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  • Frank Roach, Dentist Shares 9 Ways Parents Can Teach Good Oral Hygiene To Their Children

    Modeling good oral hygiene practices is one of a parent’s responsibilities. Children who do not practice proper oral hygiene may experience pain, gum problems, and cavities. These problems are exacerbated by sugary foods and drinks. However, there are many good ways to teach your children about oral health. Dr. Frank Roach, an Atlanta dentist, explains […]

  • Learn How To Take Care Of Oral Hygiene After Getting Braces

    Braces surely enhance your smile and help you in boosting your confidence. But there is no denying from the fact that it requires extra effort to maintain the braces. If you have braces on your teeth, you should be ready to spend some extra time on your teeth. You need to ensure that no food […]

  • How can we keep Our Teeth Healthy?

    Most of the people think how can we keep our teeth healthy? The answer to the question you will get in this post. We explain to you every bit of it to take care of your teeth. One of the basic or key points to keep your teeth healthy is you must have good oral […]

  • 5 Signs You Need Orthodontic Treatment

    5 Signs You Need Orthodontic Treatment

    How is your smile looking these days? Are you seeing pearly whites, straight and clean, when you look in the mirror? Or is your grin leaving something to be desired? Your smile is the one of the first things others notice about you. It communicates openness, intention, and even your state of health as you […]

  • Common Signs You May Need To Visit Your Family Dentist

    Many of us rarely visit the dentist, especially as we grow older. This is because we tend to think that our teeth and oral health is at its peaks and cannot be compromised. Often, when we do visit the dentist, it’s because we suffer from toothache or a tooth wants to fall off. However, did […]

  • Care for Your Cosmetic Dentures in Jacksonville FL

    Dentures are very helpful devices that help those who have lost their teeth due to various reasons, as a means by which to continue to live life as normal. The genius idea was coined as early as the 7th century BC, wherein Northern Italy, the Etruscans, made dentures out of human and animal teeth that […]

  • Why You Should Go to The Dentist For Cleaning Regularly

    Sadly, despite being considered a necessity, not everyone goes to the dentist regularly for cleaning. The standing advice for patients who have good teeth and oral cleaning habits is to schedule a cleaning twice every year, or roughly every six months. However, many people don’t do this for various reasons, including financial setbacks and a […]

  • 7 Top Tips for a Quick Dental Implant Recovery

    Dental implant surgery can provide a nice solution to dentures that don’t fit well and can provide an opportunity where a lack of natural teeth roots prevents tooth replacements to be installed. Healing won’t happen immediately. It requires self-discipline, good oral hygiene and adhering to your specialist’s instructions. Here’s what to expect regarding the healing […]

  • Dental Health Tips that You Should Teach Your Child

    Parents have the task of teaching their children good habits in a variety of areas that impact their health. Dental health is no different as getting in the right routine early can allow your children to have healthy smiles for a lifetime. Rewarding good habits is important until it becomes second-nature for your child. Brushing […]