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  • Business Trends in the Fitness Industry  

    Business Trends in the Fitness Industry As a fitness professional, one must be aware of changes in the fitness industry daily. The industry has become much more technologically advanced and dynamic. Hence, the fitness industry is continually looking at new technological innovations to keep up with the competition. Helen Lee Schifter understands and follows the […]

  • How Papa John's CEO Has Contributed to the Company's Philanthropic Efforts

    How Papa John’s CEO Has Contributed to the Company’s Philanthropic Efforts

    Some of the families ordering pizza from Papa John’s in the Atlanta, Georgia, area during the height of the pandemic quarantine were surprised to discover what arrived with their order. As part of a collaborative effort between Papa John’s CEO and well-known board member retired NBA star Shaq O’Neil, they received something extra with their […]

  • How To Figure Out If Self Employment Is For You

    You have probably been trying to figure out if you should be working for someone else or for yourself. You see the lifestyle that people who are their own bosses have, and it would be nice to have a similar lifestyle as them. However, many people are happy to work for a company because they […]

  • Preston Leep Highlights Ergonomic Risk Factors in The Workplace

    Ergonomic risk factors are often associated with workplace environments. Poor equipment and posture can lead to tension throughout the body simply because of a lack of awareness. Richmond, Virginia’s Preston Leep completed his degree in exercise science. He is a certified ergonomics assessment specialist and is motivated to provide solutions to help prevent injuries. Changing […]

  • How Is Your Organization Progressing With Its Employee Engagement Initiative?

    Employee engagement has become a cornerstone for most organizations. This is further strengthened through the pandemic, which required people to work from home. From a physical distance, it became even more important to keep people engaged in their organization. With no physical meeting ground, organizations had to move new and innovative ways to connect. Teams […]

  • Manage Your Energy Instead of Your Time

    It’s essential and critical to note that the number of productive hours in a day gets fixed. On the other hand, the quality and quantity of energy available in a person are unlimited. The above message gets echoed by Diego Ruiz Duran. He advocates that for employees or any other person to remain consistently optimal; […]

  • Choosing an Eco-Friendly Building For Your Business

    Running a business is going to be stressful regardless of its size and industry you are involved in. Building a business can be done from home but there comes a point where some businesses must invest in some sort of building. This could just be to meet with clients or to store product inventory. There […]

  • Thoughtful Ways To Accommodate And Support Employees With Disabilities

    Research shows that about one billion people have some form of disability. Unfortunately, most businesses and organizations ignore them. But disregarding these individuals may prevent your business from getting candidates with more skills, talent, and increased performance. Studies have shown that most disabled individuals are highly-skilled and productive.  If you want to see your business […]

  • Things You Need To Know Before Getting Involved in a CBD Business

    Starting a CBD venture is a dream for many people who want a profitable organization. Over the years, CBD and its derivatives have seen much acceptance in many states across the US. Also, researchers are projecting that the CBD niche market will be worth billions of dollars in a couple of years.  Consequently, it is […]