Category: Mental Health

  • It’s Difficult To Know What Is Best For Your Child

    No one has ever said in the history of the world, that it is easy to have children and to take care of them as well. It is one of the most difficult and thankless jobs that you will ever have and at times you just want to throw the towel in and walk away. […]

  • 11 Reasons To Consider Seeing A Counsellor

    Many people think discussing issues with a counsellor is a sign of weakness or a useless and costly exercise meant for crazy people. Some believe that therapy should only be the last resort only when all the other treatment methods have been exhausted.       Despite the many misconceptions people associate counseling with, counselling actually has the […]

  • 6 Ways Mental Health Disorders Can Impact Daily Life

    Your mental health is a significant part of your overall health and wellbeing. Your mental health impacts the way you feel emotions, interact with others, think, create ideas, and simply enjoy life. It can also affect how you handle everyday stress and make decisions. Your mental health is essential in every life stage you go […]

  • 4 Important Ways to Prepare Yourself Internally for Goal Pursuit

    There is increasingly doom-laden evidence of society being unhappier now than ever before. The most optimistic period in the US according to various data, was the 1970’s and joie de vivre has declined steadily ever since. Despite obstacles you might face, there has never been more capacity and access to resources for change. You can […]

  • Ben Mesika Shares the Reasons Why Social Media Use is Tied to Depression and Substance Abuse Among Young People and How Parents Can Help

    In recent years, young people have become increasingly dependent on social media for their interactions with peers and friends. Social media may seem like a solution to young people’s isolation, but there have been increased cases of substance abuse and depression linked to excessive use. Ben Mesika explores the reasons why social media causes depression […]

  • What are the best supplements against anxiety?

    Many people struggle with anxiety and stress today. Anxiety affects men and women of all ages and all backgrounds. We are living in such times when these mental health issues became part of many people’s lives. Of course, occasional stress and anxiety are normal because they keep us alert. However, anxiety can become a big […]

  • Joey Klein, CEO of Inner Matrix Systems, Tells Us Why Leaders Must Invest in Themselves First

    One defining characteristic common among effective leaders is personal mastery. Defined as personal growth through principles of purpose, vision, belief, and commitment — personal mastery comes from knowing oneself well enough to align emotions with vision. Here, Joey Klein, CEO of Inner Matrix Systems, outlines how leaders and other high achievers can invest in themselves […]

  • Benjamin Cory Harow Discusses Seasonal Depression

    Seasonal depression is the impact of the changing of seasons on someone’s mental health, more often than not, the impact of winter and colder weather making someone feel as if they are depressed as their mood changes with the weather. This mental state is mostly caused by the lost feelings that summer brings, such as […]

  • Can Phobias Be Classified As A Medical Condition?

    An estimated 9.1% of people in America have specific phobias, reports the National Institute of Mental Health, with up to 21.9% having serious impairments that affect their quality of life. This issue affects teens as well, with around 19.3% of adolescents having a specific phobia. Despite the fact that phobias can make life mildly, moderately, or […]

  • Can Cannabis Promote Spiritual Wellness?

    Many people around the world suffer from chronic anxiety. It may be in the form of social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety, or both. There are many treatments for these conditions out there. What many people do not know, however, is that cannabis can be an effective treatment. Is marijuana a depressant? This is a question you […]