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  • Does Your Private Practice Need a Healthcare Administrator?

    You devoted more than a decade of your life to becoming a doctor. First, in undergrad, you focused on obtaining a degree and enviable credentials to gain acceptance in medical school; then, you toiled ceaselessly for four years to earn your medical credential and for another six to 10 years to gain real-world experience as […]

  • Career Change? Consider a Yoga Teacher Training!

    Does it feel like you’re just going through the motions with your current career? Can you imagine what it would be like to make a living doing something that you’re truly passionate about? With a yoga teacher training from School Yoga Institute, you can open the doors to an exciting new career path—or just deepen […]

  • Some Facts about CBD Oil

    Natural hemp extract Cannabidiol – CBD – is one of the world’s most widely studied compounds yet confusion over its legality and the safety of CBD products is commonplace. There are so many myths surrounding hemp products this article is intended to help you separate fact from fiction. Whether it’s the fear that hemp products […]

  • Uforia – Nutrition’s Latest Wunderkind Opportunity

    By Rachelle Moyer If the catch phrase about real estate is, “Location, Location, Location” then the catch phrase for direct marketing could be, “Timing, Timing, Timing.” Let’s say you’ve signed onto an exciting opportunity, the company has a rock star executive team and there is a quality product. The only challenge: somebody else has already […]

  • 4 Tips For Becoming A Health Instagram Influencer (And Getting Paid for It)

    For many of us, becoming an Instagram health and wellness influencer seems like a pipe dream. Getting paid to post food, clothes, or even vacations is something we generally view as reserved for the mega-popular. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Believe it or not, with the right approach to building an engaging audience, […]

  • 5 Medical Careers You Can Start in 2 Years or Less

    Working in the medical field pays well and is one of the most rewarding careers you can choose.   However, many people interested in pursuing a medical career never do because they think it requires 5+ years of expensive education, 1+ years of a low paid residency, and 6 figures to pay for living expenses […]

  • Why Wearable Tech Is Here To Stay

    Our medical files contain a treasure trove of insights into our health. Documenting our medical histories and the vulnerabilities that our bodies may face, our files are a crystal ball into our health and the ways in which we can sustain a healthier future. Concealed within these files is everything we may need to know […]

  • Effective Ways You Can Make a Difference

    If you ask most people their opinion on a particular subject, they will usually give you an honest and often opinionated answer. However, they might never let their opinions be known to anyone that might be able to make a difference. There are some that feel they need to let others know how they feel […]

  • How stress could be sabotaging your fitness efforts

    An important meeting, heavy traffic, a fight with your spouse… these are just some of the ways that stress seeps into everyday life. Whilst our bodies are able to cope with both big and small amounts of stress, prolonged tension or anxiety could have negative effects on our health and wellbeing. Even in the short-term, […]

  • What is a Weed Dispensary?

    A weed dispensary is a store offering cannabis products. Visiting such a facility is an awesome experience especially if you are coming from a state that prohibits it. Unlike in the past where marijuana businesses were associated with crime and drug abuse, they are increasingly becoming common in states that allow its use. The dispensaries […]