Category: Mental Health

  • Tips for a healthy brain

    Having a healthy brain is a blessing. You need to work hard for it and on a consistent basis. People who want to work hard and be sure that they continue to make themselves smarter, the points noted below should be kept in mind. 1. Learn a new language With the intention of learning a […]

  • Getting Your Mental Fitness Back on Track

    By Kouris Kalligas, CEO and co-founder, Therachat I first heard the term “mental fitness” when it was referenced in a blog by Foundry Group’s Managing Director, Brad Feld. Brad felt he was constantly fighting a stigma by using the term “mental health,” and I couldn’t agree more. As I continue to speak with mental health […]

  • Exercising on the Run

    According to a recent study conducted by travel website Expedia®, 53% of Americans think it is important to exercise while traveling. And honestly, there is some darn convincing, scientifically substantiated reasons why you shouldn’t skip a single workout, let alone a week or two of them. Skipping just over a week’s worth of workouts can […]

  • Common Medical Issues that Result in Dizziness and How to Get Help

    Not many enjoy the feeling of being off balance or unsteady on their feet, but dizziness, also known as vertigo, creates that experience for millions of adults each year. Having a temporary dizzy spell may seem benign on the surface, especially when the feeling fades within a few moments. However, vertigo can be a serious […]

  • 3 Tips on Coping with Depression in College

    Depression in college can happen for a multitude of different reasons, and sometimes, it can occur for seemingly no reason whatsoever. College students are often susceptible to developing depression; a massive lifestyle change, stress from school or work, anxiety about finances, and the pressure of making and maintaining new friendships can quickly mount up and […]

  • Simple ways to improve your mental health

    May is mental health awareness month, and we should start making some resolutions for our mental health before this month ends. Before we start, it is necessary to know that the ways noted below are not challenging and so you should start considering it at the earliest. 1. Go for a walk When was the […]

  • 3 Mental Health Trends You Need to Start Paying Attention To!

    We are in the new-age; an age where technology has taken over, almost. Now imagine a future where you wouldn’t have to visit a brick and mortar clinic for a doctor’s visit- where therapists chat with you on video through online systems? At the same time, they would be working in tandem with the doctors […]

  • Let Nature Transform You

      Many of us need a retreat where we can rejuvenate in mind and body, where we can recover in peace and reemerge into the light, where we can enjoy not only a respite from stress but restart our lives, where we can return to our friends and families with more energy and enlightenment. Change […]

  • Ending the Anguish of Anxiety

    To suffer from anxiety – to endure this agony – is to know an indescribable tragedy: A trauma that is exclusive to each individual, for which this experience (to the extent we cannot feel another person’s pain) will forever be a mystery to everyone else. That does not mean people must bear this burden alone, […]

  • 20 Things You Need To Let Up To Find Your Love And Happiness

    It doesn’t matter what kind of man you`re what’s your dream and what you want to reach in your life. Everyone has two main goals: to be happy and to find true love. But we always deal with something that distances us from the achievement of our goals and dreams. We put a lot of […]