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  • Simple Ways to Minimize Your Risk of Getting and Spreading COVID-19

    Over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us continue to take unnecessary and downright foolhardy risks. In some instances, people genuinely don’t realize they’re acting recklessly. Other times, people take a twisted sense of pride in their refusal to take simple precautions. Even with an increasingly widespread vaccine rollout underway, we’re not out […]

  • Dharma Ocean Talks About Opening the Heart: Beyond the Veil of Trauma

    By Dr. Reggie Ray, Spiritual Director at Dharma Ocean Foundation, and author of Somatic Descent: How to Unlock the Deepest Wisdom of the Body, available at Shambhala Publications.  In Buddhism, the Mahayana, or “Great Vehicle,” is an essential stage of spiritual development that focuses on opening the heart to develop true compassion. The Mahayana stage […]

  • Patient-Practitioner Relationship – 5 Ways To Improve It

    The medical sector thrives on the sheer professionalism of the men and women who hold up the industry. Doctors, nurses, technicians, and other paramedical staff’s contributions make the medical sector what it is today. Without their undying dedication, we might not have access to new solutions and medical technology like we do today. Though the […]

  • What Has the Current Pandemic Taught Us so Far?

    The virus erupted like a blazing volcano, with a mission to melt us all. In November 2019, an outbreak of merely a respiratory illness supposedly spread from the horseshoe bat in a market in Wuhan, China. All of a sudden, it became a worldwide concern – a pandemic.  As we muddle through the second year […]

  • Medicinal Research: Why it Matters for the Industry

    Medicinal research serves so many benefits to the industry, and is absolutely crucial for being able to provide knowledge and well-being when it comes to improving this as much as possible. The medical world is changing and evolving every day as the world changes, and more and more breakthroughs with health and medicine happen. There […]

  • Genetic Testing Kits Can Inform You About Your Health

    Many organizations have done good studies on how gene clusters may be inherited by a community of people with a shared ancestor. Thus, people who are not ill but want to know their risk of having certain diseases may purchase direct-to-consumer genetic testing kits. The majority of these kits are available to customers without a […]

  • Dr. Glenn Keiper on the Advancement of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

    Back pain can cause chronic pain that may not go away without medical intervention. Minimally invasive surgery is designed to decompress the spine so the vertebral bones can stabilize. By using this method, patients may notice a significantly positive change in their day-to-day living. What Is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery? Dr. Glenn L. Keiper Jr […]

  • Blood Pressure Monitor Watch

    Have you ever heard of how important it is to constantly check your blood pressure? Do you know how to check it in the comfort of your home? Checking and monitoring your blood pressure is very crucial to how well you monitor your overall health. Simply put, it relates blood pressure to the rate of […]

  • Understanding Head Injury Assessment Procedures

    A study at the University of Birmingham reveals that a saliva test can predict head injury diagnostic results in 94% of brain injury cases, according to a report on The Independent. The test developed by researchers using biomarkers present in the saliva is a game-changer in detecting brain injuries. Dr. Valentina Di Pietro, the staff physician […]