Dangers your pet may be exposed to in your home

Dangers your pet may be exposed to in your home

Many of us have pets in our homes, and they’re the perfect addition to family life – and we love them dearly. But sometimes, our homes aren’t the safest places for them to be and it cane be all too easy to accidentally leave our furry friends exposed to dangers we might not even notice.

  1. Open bins

To us, an open bin is unlikely to cause any more of a problem than smelling unpleasant. However, if an animal gets into a bin it’s very easy for them to eat something that’s toxic to ethm, such as onions or chocolate – and you won’t know what’s the matter with them. It’s important to invest in a secure, easy to use bin system that keeps waste away from animals.

  1. Toxic chemicals

Although of course cleaning your home is essential to keeping you and your family healthy, some cleaning products are much safer than others. Always check the labels and brand names for pet safe ingredients so you can be sure you aren’t harming our animals when you clean your surfaces.

  1. Radiation

The modern world is filled with technology which is fantastic for our everyday lives in all areas from communication to cooking. However, all this electrical equipment gives off radiation and as much as it’s important to protect ourselves from it, it’s just as vital to protect animals too by looking into EMF protection for pets. Investing in these accessories will keep your pets safe from the harmful effects of radiation!

  1. Splinters

If you live in a home with a lot of wooden areas, including floorboards, sheds, stairways and even attics, splinters could be a big risk for your four pawed friends. Make sure you are aware of these problem areas and either cover up or sand down these spots to avoid your pets injuring their feet.

  1. Exposed wires

Exposed wires are a health hazard for humans as well, but additionally they can be harmful to pets who inadvertently chew on them and give themselves a shock. Make sure all your electrical wires are safely tucked away!

So there you have it – we know how easy it is to overlook these things, and they’re very common oversights. But now that you know, you can make sure you’ve made your home as pet friendly as it can possibly be, and keep your furry friends’ health and happiness at the top of your agenda!