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  • The Ninja Mindset: Crashing Through Physical and Mental Obstacles like a Bull

    As an exercise physiologist, heath scientist, and parent, I can’t help but be a huge fan of American Ninja Warrior. Having spent much of my life researching the limits of human performance and having had the opportunity to work with world-class athletes in a variety of disciplines, I am fascinated by the inimitable combination of […]

  • Is Driving Hurting Your Back? 3 Posture Improving Tips

    Is Driving Hurting Your Back? 3 Posture Improving Tips

    Driving is an integral part of American culture, from highway odes to sprawling suburbs designed around car ownership – but is all that time spent behind the wheel causing back pain and poor posture? Though you may think your car is perfectly comfortable, few cars easily accommodate every body type. To find the perfect, posture, […]

  • 6 Things You Should Do For Your Health Every Day

    Some people may think of being healthy as taking vitamins and going to the gym.  However, being healthy is as simple as putting in a daily effort to bring positive results to your body.  It’s about being careful and thoughtful for your own well-being through a series of efforts that you practice every single day […]

  • What Are The Most Common Causes of Death in the United States?

    Here are some stats to make you feel small: there are more than 320 million people in the United States, and everyday that number is depleted by the death of around 7,000. That adds up to around 2.6 million a year, many of which are dying from one of these causes. Heart Disease and Cancer […]

  • Glenwood Springs Addiction Center Provides Treatment to Mothers

    Glenwood Springs, Co. has a new addiction treatment center, Momenta, offering mental health and substance use disorder services to both outpatients and inpatients. It was founded by Mandy Owensby, a mother of two who had previously been in recovery for her own addiction. She wanted to create a program that specifically serviced both women and mothers […]

  • A Guide to Water Fountains For Improved Health

    Some individuals play pre-recorded white noise in order to help block unwanted sounds out. Other people rely on earplugs or headphones that are designed to help dampen unpleasant sounds from the surrounding world.  Unfortunately, those devices can potentially make it hard for you to hear things that are important like a ringing phone or crying […]

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety with These 4 Zen Home Tips

    Stress and anxiety impact 77% of people in the United States. Psychological symptoms impact 73% of the population, and stress is bad for your health. Everyone has some form of stress, but when the stress starts taking over your life, it can lead to: Heart disease Asthma Obesity Diabetes Depression Headaches Anxiety Accelerated aging Stress […]

  • 4 Health Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

    With summer right around the corner, more of us are spending time outdoors. There’s a reason an afternoon at the park lifts your mood and helps melt away stress – being out in nature is good for the soul. But are we spending enough time outside? While warm weather gives us an incentive to get […]

  • Supplement Recalled Due to Potentially Fatal Undeclared Ingredient

    According to the FDA, AMA Wholesale Inc. is voluntarily recalling Rhino 69 Extreme 50000 capsules to the consumer level. Analysis by the FDA found that the product is tainted with tadalafil, which was not declared on the ingredient label. Tadalafil is an active ingredient in an FDA-approved prescription drug used for erectile dysfunction. Customers who […]