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  • What are the Most Common Injuries Sustained in an Auto Accident

    Auto accidents can quickly lead to serious injury or even death, especially if your vehicle is not up to safety standards or if you were not wearing a seatbelt during the collision itself. Understanding the most common injuries sustained during an auto accident is helpful when determining whether or not you require medical attention once […]

  • Finding Peace In Detox: 3 Mindfulness Strategies

    Finding Peace In Detox: 3 Mindfulness Strategies

    For those trying to escape the grips of addiction, withdrawing from drugs or alcohol can be a physically painful process – withdrawal can cause shaking, anxiety, vomiting, difficulty sleeping, and even seizures and hallucinations. And though these symptoms fade over the course of several days, the emotional symptoms can persist. Turning to mindfulness strategies, though, […]

  • Woman and children together at home laying on the sofa

    5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Healthier

    Your home is your oasis. It’s where you entertain friends, make memories and put your feet up after a long day. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that your home is as healthy as possible. How can you create a space that promotes health while allowing you to enjoy your life? 1. Vacuum […]

  • Here are the Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs

    The FDA approves dozens of prescription drugs each year, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. Most prescription drugs come with a number of side effects — some of those side effects rather severe — and the dangers increase with dosage, duration, an individual’s constitution and other factors such as what else the patient consumes. Here’s […]

  • New Research Could Put an End to Metastasis

    By the end of this year, over 1.7 million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer. Over 600,000 will die from the disease. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer, and while it is a frequent occurrence (almost 40% of Americans will be diagnosed at some point in their lifetime), survival rates are promising. […]

  • Effective Home Remedies for Health Fatigue

    Fatigue is a natural part of life. Everyone is going to end up feeling a bit run down at some point in their lives. But, when it starts interfering with your job or your family commitments, you probably want a way to shake it. If you are otherwise healthy and you are dealing with ongoing […]

  • Healthy Living with EMF

    It is easy to avoid what is visibly dangerous. More difficult is the effort to stop what we can feel but not see, what we can only see after the fact: the bloodshot eyes and reddened skin, the drawn face and bedraggled appearance, the signs of fatigue and the sad grimace of pain—all or some […]

  • Top Reasons to Consider In-Home Health Care for the Elderly

    There may come a time in every adult’s life where they need a little help maintaining their lives. As you age and your health starts to decline, the ability to do things like prepare meals, take medication, get dressed, and even travel is hindered, making life a lot more challenging. Some families opt to move […]