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  • Modalert Modafinil: Smart Alternative for Brain Performance

    Are you looking for a hack that will improve your brain performance? Well, taking Modafinil might seem to be the best option for you. You see, most students or freelancers working on bulky assignments will require full mental alertness and perfect brain functioning to accomplish their goals. If you’re sitting for a special exam, or […]

  • Understanding the Health Benefits of Being More Assertive

    When it comes to being passive or assertive, most people tend to gravitate toward the former. It’s a whole lot easier to step aside and remove yourself from a situation than to jump in and possibly face the consequences of getting involved. Unfortunately, what starts as one or two purposeful choices to avoid conflict can […]

  • Learning Leads to Happiness and a Longer Life, According to Researchers

    Learning and happiness are linked, according to a paper published in the National Bureau of Economic Research. Researchers David Cutler and Adriana Lleras-Muney decided to review research papers that have been published on education-longevity. What the paper found was the following: Education is Linked to Mortality Mortality rates differ from educated and non-educated individuals. The […]

  • Brisbane Dentist Says That Sleep Patterns Affect Your Teeth

    Did you know that the way you sleep has an impact on your oral health? One Brisbane dentist, Dr. James Malouf believes that learning more about the connection between the way you sleep and your teeth is important. From the way sleep deprivation leads to gum disease through to habits such as teeth grinding, there […]

  • Anxiety Goes Epidemic Among Australian Women: What Can You Do?

    Women have pulled the short straw when it comes to anxiety. Not only do they suffer from anxiety disorders twice as often than men. The condition is also more debilitating in their case, as states a study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research. The statistics for Australia are particularly concerning as according to them, […]

  • The Influence of Healthcare Analytics in Pharmacy

    The promise and potential of healthcare analytics have been widely discussed and will play a major role in the future of healthcare. What often gets lost in that discussion, however, is how data and analytics are being applied to individual elements of care and administration. That is especially true of pharmacies, which play a central, […]

  • What You Need to Know About Acute Coronary Syndrome(ACS)

    Heart attack is a familiar word whereas ACS (Acute Coronary Syndrome) is not. It’s very often used by the doctors in an Emergency Room.  ACS occurs when the blood supply of the heart is blocked either completely or partially. Blood is supplied to the heart by coronary arteries. It’s in these coronary arteries when blocked […]

  • 10 Perfect Gifts For Your Medical School Graduate

    With graduation season approaching, it’s time to find the perfect gift for your favorite medical student. Here are some ideas to get you started: 1. A personalized lab coat What better way to congratulate a new graduate than with a gift that shows off their newly awarded title and that serves a functional purpose? The […]

  • Stomach pain and bloating: Symptoms and remedies

    What is abdominal bloating? We all like to wake up light and comfortable. But on some days you must be feeling stomach fullness or pain. It is not liked by anyone. It interferes with our normal day to day work and causes stomach distention. It leads to increase in our stomach size. We might not […]