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  • Healthy Options Your Office Can Provide Without Breaking the Bank

    There is a major health movement worldwide, and it’s something that every business can take advantage of. Happy employees are more productive employees and they contribute to the success of your business. If they know that you care about them they work harder. It’s very simple. Providing healthy options at work is something that they […]

  • What’s New in Healthcare Marketing Budget and Channel Trends

    Written by Michael Del Gigante How did firms utilize their marketing budgets in 2018? Reacting to a changing marketplace, many firms devoted more resources to marketing efforts and continued to prefer a combination of digital and traditional approaches. However, every area of the healthcare industry is unique, preferring certain approaches over others and investing in […]

  • Chatbots and AI role in improving child security and education.

    In a recent interview with researcher and CTO Avi Ben Ezra, he helped to shed light and answer some of the most important questions around chatbots and child protection. How can chatbots help to keep our children safe? We all know that children are the future. To ensure that they will be able to contribute […]

  • Fighting Against Negligence and Malpractice

    It’s bad enough that negligence and malpractice happen at all. What’s even worse is when you have to figure out how to fight against it because the bad actors in the situation are claiming that you are in the wrong instead of them. Sometimes it is easier for a person, company, or brand to fight […]

  • 5 Essential Work-Life Balance Tips for a Healthier Life

    Fearing the loss of your job, wanting to get incentives at the end of the month, not willing to say ‘no’ to the boss while being given an extra task, thus being continuously exhausted and not finding happiness either at work or elsewhere… If this sounds familiar, then welcome to the club. Today, work-life balance […]

  • 4 Tips for Advancing Your Nursing Career

    Nursing is a rewarding and fulfilling line of work, with high levels of job security, excellent wages and many advancement opportunities. It’s often called a noble profession, as you take it upon yourself to care for patients during difficult times in their lives. If you’re still in the early stages of your nursing career, where […]

  • The 10 Richest Individuals in the Healthcare Sector

    The health sector is one of those that have benefitted immensely from modern innovations. This sector has seen huge growth with up to $159.9 billion going to research investment every year. Investors have taken interest in the market too and investments have been pouring into the industry. The following are some of the richest individuals […]

  • Wash Your Hands! How to Promote Employee Health Policies to Keep Everyone Healthy & Happy

    Your employees are the backbone of your business. In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial that job satisfaction is high on your list of priorities. Studies show that 79% of employees quit their jobs because of “lack of appreciation.”  What if you could improve job satisfaction as well as wellness in your workforce? Instituting comprehensive employee […]