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  • Hormesis: Short-Term Stress for Long-Term Strength

    Stress has very negative connotations in the modern nomenclature. If you are following along, stress, whether it be physiologically or psychologically induced, increases risk for cardiovascular issues, chronic pain, and is one of the primary factors in anxiety and depression. But the human body is the most advanced and adaptable organism ever developed; given precise […]

  • Heal fraught relationships with Ho’oponopono

    We all have people in our lives that we worry about. They may be in the clutches of addiction, they may be unwell, or we may have become estranged from them because of their bad behaviour.  There are also people in our lives who hurt us and make us angry and whose very presence feels […]

  • Forget Antidepressants & Choose Alternative Depression Treatments

    Antidepressant medications are prescribed very often today, which isn’t a surprise as over 300 million people worldwide suffer from depression. However, for all their efficiency, these drugs aren’t good for your health in the long term (Harvard Health Publishing). Therefore, it’s best to avoid them if possible, especially as today there are safer treatments available. […]

  • Online Therapy Vs. Face-to-Face: Which is Best for You?

    In today’s ever-evolving world, more services are moving towards fully realized telecommuting options, especially in New York. Therapy is no exception. Some counselors and therapists are moving towards providing their patients with the possibility of digital services, including sessions via video chat. Therapy from the comfort of your living room? What could be better, right? […]

  • How Having a Side Hustle Can Improve Mental Health

    A couple of years ago, Americans barely knew what the term “side hustle” meant. With the growing number of full-time workers in the country taking on a side job, however, the term has become a permanent fixture in the English language. Whether it’s doing freelance work, dog walking, driving for a ride-share company, selling real estate, or […]

  • Floatation Therapy for health

    4 Benefits of Floatation Therapy You May Not Know

    Floatation therapy involves sensory deprivation by partial immersion in a tank filled with water and Epsom salt. The water is kept at the same temperature as the individual’s skin. Many people have confessed to having better stress handling skills, sleeping habits, and energy levels after having a session in a floatation chamber. There is no […]

  • 5 Natural Ways to Combat Depression Without Calling a Therapist

    Have you been feeling down and not like yourself lately? Activities you once enjoyed don’t make you happy or excited. You’re feeling listless and don’t have the energy to see your friends.  It’s normal to be sad sometimes, but if it’s becoming the norm, you might be depressed.  Depression can come on suddenly for all […]