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  • What is Herpes Simplex Virus?

    Herpes simplex is a viral infection that is the direct result of the herpes simplex virus. Infections can be found on different parts of the body including the patient’s lip. There are several types of herpes including oral herpes and genital herpes. In general, patients will develop small blisters that will eventually split and develop […]

  • Why You Should Get a Full Body MOT

    We are very good at looking after others, caring for our house, and our car, but we often forget to look within. A full body MOT is a health check that can look at each part of your body from the inside, determining anything that needs to be looked at. Below we look at why […]

  • The Best Hospitals in the U.S.

    Best Hospitals in the United States  The United States has some of the best hospitals globally. Father George Rutler is a famous distinguished Catholic priest. According to Rutler, the following are the top ten hospitals in the US. Mayo Clinic Hospital Rochester, Minnesota Mayo clinic hospital offers exceptional patient care. It is ranked one of […]

  • How long do I need to take PrEP for

    Pre-exposure prophylaxis (also called PrEP) is a dose of HIV medications taken by HIV-negative people. It’s used to protect these individuals from developing an infection, particularly if engaging in ongoing relationships with HIV risk factors. Currently, Truvada has been used by many countries as the PrEP medication of choice, with a single pill containing two […]

  • What the Post-Pregnancy Pooch is and How to Treat It

    After the arrival of your little baby, you might have noticed that your body has changed a lot, especially in shape. It’s important to note that it is very normal to gain baby weight while pregnant. But now that you’re no longer pregnant, having a belly pooch can be very frustrating. Unfortunately, despite popular belief, […]

  • Will AI Replace the Human Workforce in Healthcare?

    AI has already begun to revolutionize the healthcare sector. From this article, you will be able to understand the impact of AI on the human workforce. In the near future, AI is expected to have a drastic impact on the labor market. It will automate many business processes, reducing the importance of the human factor. […]

  • Causes and Treatment of Shoulder Pain

    Your shoulder is the most movable joint in the human body. It’s a complex group of muscles and tendons that permit you to bend, extend and rotate your arms close to 360 degrees.  The shoulder comprises bones and a socket that enables you to rotate your arm. It has a joint where the humerus bone […]

  • Facts About the Covid Vaccine Booster Shot

    Facts About the Covid Vaccine Booster Shot Previously, Pfizer and Moderna have unveiled new vaccines for people to take. These are intended to protect people against the COVID-19 virus as well. But a booster shot may be warranted for the people who want to stay up to date. The companies recommend that many groups of […]

  • How Dialysis in Nursing Homes Can Improve

    When it comes to health crises in the United States, kidney failure is not always talked about.  Yet it is a serious problem for hundreds of thousands of Americans; 786,000 people in the US were living with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) in 2018.  During that same year, Medicare spending on patients suffering from ESRD reached […]