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  • Dr. Masud Habibullah Explains the Varied Role of a Hospitalist

    Hospitalists are one of the keys to patient care and recovery. They can be considered primary care physicians who work one-on-one with hospital patients and help to coordinate care with specialists. For example, if a patient is in the hospital for a cardiac procedure, the hospitalist will be the point of connection between the patient […]

  • 5 Signs of Hearing Loss and How You Can Treat It

    Have you ever wondered if you are experiencing hearing loss? Many who experience a problem with their hearing find that their hearing loss occurs so gradually it can sometimes be hard to notice that something is wrong until the problem becomes severe. If you think you might be dealing with hearing loss yourself, you may […]

  • What is Naturopathic Medicine?

    Naturopathic medicine is used to treats a variety of health concerns from pediatric to geriatric. The use of naturopathy is the belief that the body will heal itself naturally.  The purpose of naturopathic medicine is to improve health, treat illnesses, and prevent diseases by eating healthy and exercise. The philosophy of naturopathic medicine is that […]

  • What, Why and How: A Closer Look at Pediatric Nurses

    A pediatric nurse is one of the most popular specialized nursing roles for a reason. The work involves tracking the progress of a child – from birth until young adulthood – and ensuring they are developing as expected. Many different aspects of the child’s health and wellbeing are covered, which makes pediatric nursing an immensely […]

  • Why Do You Need a Hearing Test?

    It is important for everyone to take care of their health and one of the most often overlooked aspects of health is someone’s hearing. Often, people do not realize just how much they depend on their ears on a daily basis. There are a few signs that everyone should watch for that might indicate that hearing […]

  • Are The Talkspace Reviews Correct? Could The Average Person Benefit From Anger Therapy?

    Since it’s inception in 2012, Talkspace has earned a total of $110 million in funding. The company provides online therapy to over 5,000 clients, connecting them with licensed mental health professionals, including social workers and marriage counselors, for a fixed-rate package plan. Users can purchase subscriptions starting at $49 a week, a significantly lower fee […]

  • 3 Ways to Make Life Easier for Your Aging Parents

    As they age, your mother and father are going to need your assistance to ensure that they retain the quality of living that they deserve. Just as they did for you when you were a child, you’re going to need to help and support your parents to the best of your abilities. To find three […]

  • How to choose the best nootropic stacks

    Choosing the best nootropic stacks and supplements is a much harder task than it looks at first sight. With hundreds of supplements on the market, everyone is getting confused. To stop this confusion, I have decided to write this post and share the best techniques that will help you choose the right nootropic supplements. Define […]

  • HIPAA Compliance Guide Questions That Are Commonly Asked

    HIPAA compliance is a must for all healthcare providers. What HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act does is protect the health information of patients, ensuring their secure storage, and making sure that healthcare providers use this information correctly. HIPAA requires the covered organizations to keep any sensitive data bearing the identity of […]