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana, it’s still illegal according to the federal U.S. government and, […]

  • Conquering Picky Eating: 4 Tips For Parents

    Conquering Picky Eating: 4 Tips For Parents

    Picky eating is a common complaint among parents of small children, and almost every child goes through some kind of fussy phase – in fact, it’s a natural evolutionary trait. Sometimes known as neophobia, children reject new foods simply because they are unfamiliar or, more specifically, because the food is bitter or astringent, which can […]

  • How To Manage Ongoing Fatigue For Healthier Living

    Ongoing fatigue can be quite frustrating. You will always feel tired, every single day, all without knowing what to do to solve the situation you are in. Most likely, medications were already tried and no results appeared. In some cases the big problem with ongoing tiredness is that the focus is solely put on fatigue. […]