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  • 4 Health Problems that Require Prescription Medication

    Taking care of your health is sure to be something you want to do. This can allow you to consistently feel your best and is the key to being able to avoid pain. If you live with a chronic medical condition, it may be necessary to take medication on a daily basis. Doing so can […]

  • “Overfat”: Getting to the Core of Weight-Related Health Issues

    In a recently published study, obesity researchers coined a new term and gathered some extremely weighty data. Delving deeper into global population health statistics, which recently have been suggesting that obesity rates worldwide are beginning to taper off, it was found that an astonishing 76% of the world’s population may be experiencing impaired health due […]

  • How Medical Marijuana Can Reduce Chronic Pain

    Enduring chronic pain can be a tremendous burden.  Anyone who is unfortunate enough to suffer from this condition knows very well how important effective treatment is.  Many treatment alternatives only work for periods time, quickly losing their effectiveness over a couple of months or even weeks.  Other therapies, like the opioids, come at a very […]

  • Three Things You Should Know About Mesothelioma

    Mesothelioma is a cancer most often caused by exposure to asbestos. Becauses it’s one of the rarer forms of cancer, people don’t know much about it. To help you understand the disease, here are three things you should know about mesothelioma. You can fight it While it’s true that there is no cure for the […]

  • Taste the Colors of the Rainbow

    “Don’t eat anything white.” When it comes to dietary rules of thumb, this one seems to be the one I’ve heard most over the last few years. Because humans are so distinct and our bodies have such individual responses to nutritional input, the value of these generalizations usually isn’t any bigger than your thumb. But, […]

  • 4 Symptoms That May Indicate You Have Cancer

    Cancer is all too common of a disease which strikes thousands of people a day.  Some people were able to catch the symptoms early on, while others found out all too late in the stages of their cancer and have hardly any time left. It is ideal to identify the onset of cancer as soon […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to Plantar Fasciitis

    Plantar fasciitis is quite a common condition, one that is likely to affect millions of people in their lifetime. Not many people are aware of this for a fact, but one of the first signs that raise suspicion regarding this condition is the softening of the plantar fascia, which can be efficiently detected with the […]

  • 3 Ways to Fuel Your Success

    Success is a state of mind; it’s a way of thinking and living. It’s no coincidence that studies have shown that physical, academic, and financial health are highly correlated. While research suggests that there are several factors in the attitude of success, most notable is the conscientiousness personality trait. This mindset can be developed through […]

  • Poor Sleep Increases Your Risk Of Dementia

    Not getting enough sleep has always been known to be bad for your health. Having lack of sleep has been connected with diabetes, depression, heart disease, and other concerning ailments. Now, scientists have shown that a lack of shut eye can also have a negative impact on your brain, increasing your risk of developing Alzheimer’s […]

  • Why Good Posture is Important When Meditating

    Meditation is an important health and well-being practice that has multiple benefits and can be applied to help different aspects of your life. Some of the key benefits of mediation include increased relaxation, better control of thoughts, more awareness of one’s body, an improved ability to concentrate, and more support for mental and emotional healing. […]