4 Smart Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Using a Screwdriver

4 Smart Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Using a Screwdriver

Screwdrivers are a great tool for tightening and loosening screws. However, if used incorrectly, you can injure yourself or someone else. It is important to use proper safety practices when using a screwdriver, which some people may not know.

That’s why we’ve put together this article on the four smart safety tips to keep in mind when using a screwdriver. These tips will help you avoid accidents and make your next project safer without fail. So if you are looking for helpful advice on how to use a screwdriver, read away and take the advice to heart!

1: Be Sure Your Screwdriver is the Correct Size

This may seem basic, but many people forget to verify the screwdriver size they are using. While it may not seem a big deal at first, choosing an incorrect size can damage your screw or make it harder to get the job done. If you are unsure which size you need, it is best to measure your screw first so that you don’t accidentally take a trip to the hardware store in the middle of your project.

2: Put Your Screwdriver Into Neutral Before You Begin to Turn It

A common mistake many people make when using a screwdriver is trying to turn it right away. This can often lead to pain in your hands and wrists. Instead, be sure to put the screwdriver into neutral before turning it. Pushing the screwdriver into the screw when it is in neutral will make it easier on your hands since you are not putting as much pressure on them when you turn.

3: Proper Posture is Key When Using a Screwdriver

Using proper posture when using a screwdriver can prevent injuries and promote safety while using the tool. To start, choose a comfortable position that allows a full range of motion when using the tool. Be sure to bend your knees slightly and position your feet firmly on the ground. Your shoulders should be level as you hold the screwdriver. These tips will help you avoid injuries as you work and keep you focused on the task.

4: Always Wear Safety Goggles When Using a Screwdriver

Safety goggles are a must when working with power tools and other machinery. The dust, debris, and particles flying around while you work can cause eye injuries that can lead to blindness. Safety goggles protect your eyes from debris and prevent them from getting damaged by errant objects while working. Wear safety goggles with a screwdriver to prevent injuries like cuts or burns.

It can be hard to believe that accidents can happen when using a screwdriver and other tools. However, if proper safety practices are not followed, and precautions are not taken, accidents may occur. They can be painful and dangerous, leading to serious injuries. Now that you know the four smart safety tips to keep in mind during your next project, why not give it a shot? These simple tips will ensure that you are safe and can complete your project without fail.