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    8 Essential Qualities of a Good Dentist

    There are an estimated 113,000 dentists across the country. If you’re in the process of looking for a new dentist, you may wonder just how you can pick the best one among all your options. While things like price and location are important, you may also want to factor in personality traits as well. After all, […]

  • Home Care Tips For Good Oral Health

    We hear a lot about the importance of eating a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, taking vitamin supplements, and getting enough exercise as ways to support our overall health. It’s not often, though, that we hear about the importance of good oral health and the things we should do in order to maintain […]

  • Childhood Trauma Might Cause Tooth Loss later in Life

    A new study conducted at the University of Michigan suggests childhood trauma might be linked to a higher risk of tooth loss later in life. The research looked at the impact of negative childhood events on oral health and found that childhood abuse leads to tooth loss. Oral health problems are linked to other health […]

  • Preparing For A Dental Procedure

    Having to undergo a dental procedure can be frightening. Knowing that you will either have part of your mouth numbed or have to use an anesthetic is terrifying to many people. Of course, the thought of your mouth being poked and prodded and jabbed doesn’t help either. This is why many people put off going […]

  • 5 Smart Ways To Finance Expensive Dental Care

    Dental procedures can be expensive even if it is for a basic fix. As expensive as the dental work can be, there is no way you can keep it on hold for a long time. Skipping the dentist can put your health at major risk and can lead to worse health issues. However, due to […]

  • The Best Ways to Maintain Good Oral Health According to Gerges Dental

    Dental practices like Gerges Dental are concerned about their patients’ oral health. Fostering oral health is a process that lasts throughout a patient’s lifetime, from infancy into old age. Patients of all ages have different dental needs, but there are several points that all dental patients and their caregivers should consider. When patients follow these […]

  • How To Keep Your Teeth From Getting Stains

    There are several things that can cause our teeth to stain, including poor dental hygiene, ageing, injury to the teeth, excessive exposure to fluoride, stain-causing foods and drinks, family history, and use of certain medicines. Stains can occur on the surface of the tooth (extrinsic discolouration) or by changes in the tooth material (intrinsic discolouration). […]

  • How Studying Medicine in Europe Helped me Improve my Dental Health

    As strange as it may seem back when I was studying medicine in Europe in English a lot of my colleagues had some misconceptions about dental health; myself included, but to a much lesser extent. It’s widely accepted not to talk about this topic, as if it’s an intrusion in the other person’s life. However, […]