Health Strategies for Children

Achieving good child health is vital for later adult health. The government of UK has taken a number of strategies to ensure that women have a good experience in maternity care through providing better services to the unborn and the mother as well.

For a better adult health, the achievement of a good child health is essential. The strategy revolves around three stages in life, pregnancies and early years are the first in the list. New parents are to receive training through the antenatal classes.

These classes are to enhance the parents with knowledge on the best ways they can look after their young ones and the possibility of health visits from the csa contact (csa contact is part of child maintenance arrangement that ensures that a child is supported financially incase the parents separate. It is for children who are either under the age of 16 or under 20 in a full time education which is not higher than A-level or equivalent)

For the improvement in this stage, the following are enlisted:

• The health child Programme will need development of a better health visitor. A health visitor is a nurse who is trained or midwives who have received specialist training in child delivery and can thus spot a problem that may affect the health and wellbeing of a child and their development. They are also able to identify children who have problems that may affect them later in life and help them.

• To engage parents who are disadvantaged, the antenatal and Preparation for Parenthood programme will be developed for all. The CSA Contact will ensure that the children from such families develop healthily thus less the likelihood of the child to be neglected.

• The expansion of a programme which focuses on a success partnership of the parents with a family nurse. This brings about more support from nurses who are highly trained more so for the first- time mothers

• Sure Start Children Centers should have a strengthened role through ensuring access of a health visitor in every center and also putting effort in the reduction of obesity (through promoting healthy eating and physical activity) and smoking.

Another is through the immunization and screening of the child. Immunization will ensure that the child is free and also prevented from some illnesses more so those that become a threat. The NHS (National Health Service) England has full responsibility for planning immunization in children.

An encouragement in healthy living from an early life is essential. Regular texting and emailing is done to give information on and advise on healthy living for parents. They are given an advice on how to ensure a healthy diet and physical activity

A healthy child Programme is available to: help in development in parent child bond, encourage mothers to breast feed their children.

The maternity care will be improved through ensuring that a mother gets a single midwife (named) who is to oversee her care all through the pregnancy and also after she has her child, the parents are also given a choice of where and how she gives birth. For those mothers who may have postnatal depression, or those who may suffer a miscarriage, still birth or death, of a baby, more support is offered to them.

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