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  • 4 Common Myths about Ovarian Cysts

    Many women will develop ovarian cysts at some point throughout their lives. They can be categorized as fluid-filled pockets or sacs which form inside or on the surface of one or both of the ovaries. While the term ‘cyst’ might alarm the uninitiated amongst us, most ovarian cysts are in fact painless and cause absolutely […]

  • Frequently Asked Questions About Stem Cell Treatment

    Before undergoing any sort of medical procedure, it’s important to learn as much as you can about it and make yourself aware of the possible risks that can arise – and stem cell treatment is no exception. If you’re thinking about having stem cell treatment performed, you likely have many questions you’d like to have […]

  • Seniors May Soon Swap Equity for Professional Care

    If you’re still relatively young, then you might not spend a lot of time thinking about the future, and how you’re going to pay for care when you can no longer live independently. Unfortunately, this concern can become a huge problem for many homeowners who need support when disability, problems with mobility, and other issues […]

  • Points to consider when going for a surgery after 50

    Hospitals can be scary. The strange, strong smell of chemicals and disinfectants, pallid white coats, the occasional cries of pain, can unnerve anyone regardless of how old or young they may be. And, if one has to stay there for a period of time, then the uniformly-coloured walls paired with the food that can put […]

  • Decoding the Mystery of Thinning Hair

    Everyone wants healthy, bouncy, and beautiful hair. Unfortunately, achieving such hair takes a lot of effort. Most women simply do not know the factors that can compromise the health of their hair. Leading busy lives, some women simply do not notice the subtle signs of hair damage. That is until they start losing hair. At […]

  • How to choose Elderly Care Seating

    It is not easy to see your loved ones getting older and losing their independence. Most aging people prefer staying in their homes for as long as possible. For their families, this means adjusting the house to meet the needs of their loved ones. Aside from obtaining a hospital bed to replace a traditional bed, […]

  • Common Stem Cell Myths Debunked

    Stem cells are a hot topic and new studies bring them into the spotlight over and over again. Unfortunately, there are also many myths surrounding stem cells, which often make people doubt the efficiency of stem cells therapies. Here are the most common myths on stem cells, debunked with facts. Stem cells are the same […]