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    How to Keep Your Gums Pink & Healthy

    So, what do you need to do to keep your gums healthy and pink? I bet you’ve looked in the mirror already to check out how healthy your gums are! Healthy gums are a good indicator of healthy teeth. More precisely, healthy teeth require healthy gums. It follows then that practicing good oral hygiene is […]

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    No Health Insurance? 7 Key Tips for Saving Money on Prescription Drugs

    Almost 20% of America’s GDP goes towards health spending. That number is constantly ballooning as medical costs continue to go up unchecked. If you’re feeling the burn of rising healthcare costs anywhere, it’s probably when you go to pick up your prescriptions. Depending on your insurance, you might be spending hundreds of dollars per refill. […]

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    Is Beef Jerky Healthy? What You Should Know

    Ah, beef jerky: it’s delicious. But, as you probably already know, delicious doesn’t always equal healthy. In fact, in most cases, it tends to equal the opposite.  So, where does beef jerky fall on the spectrum of healthy and unhealthy? Is it an anomaly that manages to maintain good nutrition despite its delicious taste? Or is […]

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    CBD Isolate and Full Spectrum CBD: What’s the Difference?

    Cannabidiol or CBD is a popular alternative product for managing and treating a medical condition. This compound is obtained from cannabis. Unlike THC, it is not a psychoactive material. On the contrary, it has soothing and calming properties. This makes CBD a good choice for dealing with anxiety, pain, and epilepsy among other conditions. If […]

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    How to Start Keto Dieting: Everything You Need to Know

    Are you planning to reduce weight or you just want a low Kerb diet? If so, then the keto diet is perfect for you. The keto diet has gained popularity in America and across the globe because so many people have learned its benefits. The keto diet is a special diet, and this means that […]

  • The Medical Benefits of Taking Steroids

    Many people associate steroids with athletes who have been accused of cheating to gain an advantage in competition, but there are actually many legitimate reasons why a person might need to take steroids for their health. Canadian steroids can be purchased legally, and their ability to help individuals individuals build muscle mass has many medical […]

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    5 Essential Reasons Why You Should Learn CPR

    The sad fact about humans is that we are vulnerable. We are aware of how vulnerable we are, and we go ahead to learn how to take care of others and ourselves. First Aid and CPR are essential methods we should all learn to save a situation if such a case it arises. You may […]

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    How to Get Help for Addiction: When to Go to Rehab

    Did you know that 1 in 7 Americans will face addiction at some point in their life? If you’re one of the many people who are struggling with an addiction, it may be hard to know when to seek outside help. Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I need rehab?” If you have to ask […]

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    Stop the Itch: The Top Natural Remedies for Bug Bites

    We’re entering the season of camping, cottages, and backyard barbecues. Nothing could ruin your summer vacation, right? Wrong. Mosquitos and other blood-thirsty bugs can terrorize your summer. When these pesky critters bite, they inject the skin with some of their saliva. This triggers the body to go into healing mode. Unfortunately, for most people, that […]