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  • Oklahoma’s Substance Abuse Problem & How to Seek Help

    While you might be proud to live in Oklahoma, there’s one fact you can’t deny. Our state suffers from a catastrophic substance abuse problem and something must be done. Did you know that nearly 1,000 Oklahomans will die each year because of a drug overdose? These numbers should blow your mind and cause you to […]

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    What to Expect the First Night with Your Newborn in the Hospital

    Your due date is just around the corner and you’re over-the-moon-excited about bringing your new baby into the world.  Usually, mothers are so concerned about giving birth and raising a baby, that they forget about one tiny experience in between- the overnight stay in the hospital.  While the day you bring your baby into the […]

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    Don’t Stop Moving: The Best Exercises for Seniors

    In America, only 35% of people over 75 are physically active.  When you get older, it can be harder to stay active but that’s actually when it’s most important to.  Staying active is still possible at that age; it just might look a little different. Make sure you keep reading below to learn the best […]

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    9 Possible Reasons for Unintentional Extreme Weight Loss

    According to one survey, about 49% of American adults tried to lose weight at some point.  While some people may be trying to lose weight, you might not be. If you haven’t been trying and notice that you’ve lost a lot of weight without trying, it may be a sign that you should worry.  Read […]

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    How to Deal With Sleep Apnea: 4 Ways to Find Relief

    Sleep apnea affects millions of people and that number that continues to grow every year. The scary part is that many people go through their lives not even realizing that they suffer from this disruptive medical condition. Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea or suspect that you have the condition? Make sure to speak […]

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    Taking A Look Into The Benefits Of CBD For Muscle Recovery

    After an intense workout, sore muscles can leave you feeling too exhausted for your next set. By taking CBD for muscle recovery, however, you can avoid unnecessary delays between workouts. More athletes and gym enthusiasts are grabbing their favorite CBD products before hitting the gym. In fact, the cannabidiol industry is expected to rise higher […]

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    Common Types of Oral Surgery Explained: What to Expect and Recovery

    Have you had oral surgery? Did you know that the removal of wisdom teeth and dental implants are the most common types of oral surgery? Yet, there are many more oral surgeries performed each year. Increasing your knowledge of the different practitioners and types of procedures will benefit you if you have problems. Understanding these subjects […]

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    Just Relax: Here Are Simple Ways to Avoid Getting Sick From Stress

    Whatever your situation in life, you are not immune to stress. It affects all of us, and we need it to a certain extent.  There is a point when stress becomes excessive, though, leading to a slew of potentially crippling problems. It’s clear that chronic stress has a direct effect on one’s mental health, but fewer […]