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  • Top 10 Office Jobs in Demand – «Eau-de-vie» for Applicants

    Do you think that an office job is dull and not prestigious? Some of them break all the previous highs of popularity. The companies look for highly qualified professionals to make their business grow faster and to solve a full set of current problems. Keep reading the article to make you sure in this trend. […]

  • What to Look For in a Food Service Company

    Have you been considering hiring a food company for your next event or special party? A food company will help your guests to leave a lot happier and take a lot of stress off of you. It’s important that you know what you are looking for before the process begins. Keep reading as we explain […]

  • Top Tips for Keeping Your Office Team Healthy

    When you’re running a company or managing part of a company’s team, it’s important to keep your employees happy and healthy. Whether you’re running an up-and-coming startup like Verma Farms or a traditional accounting firm, so much of your business’s success is going to come from employee happiness. So in addition to the importance of […]

  • Jeffrey Aronin is Honored by the Northern Illinois University College of Business as its 2019 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award Winner

    Jeffrey Aronin, Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, was recognized for his “exemplary track record of building and transforming organizations through innovation” at the Northern Illinois University (NIU) College of Business’ Annual Alumni Luncheon on May 3. Aronin, a 1989 NIU College of Business graduate, received the school’s 2019 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award as one […]

  • Keeping Your Practice Management System Safe From Hackers

    If you use a practice management system or electronic health records system, you know the many benefits they offer any healthcare practice. EHR software allows for greater efficiencies, ease of use, and increased accuracy for billing, coding, and more. But every practice should employ proper security measures to keep their patient records safe from hackers. […]

  • How A Career In Health Care Can Make A Difference In Someone’s Life

    Many people will claim that they are in their current jobs because they want to make a difference in someone else’s life, aside from the fact that they also have to earn an income. There is nothing more rewarding than getting a “thank you” or any display of appreciation from the people you meet from […]

  • Healthy Options Your Office Can Provide Without Breaking the Bank

    There is a major health movement worldwide, and it’s something that every business can take advantage of. Happy employees are more productive employees and they contribute to the success of your business. If they know that you care about them they work harder. It’s very simple. Providing healthy options at work is something that they […]

  • What’s New in Healthcare Marketing Budget and Channel Trends

    Written by Michael Del Gigante How did firms utilize their marketing budgets in 2018? Reacting to a changing marketplace, many firms devoted more resources to marketing efforts and continued to prefer a combination of digital and traditional approaches. However, every area of the healthcare industry is unique, preferring certain approaches over others and investing in […]

  • Chatbots and AI role in improving child security and education.

    In a recent interview with researcher and CTO Avi Ben Ezra, he helped to shed light and answer some of the most important questions around chatbots and child protection. How can chatbots help to keep our children safe? We all know that children are the future. To ensure that they will be able to contribute […]

  • Fighting Against Negligence and Malpractice

    It’s bad enough that negligence and malpractice happen at all. What’s even worse is when you have to figure out how to fight against it because the bad actors in the situation are claiming that you are in the wrong instead of them. Sometimes it is easier for a person, company, or brand to fight […]