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  • Turning Adversity into Adventure

    Recent research suggests that the ability to overcome setbacks and view them as temporary obstacles rather than permanent barriers may be one of the greatest predictors of high achievement in any endeavor. This characteristic, commonly referred to as “grit” due to the research conducted by behavioral psychologist Angela Duckworth, has become an area of great […]

  • Liquid Biopsy & Cancer

    Early detection of cancer offers the best chances of beating this disease. However, most tumors are not detected early enough and are only caught when it is too late when they have grown large and spread extensively in the body. This is the reason why a large number of researchers are working round the clock […]

  • 5 Top Causes of Construction Accidents and Deaths

    Working in construction is not easy. It involves a lot of lifting and pushing, as well as hard work and lots of distributive attention. This last thing can make the difference between just another day at work and a day when a potentially fatal accident took place. Falls Falls are the most common type of […]

  • How Thermobalancing Therapy Can Help Treat Kidney Stones

    A new form of therapy that uses a simple device has been shown to be effective at dissolving kidney stones. Known as thermobalancing therapy, Dr. Allen’s device has been shown to eliminate kidney stones without side effects, drugs, surgical procedures or supplements. It works by increasing blood circulation to the kidneys, allowing the stone to […]

  • Preparing to Move Into the Right Retirement Community

    As Baby Boomers continue to age and to retire, the whole retirement community industry is thriving as never before. Options available for seniors who want to take things at an easier and slower pace, who want to be around others their own age and engage in activities and pastimes that take into account their changing […]

  • What to Know Before Using an Online Pharmacy

    The advent of technology and internet has to a great extent affected how we do things. One of the directly impacted sectors is in the trade of goods and services. People no longer have to visit the local store all the time to get what they need. Pharmacies have not been left out in this […]

  • How to Start Exercising After Surgery

    If you have had surgery, you will know that the recovery period can be the hardest part, particularly if you are usually an active person. However, after you have rested and healed, you will be thinking about getting back into your routine which may include exercise. Depending on where you had your surgery, you may […]

  • Top 10 Benefits and Risks of E-Cigarettes

    E Health Cigarettes will provide you with great flavors all around. These are made with some simple designs and flavors that are easy to enjoy. You can get more out of your smoking with this, especially since the risk is minimal. But you should watch for a few important points of E Health Cigrarette. These […]

  • 6 Times Online Medical Consultations Save The Day

    Telemedicine includes many facets of tech-based medical care, including one on one consultations with real medical doctors over the internet. Online medical consultations have begun to take root in the United States for many reasons. As the popularity of these services grows, it’s good to understand the advantages, and know how they benefit you and […]