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  • What You Need to Know about Dental Hygiene When You Have Crohn’s disease

    There are 5 million people living with Crohn’s disease all over the world. The condition is also known as inflammatory bowel disease or IBD. It affects the entire digestive system, from the mouth to the end of the tract, causing inflammation and soreness in the intestinal tissue, which becomes prone to bleeding. Crohn’s disease is […]

  • The Things You Eat and Drink Could Be Destroying Your Teeth

    You already know that you need to brush your teeth every day and you need to floss and use mouthwash to not only keep your teeth healthy but also to keep them white and beautiful. If you don’t take care of this basic oral hygiene, the food and drinks you consume can leave behind residue […]

  • How To Keep Your Mouth Healthy

    Your teeth are extremely precious; without them, it would be difficult to eat and speak, plus your self-confidence would be seriously affected. That’s why it is so important to take good care of them. It’s more than just a case of brushing your teeth after meals, though. For truly clean and protected teeth, it takes […]

  • Dental Care for Beginners – How to Brush Your Teeth Correctly

    Let’s face it – most of us don’t know how to brush our teeth correctly and we’re too afraid to admit it at this point. Kids are often taught this at young age, but everyone forgets this and that every now and then. Brushing teeth correctly isn’t something hard – it’s the bad habit we […]

  • Searching for Low-Cost Dental Hygiene? This is what you have to do

    Dental hygiene is definitely an important part of maintaining dental hygiene. To keep proper dental health, one needs to visit the dental care in Carmel, Indiana at least two times a year. Considering the fact that medical health insurance plans cover only the most primary dental hygiene, more than 175 million People in America don’t […]

  • Brisbane Dentist Says That Sleep Patterns Affect Your Teeth

    Did you know that the way you sleep has an impact on your oral health? One Brisbane dentist, Dr. James Malouf believes that learning more about the connection between the way you sleep and your teeth is important. From the way sleep deprivation leads to gum disease through to habits such as teeth grinding, there […]

  • How To Treat Sensitive Teeth

    If you have ever dealt with a sensitive tooth or teeth, you probably already know just how annoying and aggravating the whole situation can be. Not only is it extremely painful, but also the pain can eventually start interfering with your everyday life. Hot and cold food, sweets, and even the cold wind against your […]

  • The Invisalign Treatment: 4 Things You Can Expect

    Having crooked teeth can be a big blow to your self-esteem. There are a number of different ways to correct these dental issues, but none are as effective as Invisalign braces. Not only are these braces effective, they can barely be seen when worn. This is good news for adults who want to straighten their […]

  • Things to consider before adding adult braces

    When thinking of braces, the first picture that comes to your mind is that of a youngster proudly smiling with a shiny silver forming part of their teeth. However, that is quickly changing and will no longer be the case soon. It is now common to find people of all ages going for braces. One […]