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    Choosing the Right Care Facility for the Elderly

    It’s never easy to see a loved one start to struggle in the later years of their life. It can be hard for them to accept they need help, but sometimes it is necessary for the good of their health and well-being. You might choose to move them into your home and care for them […]

  • 9 Ways Health Care Workers Earn Extra Money

    Burnout is extremely common in the health care profession. There’s the compassion-exhaustion effect because health care professionals are expected to work long shifts. Also, you can’t disregard the poor benefits and little pay that most health care workers receive. All those things easily add to the already heavy pressure of their back-breaking and emotionally draining […]

  • Why Colonoscopy Recertification Is Important

    If you’re not yet aware, the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards have made it necessary that from 2019, all hospitals and day services that are set up to conduct colonoscopies in Australia are to be accredited to the Colonoscopy Clinical Care Standard to ensure that everyone performing the procedure is adequately accredited to […]

  • Who’s More Prone to Bone Cancer?

    While there has been significant growth in the knowledge of cancer, bone cancer is one that is still searching for answers. There are some correlations between certain diseases and the increased risk of developing bone cancer however the exact cause of bone cancer is still unknown. With that being said there appear to be some […]

  • Emerging Trends in Patient Experience

    Patient experience is an important aspect of healthcare. This scope has continued to broaden as the demand for increased and better understanding of the wants and needs of the patients before, during, and after care increases. Healthcare systems have started to embrace technologies, practices, and tools intending to lead to customer-centricity. Most healthcare executives understand […]

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    Giving Birth During The Pandemic

    The Coronavirus pandemic has changed nearly every facet of daily life, and giving birth to a newborn is no exception. Expecting mothers have enough on their plates during the best of times — making it to the hospital, undergoing labor, and as Kenneth Sieglman, an attorney for medical negligence points out, stressing over the health […]

  • Reform is Needed in the Wake of COVID-19

    Nadia Kiderman has been a veteran healthcare consultant for a number elder care facilities over the last decade. As we all know by now, the Coronavirus pandemic has led to many changes in the industry, and brought to light (at long last) the myriad amount of challenges and issues plaguing the industry. It’s unfortunate that […]

  • 8 Risks of Getting a Flu Shot

    Flu shots are one of the most popular strategies of protection from the flu, particularly during flu season. There are, however, major side-effects of getting the flu shot. These side effects lay on a spectrum of short-term to long-term. You are advised to look at the risks that come with the flu shot. Here are […]

  • Changes to Elder Care Needed

    Nadia Kiderman is a veteran of the healthcare industry with much to share in the form of expert commentary to the masses concerning the missteps that have been taken thus far concerning the mismanagement of the Coronavirus pandemic. Her commentary can be read on a variety of sites including Thrive Global, Times of Israel and […]