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  • How to Keep Pets Safe in Your Backyard

    If you have pets, you will need to ensure their safety in your backyard.With the arrival of warm weather this summer, you and your dogs will want to spend as much time outside as possible. However, when preparing your yard for the upcoming barbecues, consider the products you use, the types of flowers you plant, […]

  • Barxbuddy Silicone Dog Bowl Review

    Top Picks For 2022: BarxBuddy Silicone Dog Bowl Takes The Cake

    I’m always looking for new products to spoil my good boy with. New treats, new collars, anything I can get my hands on. I love seeing companies experiment and create innovative products that solve problems I didn’t even realize I had. Today I’m going to tell you about one of these products, the BarxBuddy Silicone […]

  • How to Know if a Husky is Right For You

    In some cases, the answer to a problem lies from the perspective you tackle such a problem. It is no different in contemplating if a husky is the right dog breed for you as the real question should be: are you right for a husky? Siberian Huskies make for unique pets. They are very energetic, […]

  • Dangers your pet may be exposed to in your home

    Dangers your pet may be exposed to in your home

    Many of us have pets in our homes, and they’re the perfect addition to family life – and we love them dearly. But sometimes, our homes aren’t the safest places for them to be and it cane be all too easy to accidentally leave our furry friends exposed to dangers we might not even notice. […]

  • How Training With BarxBuddy Changed My Dog's Behavior

    How Training With BarxBuddy Changed My Dog’s Behavior

    I am one of those people who love to have a companion other than humans. To me, having dogs seems to be one of the best shots at non-human companions I can get. Undoubtedly, this is a great idea, as it opens up a better perspective about the relationship between humans and animals. Nonetheless, for […]

  • Why Your Cat May Benefit from CBD

    In recent years, research has uncovered a lot of benefits from cannabis for humans. CBD oil in particular has been touted as beneficial for everything from sleep cycles to acne treatment. But did you know that CBD oil could also be beneficial for your cat? What is CBD? CBD is an acronym for cannabidiol, one […]

  • How Pets Can Improve Your Mental Health

    Many pet owners are already aware of the instant happiness that comes with sharing their lives with their pets. Although many of us remain oblivious to the positive effects on our physical and mental wellbeing associated with owning a pet, it is only recently that researchers have begun to scientifically investigate the effects of relationships […]

  • How To Prevent Pests From Getting Into Your Property

    Regardless of the type of property in which you live, pests can gain access to your home and cause a significant health problem. Indeed, you should be aware that pests can infest every type of building while you should also understand that they need a number of basic requirements in order to survive for a […]

  • How a Dog Can Improve Your Overall Health & Mental Wellbeing

    A dog can bring laughter, loyalty, and love into your home, acting as a protector and a companion for all members of your family, young and old. However, did you also know that owning a dog can have a profoundly positive impact on your overall health and wellbeing? Similar to how plants can improve your […]

  • Treating Nutritional Deficiencies with Hemp Oil for Pets

    Does your pet get all its nutritional intake? How would you know if it is short of nutrients? And when you do find out, how do you intend to meet these shortfalls? There are many products out there offering supplements for your pet. While some are organic, some others are synthetic. Hemp oil is one […]