Category: Dental Health

  • How To Improve Your Dental Hygiene

    We all know the basics of oral hygiene; brush ‘em, floss ‘em and cut back on the sugar. But, good oral hygiene can require a little bit more than just keeping up with the basics. We could all benefit from taking a more considerate approach to our oral health and today could be your day […]

  • Phuket dental tourism is growing fast, and here’s why

    Dental tourism is a booming industry, adding significantly to the tourist economy of the regions that are popular with dental tourists. Phuket is a premier holiday destination and it has developed a high quality dental infrastructure to accommodate the dental tourists who come to see the best dentist in Phuket. The fast growth rate of […]

  • How Dental Implants Can Give You A Winning Smile

    Are you hiding your smile because of broken or missing teeth? Are your dentures giving you constant discomfort? For a long time the only way to treat people with missing teeth was to do costly and painful bridgework and/or install dentures. But in this modern day and age dental technicians have developed dental implants that […]

  • 6 Ways Technology is Transforming Dentistry as We Know It

    While medical wonders like turning smartphones into diagnostic tools and wearable tracking devices let you monitor your health constantly, technology is revolutionising the dentist’s office too. There are already plans to create implants to prevent dental cavities or provide patients with the ability to regenerate the outer layer of teeth, and technology is set to […]

  • No Slip Solutions: The Benefits of Today’s New Permanent Dentures

    Teeth can be such a problem—but we just can’t manage without them. Obviously, they are important for eating, but they are also important for social reasons. What can you do if your teeth have reached the end of the line? Bridges require healthy teeth to anchor them, a whole mouthful of implants is prohibitively expensive, […]

  • 15 Tips For Better Oral Health and Whiter Teeth

    Crest Whitestrips – When it comes to oral care and whitening, who better to turn to than Crest (Proctor and Gamble). They’re the #1 seller of teeth whitening products on the market, with options and kits for everyone. Crest Whitestrips contain a thin layer of gel on each strip that is applied to the teeth […]

  • Health Marketing: Running a Modern Orthodontic Practice.

    After four years of studying at a university to obtain a bachelor’s degree, an additional four years in dental school, and then a two- to three-year orthodontic residency following that, many new orthodontists come out of the gates of school running. Exasperated by decades of education and hungering for the end goal of steady patient […]

  • How to Reduce Cancellations and ‘no shows’ in your Practice

    Every dental practice will have appointment cancellations and no-shows. How you minimize and mitigate these circumstances will have a significant impact on your bottomline at the end of the year. Even during good times, broken appointments are not uncommon. The British Dental Assocation studied 600 dental practices and found that ‘the practices had an average […]