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  • Glenwood Springs Addiction Center Provides Treatment to Mothers

    Glenwood Springs, Co. has a new addiction treatment center, Momenta, offering mental health and substance use disorder services to both outpatients and inpatients. It was founded by Mandy Owensby, a mother of two who had previously been in recovery for her own addiction. She wanted to create a program that specifically serviced both women and mothers […]

  • Know How Air Purifiers Can Help You Have Healthy Skin

    When you are indoors and want to have clean and fresh air then you have no better option than air purifiers. Today the population is booming and so the number of flats and individual houses are increasing in a particular area. This means people are tend to live within the living space closed. This causes […]

  • Four Great Ways to Relax Your Body and Mind

    You may feel as if stress has finally gotten the better of you. If you find yourself clenching your jaw, flying off the handle with your loved ones or having difficulty concentrating, stress may be hurting your body and your mind. You may quickly find yourself with painful muscles, major anxiety and problems at work. […]

  • 3 Money Saving Reasons to Check You Explanation of Benefits

    A few weeks after receiving medical care from a service provider in which health insurance was applied, you should receive an Explanation of Benefits statement in the mail or email. Although not a bill, the Explanation of Benefits will often note the amount that you may owe your provider. It also includes information such as: […]

  • Substance Abuse and What To Watch Out For

    There are millions of people dealing with substance abuse issues whether it is a chronic addiction or binging every time you drink. Most people do not realize they are heading down the road of physical as well as mental dependence on a specific substance. Once people realize that they might have a problem it could […]

  • All About Mold: From What We Can Eat to What’s Toxic

    All About Mold: From What We Can Eat to What’s Toxic Mention the word “mold” in the presence of a party crowd, and chances are you’ll see a lot of tightening facial muscles. Perhaps someone will walk away, intent on finding a better conversation elsewhere. That’s okay! Most people don’t realize that some of the […]

  • The (Whole) Truth About Eggs…and Gains

    Two decades ago, during the opening stages of my own health journey, I’d often buy 10 dozen or so eggs at a time. Not only are eggs a cheap and highly bioavailable source of lean tissue building protein, but having to toss out half the egg (the yolk) due to dietary cholesterol and fat concerns […]

  • 4 Steps to Process Your Way to Success in 2018

    The single greatest factor in the success or failure of any venture is not capability or even my favorite personal character trait (hint: it starts with “work” and ends with “ethic”), but something far less complex: setting clearly defined goals. This is not my feeble attempt at a Tony Robbins impression, it’s me speaking as […]

  • How Does Substance Abuse Rehab Work?

    There are many people who consider holistic substance abuse treatment. However, their preconceived notions about what it will be like prevents them from going. Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol? If this is the case, you need to seek help as soon as possible. You might be unsure what to expect once you arrive. […]