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  • What it Takes to Achieve a Normal Healthy Body Weight

    Based on the information by WHO (World Health Organization), the worldwide obesity has tripled itself, since 1975, with 39% of adults aged 18 years or older are overweight and 13% are obese.The number doesn’t sound good, especially because so much is expected from the population comprised of this age group. Hence, there is a need […]

  • How Ambulatory Care Centers are Facilitating Access to Healthcare

    As the CEO of Rendina Healthcare Real Estate, Richard Rendina has personally overseen the successful development of healthcare facilities in multiple states. One of Richard’s specialties is in Ambulatory Network Planning and development of facilities for non-profit and for-profit healthcare facilities. The company helps healthcare providers to design and develop custom solutions that are cost-effective […]

  • 4 Medicinal Trends That Have Quickly Become Popular Due To Social Media

    The numbers of healthcare issues are increasing because of factors such as hereditary-gene induced disorders, poor lifestyle habits, and unhealthy eating. Over the years, we have resulted to herbal and modern medicinal treatments for better lifestyles and welfare. Scientists and medical practitioners research new approaches to deal with health challenges. There is a variety of […]

  • 4 Ways To Cope With A Health Issue You’re Facing

    It’s not fun dealing with health issues because they can drastically impact your life. The upside is that there are useful ways for how you can cope with these types of obstacles and improve your wellbeing. What you can’t do is give up trying to deal with them because, fear not, your hard work and […]

  • 4 Surprising Facts About CBD Oil

    It is not a secret that hemp is a plant with a lot of healing properties. There are various products derived from hemp that are now being used – globally nonetheless – to treat different health issues. The healing properties of hemp are one of the reasons why CBD oil is immensely popular these days. […]

  • Growing-Marijuana-Outdoors

    High Yield Varieties Of Marijuana

    To reap high yields regarding superior potency, it is necessary to plant seeds of high quality. Additionally, it is necessary to get seeds from the best strain. Individuals need to be fully aware of the requirements of strains and quality to ensure that they plant the right seeds. Poor choice of marijuana seeds will reflect […]

  • Tips for Aging with Grace

    Age is actually a red herring. Yes the earth does a couple of rotations around the sun and your cells do get older, but the number itself is not a true indicator of age. Contrary to what most people believe, you can control the aging process, or at the very least, slow it down. 40 […]

  • How Has Medical Imaging Improved Healthcare

    Technology is advancing rapidly across all sectors, and this includes the health industry. With it comes new and better ways to deal with the human body, diagnose illness and improve the treatment procedures. One of those technological advancements is medical imaging. What is medical imaging you ask? This can be termed as a technique or […]

  • Limited Mobility Doesn’t Mean Confined

    When folks hear the term “limited mobility”, they assume the person is unable to walk and is confined to a wheelchair. Really, the term can be broadly defined as not able to move as the average person in their age group is able. It does include people who are confined to wheelchairs or beds but […]

  • Women’s health – steps towards proper gynecological care

    With advancements in the medical field, women are now able to take control over their health and ensure they are doing everything it takes to prevent various problems and conditions. While the services available nowadays are more developed than ever, and easy to access at the same time, it’s surprising to notice that many women […]