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    Cancer and Marijuana: Can Weed Really Help Cancer Patients?

    You’ve heard that marijuana eases the pain of cancer victims, but how much is true? Is smoking marijuana more dangerous than other forms of ingestion? Should you consider marijuana for pain? We’re going to take a quick look at how cancer and marijuana are linked and the different ways people take it. Remember to check […]

  • Outstanding Lingerie And Foundation Garments To Own In 2019

    If you are on the hunt for the newest and best lingerie and foundation garments to own this year, then look no further. We have all the latest news on recent innovations in undergarments and lingerie as well as essential foundation corsetry. Make 2019 the year where you reclaim what’s under your clothes and start […]

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    Caring For An Addict: 9 Ways To Help Someone With An Addiction

    Supporting someone with an addiction can change your life and theirs permanently, and for the better. Being dependable emotional support for an addict won’t be easy, but you can do it.  Knowing how to help someone with an addiction is powerful, and you can help them weather the storm of their addiction. You can even […]

  • Blending or Juicing: Which Is Better?

    Both blending and juicing are great ways to help make sure that you are getting plenty of fruits, vegetables, and vitamins as part of your daily diet. They can fulfill valuable components of a healthy lifestyle, and have produced a thriving market around them with advertisements for everything from the best quiet blender to the […]

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    Strengthening Teeth: How to Heal Your Tender Teeth, Naturally

    Surprisingly, 1 in 8 adults have sensitive teeth.  If you’ve been struggling with this, you’re not alone. Don’t worry though, there are ways to help with this problem.  A healthy smile benefits your health in many ways. But what if you have tender teeth? Strengthening teeth is easy. Here are a few natural remedies. Prevent […]

  • 5 Tips for Healing After a Serious Car Accident

    5 Tips for Healing After a Serious Car Accident

    Car accidents are unfortunately quite common. Thousands of serious and deadly accidents occur every week in the United States. If you’re lucky enough to have survived a serious accident, your immediate focus should be on reaching a quick and full recovery. Improve Your Recovery With These 5 Suggestions The hours and days after a serious […]

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    Tea-riffic Reasons to Drink Tea

    Everyone has heard that tea is healthy for you, but could anyone actually say why? Maybe you’ve heard the term antioxidants when tea is mentioned — whatever those are. It’s time that the nation learned exactly what these proven health benefits actually are. Our diets determine the extent of our health and wellness. While too often […]

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    Ditch Your Diet: Why Losing Weight with Diet Alone Doesn’t Work

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, 62% of American adults are overweight or obese. Dieting has been around for decades and every few years a new diet fad comes into play, which claims it can help you lose x amount of weight within weeks. But why do these diets never seem to work in […]

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    How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally and Permanently

    You’re attracted to your partner, you certainly haven’t lost any interest in intimacy, and you love trying new things in the bedroom.  But recently, when it comes time to perform?  You’ve been having trouble both getting and maintaining your erection.  You’re not alone — even if you’re on the younger side.  In fact, recent studies […]