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  • Fighting Isolation: Five ways to stay connected with the world

    After more than a few long months of social distancing, it’s probably safe to say that it’s going to be quite some time before our lives get back to normal. Most of us are missing friends and family now more than ever and not spending as much time with them is difficult, especially in times […]

  • Tarot Cards, Astrology & Guidance During The Pandemic

    To find reassurance and some sort of guidance people are turning to groups related to spirituality, tarot readings, and astrology to prepare for the future.  No one was expecting to be held captive by a single virus. But little did we know that the coronavirus would spread throughout the world and terrorize us so much. […]

  • How to Do an Herbal Cleansing

    Even the healthiest people can use an herbal cleansing every now and then. It’s a good way to rid the body of toxins and it may also promote weight loss. If you are thinking of doing an herbal cleansing, this article will give you tips that will help you get the most out of the […]

  • Remaining Respectful

    When a person is in a situation that is caused by a lack of respect, it’s paramount to self-respect. How did I get into this situation? Did I unknowingly disrespect someone? These are questions we should all ask ourselves. Having respect for not only our elders but our community members is very important. There are […]

  • The Online Fitness World

    There is a whole industry that creates profiles for people to follow based on their fitness wants and needs. It makes it so easy for people to work out in the comfort of their homes. Many health professionals like Helen Lee Schifter remember what it’s like before this “Online Fitness World” became live. Many people […]

  • Seed Banking and Its Benefits

    There have been several instances in recent years, which have made us realise that there is now a shortage of food. There are several reasons for this happening. The first reason is the change in climate conditions. The climate conditions play a very vital role in determining the growth of various crops worldwide. Due to […]

  • TMS Health Solutions Changes Its Name to Mindful Health Solutions

    In September, TMS Health Solutions changed the name of its Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy centers in El Dorado Hills and Sacramento to Mindful Health Solutions The reason for this change was to better illustrate the company’s focus on TMS therapy, which is an alternative treatment for clinical depression. MHS also announced its plans to […]

  • Ways to Find Sudden Peace

    There will be times in everyone’s life where things go wrong. Finding peace in those moments is what Helen Lee Schifter, a wellness expert, has done her best to do. When life throws curveballs your way, it’s important to understand that it’s okay and mundane to feel stressed. The key to any high-intensity situation is […]

  • How COVID-19 Has Affected the Yoga Industry

    Yoga is a very classical and popular exercise for many people. It has helped those like Helen Lee Schifter with stress relief and staying fit. However, during COVID-19 many yoga studios had to shut down because they had no more business or because of the social distance mandate order.  It seems that many major yoga […]