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  • How to Raise Low Self-Esteem

    Your perception of your appearance, abilities, and personality can determine your self-esteem. There might be moments in your life when it is high and times when it is low. Everyone has flaws they would like to change, but they shouldn’t affect your confidence or self-worth. If you are struggling with intense insecurities that hold you […]

  • 4 Tips for Handling Panic Attacks

    4 Tips for Handling Panic Attacks The Pandemic of 2020 brought on panic attacks for many people as the uncertainty of the virus truly took its toll on people all around the world. The numbers alone were enough to send anyone to a panic attack as the virus reached into the millions and the death […]

  • 5 Ideas for Reducing Stress Levels When Studying for CPA Exam

    5 Ideas for Reducing Stress Levels When Studying for CPA Exam

    For readers who are about to embark upon the exciting journey towards becoming a certified public accountant, give yourself a pat on the back! While accounting may seem like an unassuming career, the intricate details surrounding the world of finance acts as the glue that holds our society together. Without accountants balancing the checks and […]

  • The Importance of “Checking in” on Your Mental Health

    The Importance of “Checking in” on Your Mental Health Mental health is very important and this is a topic that has been getting a lot of attention in the past few years. Helen Lee Schifter knows the importance of mental health. In addition to seeing a doctor for physical health, a person needs to be […]

  • Why Emotional Intelligence is Synonymous with Success

    How many times have you encountered a person who seemed to always have high strung emotions? You know who I’m talking about; the ones who relate every stressful situation back to their own feelings, regardless of the relevance. The ones who simply cannot take constructive criticism from anyone, no matter how necessary it is. The […]

  • Mental Illness and How it Affects Your Family

    The impact of mental illness is never limited to the person with the illness; instead, it extends to other family members and the community. These effects are not deliberate; they come up due to the differences in understanding the meaning of mental illness and how to deal with it. Also, mental illness can lead to […]

  • self care

    Importance of Self Care

    Giving yourself enough care Introduction Stress and pressure have increased remarkably in the last few years. Self-care, taking care of oneself, is important to keep one healthy, to allow a person to do a job, to care for others and complete tasks. Not only is it important to maintain the body in health without pain […]

  • Tips To Improve Your Mental Health

    Tips To Improve Your Mental Health Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Yes, this is the absolute truth. If you’re not mentally doing well, it can, and will, wear down on your physical health. It’s important that you keep up your mental health doing well. You shouldn’t let it get […]

  • Common Signs of Anxiety

    Common Signs of Anxiety Father George Rutler, the retired pastor of the Church St. Michael’s the Archangel, in New York City, has counseled thousands of parishioners, from the ultra-wealthy and society-elite to the ordinary truck driver, street cleaner, or hotel maid. And Rutler has come to one fundamental conclusion. No matter who you are, nor […]

  • 3 Benefits Owning a Pet Gives to Your Mental Health

    3 Benefits Owning a Pet Gives to Your Mental Health

    Giving a pet a loving home helps them thrive, and there’s something amazing about the bond you’ll develop with a furry companion. While your pet will be happy to spend time in a loving environment, you’ll also notice that you feel happier and experience a greater sense of life satisfaction with them around each day. […]