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  • Top Tools the Recent Medical Graduate May Need

    You know someone who is graduating from medical school, and you already have your eye on a high-end stethoscope that you think will make the perfect present. While the stethoscope will make a lovely gift, a lot of other people will likely have the same idea as you, and you’ll likely end up bringing a duplicate. […]

  • Why moving your body at work is beneficial for your health and focus

    Do you ever feel restless or agitated after sitting at your desk after a few hours and don’t know why? The human body has adapted over thousands of years through constant gradual movement, it’s only in the last few centuries have we confined ourselves to the bonds of office jobs.   This is quite a […]

  • How You Should Run Your Health Based Business

    More people are starting businesses in the health sector utilizing a variety of technology. Promotion of health based business has exploded online especially on social media. Workout gurus and nutritionists have become sort of celebrities with thousands or even millions of people following them. Running a health based business is more than just posting on […]

  • How Med Spas Waste Money on Facebook Ads

    Med spas and aesthetic service providers spend many thousands of dollars on Facebook ads each year.  What do they get in return for the investment?  In many cases, nearly nothing.    As one marketing director at a large med spa in the U.S. Southwest recently lamented, “I spent $30 thousand on Facebook (FB) ads last […]

  • Four Healthy Brands that Hit Social Media Out of the Park

    Not that long ago, the main ways companies could get the word out about their products was through television commercials and print ads in magazines and newspapers. Now, thanks to the proliferation and popularity of social media, businesses can easily extoll the virtues of their products on these sites, and reach potential and established customers […]

  • Business Tips: Safety Concerns You Should Know

    Aside from working on keeping your business productive and relevant, there is also one aspect that many effective entrepreneurs are particularly concerned about: safety and security. In fact, a certain study by an insurance specialist found out that workplace safety was one of the greatest concerns of employers in 2014. Succeeding this are other business […]