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  • 3 Tips for a Successful Drug Launch

    Did you know that over two-thirds of new drug launches do not meet sales expectations in the initial year? Only 65% of the drugs that make it past the first year continue to realize market growth in the second year. For these reasons, you must implement a well-thought-out drug launch strategy to foster your pharmaceutical […]

  • 3 Injuries Associated With Making Electrical Repairs Yourself

    3 Injuries Associated With Making Electrical Repairs Yourself

    Electrical work is one of the few tasks that should be left to a professional regarding home repair. Electrical repairs can be incredibly dangerous and even deadly if done incorrectly. Numerous injuries can occur when making electrical repairs; understanding them is essential for staying safe. 1. Electric Shock The first injury associated with making electrical […]

  • 8 Immediate Steps to Take If You are Injured at Your Workplace

    8 Immediate Steps to Take If You are Injured at Your Workplace

    Anyone injured at their workplace should know that the company must be liable for any damages incurred by that person. However, if you are injured at work and have not been compensated, you can take a few steps to get the needed compensation. 1. Speak With A Workers’ Comp Attorney A lawyer specializing in workers’ […]

  • 5 Creative Ways to Help a Child's Hospital Stay Less Stressful

    5 Creative Ways to Help a Child’s Hospital Stay Less Stressful

    Children can suffer from anxiety and curiosity when left in unfamiliar environments such as hospitals. Usually, as a parent, you also get worried about the loneliness your child can undergo when in the hospital. So, how to do you ensure your child’s stay at health facilities is free from boredom and stress? This article will […]

  • Types of Routine Kidney Function Blood Tests

    The human body has two bean-shaped organs right at the lower back portion above the pelvic girdle. This pair of organs is responsible for the filtration of blood by removing the by-products of cellular metabolism and other physiological functions. Both kidneys together produce 1 to 1.5 litres of urine every day by filtering at least […]

  • Common Reasons You Should Embrace Regular Medical Screening

    Regular medical screenings Regular medical screenings, at least twice a year, are crucial to your continuous health regardless of your age, health status, or stage of life. But you should undergo regular medical screenings if you have a chronic illness or engage in sexual activity. For instance, you should routinely have STD testing to find […]

  • Capitol City Residential Health Care Offers 8 Tips To Support Seniors in The IDD Community

    Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) face unique challenges as they age. Supporting seniors in the IDD community requires knowledge of the special needs and considerations that come with aging. Here are some tips from Capitol City Residential Health Care experts on supporting seniors in the IDD community. Create a Comprehensive Care Plan It […]

  • 5 Errors to Avoid in a Car Accident Injury Claim

    A car accident is one of America’s most common causes of injury, with over 12.6 million accidents occurring annually. This article covers the most common mistakes to avoid when filing a claim after an accident. 1. Not reporting the accident As explains, one of the most common mistakes in a car accident claim is […]

  • Slip and Fall Personal Injuries: Signs You Have a Claim

    If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall, you may be wondering if you have a strong personal injury claim. The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Every case is unique, and you must speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine if you have a valid claim. That […]