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The Best Place to Buy RAW Cones

Every smoker has a different idea of what a smoking session looks like. Maybe it is alone with a pipe. Maybe it is rolling the tightest joint and sharing with your significant other. Or maybe you and all your besties sit around a hookah you’ve nicknamed Mavis. Whatever floats your boat or helps you fly high – how you get there is all up to you. But if you want perfection and convenience, you want pre-rolled cones. 

RAW cones are skyrocketing in popularity amongst those who have been smoking for years and the rookies, too. But where do you buy them? And how do you know you are getting the real deal? 

Let’s talk about the best place to buy RAW pre-rolled cones. 

What are RAW Cones? 

Ok, if you have been hearing about RAW cones or you have maybe smoked from one that someone else had, you may have some questions. Just what is it? Before we go any further into where to buy these cones, perhaps we should take a minute to discuss what they are and, of course, why you need them in your life. 

Rather than spending a long time trying to put together your joint so that it is just right, these pre-rolled cones just require you to fill, pack, twist, and smoke. They are simple, slow-burning, and always give you the best blazin’ sesh ever. 

Surprisingly, regular rolling paper that smokers have been using for years has a ton of toxins found in it. Those who have a thing for fast-burning, bleached, or flavored papers are exposing themselves to more dangerous chemicals than they could ever imagine. And don’t think vapes, hookahs, or bongs are any safer – they have their own issues with benzene, bacteria, mold, or fungus. Multiply this danger by how many times you smoke in a day – and you could end up with some serious health concerns down the road. 

Since giving up smoking is not an option, you have to turn toward a healthier, safer way of doing so. RAW pre-rolled cones sets itself apart from all the others thanks to its freedom from harmful toxins. These cones are made with all-natural, unrefined fibers. They are unbleached, with no chalk, no dyes, no bleaches, and no chlorines.  

Different Types of RAW Cones

Whether you are smoking ganja or a tobacco leaf, there is a RAW cone for you. They come in all different sizes because, let’s be real, we all have our own idea of the vibe we want when we decide to kick back. 

Checking the RAW cone size chart, you see that you have some options: 

  • Single Size 70/24
  • Single Size 70/30
  • Single Size 70/45
  • Classic 1 ¼
  • Organic 1 ¼
  • 98 Special
  • Classic King
  • Organic King
  • Lean
  • Peacemaker

Best Place to Buy RAW Cones

Alright. Now that you know a thing or two more about RAW pre-rolled cones and why you need them in your life, where is the best place to buy them? 

You will see RAW cones in gas stations and widely spread online. But, take caution as there are many counterfeits that won’t give you the quality you are looking for. While most of these fakes can be easy to spot due to spelling or grammatical errors in the packaging, sometimes it is hard to tell. As a result, if you are looking for the real deal – with all the natural benefits that come from RAW cones – then you want to make sure that’s what you are putting into your body. 

Find a reputable source, such as The Green Blazer, and shop for RAW pre-rolled cones with confidence. They are a certified RAWthentic pre rolled cones distributor and one of the best places to buy RAW cones.

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