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  • How Nursing Homes Reacted During COVID-19

    During COVID-19, nursing homes were put under the microscope. The Health Ministry has released a list of nursing homes that have acted appropriately during COVID-19. To avoid contracting the virus, nursing home staff had to crack down on cleanliness. Another heartbreaking decision that had to be made was decreasing the number of visitors allowed to […]

  • What to do About an Inflamed Shoulder

    If you have shoulder pain, it is important to avoid anything that causes more pain. This includes pushing on the joint or staying in one position for long periods of time without moving. If your symptoms are severe, do not try to move your arm at all until you can see your doctor. Beforehand, ask […]

  • 4 Ways Having a Dog Improves a Person's Health

    4 Ways Having a Dog Improves a Person’s Health

    One of the best ways to be healthier is to have a dog as a pet. In fact, you can reduce depression, loneliness, and anxiety, and even boost cardiovascular health. Besides this, children who grow up caring for a pet are generally more active and secure. Consider a few ways dogs can improve your health. […]

  • Ear Cleaning Tips

    Talk to a doctor and he or she will tell you never to put anything in your ears. But sometimes ears feel clogged up and you feel like you have to do something about it. If you’d rather not go to a medical clinic, there are things you can do at home to get your […]

  • The Health Benefits of Aronia Berries

    Aronia Berries or chokeberries as they are commonly known, are a small family of little red or black sour tasting berries that are found naturally in eastern North America. They are edible when raw, but find a larger variety of users when processed into wine, jams, tinctures, syrups, juice, ice cream, beer, and aronia powder.  Chokeberries […]

  • 5 Bedtime Beauty Tips

    5 Bedtime Beauty Tips Beauty tips can be based on lifestyle, diet, beauty products, and more. No matter how many tips one tries out, there is one that sticks out the entire time. Helen Lee Schifter‘s beauty tip is all about bedtime. Her bedtime tip to look young and fresh is sleeping on a silk […]

  • Benefits of Having The COVID-19 Vaccine

    Benefits of Having The COVID-19 Vaccine

    There is still a lot to learn about the Covid-19 vaccine, but there are great benefits to getting vaccinated despite the contention of opinion. Travel & Connection One of the main benefits of getting the vaccination is that it allows your body to build immunity. This means it’s much safer for you to travel abroad […]

  • Breast Cancer-Causing Myths and Truths Unveiled

    There is plenty of misinformation on the internet about every health concern. It is easy for people to go online and find anecdotes that they can spin to diagnose their issues from the comfort of their own homes. This is not only anxiety-inducing but is also dangerous! When it comes to breast cancer prevention and […]

  • Can Open Fireplaces Be Dangerous For Your Health?

    Can Open Fireplaces Be Dangerous For Your Health?

    On a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing better than a fire crackling in a fireplace, with a steaming cup of coffee, or hot cocoa in your hands. Nevertheless, this romantic image comes with its own risks. Open fireplaces can be dangerous for your health, especially if you have a history of lung disease. Why Open […]