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  • Bad Environmental Habits that Can Impact Your Health

    An essential goal that everyone should aim towards would be to leave this planet as healthy as we’ve found it. Indeed, it’s way easier to say it than actually act toward this manner, even though one of the biggest concerns about daily human habits it’s how we’re slowly ruining both the environment and our health. […]

  • Paracelsus Recovery – Is It Really Luxury Rehab?

    Paracelsus Recovery claims to be a luxury rehab from the peaceful and beautiful Zurich of Switzerland, in which only one customer is treated in hospital for substance and process addictions as well as emotional and eating disorders that occur at the same time. Although questions have been raised as to the legitimacy of the facility […]

  • Improve your immunity with Evolvhealth

    The body is always busy trying to keep you healthy, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sometimes help it handle some of the challenges. Lifestyle activities that lead to weight gain can cause various health issues. These include high blood pressure and heart diseases, making it difficult for your immune system to handle […]

  • 6 Laboratory Safety Tips You Need to Know

    If you love science, then spending all day in the laboratory can be a dream come true. However, when it comes to working with toxic and chemical substances, safety is a must.  A little research and preparation will keep you safe and healthy while you work. Know Where The Safety Equipment Is Located The first […]

  • How To Protect Health At The Border

    How To Protect Health At The Border

    With the continued global spread of the coronavirus, public officials and private citizens alike are beginning to pay attention to measures meant to protect health at the border and other transit regions. Countries including the United States, Japan, and Australia have already announced new travel-related bans in an effort to crack down on the transmission […]

  • How Asbestos Exposure Can Lead To Cancer

    Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that falls under the fibrous silicate minerals group. The use of asbestos dates from way back in ancient times to reinforce earthenwares such as pots and utensils for cooking. In the early 1850s, asbestos was largely produced by mining and used for manufacturing fabrics, papers and construction materials. Asbestos […]

  • Looking After the Health of Your Heart

    Looking After the Health of Your Heart

    With many people living a full and busy lifestyle, it’s often challenging to keep up with your health. Making poor lifestyle decisions can lead to many health problems. One of the biggest problems you can develop is a decline in your heart health or a heart condition.  What Leads to Heart Problems? Heart conditions affect […]

  • Career Options For Those Interested In Health

    If you have an interest in health, then this is an industry that you may want to pursue a career in. Working in health can be incredibly rewarding because you get to improve people’s lives and help them, and there are many different career options to consider. In addition to being highly rewarding, this can […]

  • Are Squat Toilets better for your Health?

    The toilet has held an important role in our world. We visit it a lot, wouldn’t you agree? This makes the choice of toilet quite important.  Most people in the western world show a lot of preference for the type of toilets they use and how they use it. Most people in Europe and America, […]

  • lady talking to a psychiatrist

    Taking care of your mental health at work

    Did you know that the average person spends 90,000 hours of their time working over their lifetime? On average, that’s half of all the time you spend awake. It’s no wonder that work is one of the largest contributors to stress.  Unfortunately, high levels of stress have a direct negative impact on your mental health. […]