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  • ​How A Therapy Pet or ESA Helps PTSD

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder– commonly referred to as PTSD– is a psychiatric disorder that begins as the result of an individual experiencing a traumatic event. It is often discussed in relation to veterans who have been in combat situations, but can also affect civilians who experience abuse, an accident, natural disasters, and violent events. Emotional Support […]

  • 5 Ways Exercise Can Help Depression Symptoms

    According to the World Health Organization, about 350 million people suffer from depression. In fact, the condition is the leading mental health condition and a leading cause of disability. Major depression brings overwhelming sadness and a loss of interest in things that were once enjoyable. If left untreated, depression can cause serious risks and complications. […]

  • 5 Ways to Deal with Exam Stress

    The thought of examinations at the end of school term, and especially when such an undertaking is just around the corner can be unsettling. It is no surprise that some go into panic mode. This post looks at the flipside of things; exams and stress.  When you know very well not enough preparation took place […]

  • 5 Easy Ways to Beat Anxiety Now

    Anxiety is a compulsive disorder in which individuals show excessive fear to a stressful situation or environment. It is also being apprehensive to an upcoming occasion or event. Most people who suffer from this disorder have no idea how to deal with their condition. They might get up being excessively depressed to an extent of […]

  • How to Use your Mind Properly: The David Michigan’s Methods

    The mind is the motherboard in a human’s body. It is the control center, the stimulator, the receptor and the supreme authority in your body. When we talk about a sharp and focused mind, we mean an extraordinary intelligence. Retaining, understanding and interpretation of facts and Data is one part of intelligence. But the real […]

  • 5 Tips for Building Mental Stamina

    Mental stamina can be the biggest asset of a person. It is what drives an Olympic sportsperson to victory, an entrepreneur to push himself or herself through all hurdles, a disabled person to fight tooth and nail to grasp the basic skills. If you have mental stamina, you can fight through everything to emerge a […]

  • Stress Signs You May Not Have Been Aware of

    Stress is so normal in an average person’s life, that many of the symptoms that would signify there’s a serious problem are often pushed to the side. The trouble with pushing stress aside, however, is that it can build up and manifest in ways that threaten to destroy your personal and professional life. They can […]

  • 3 Ways Stress Can Affect Your Health

    When it comes to your body, it’s no big surprise that everything is interconnected.  Your body is one single entity.  Therefore, it’s understandable that the physical and mental aspects of yourself are always influenced by the other.   Stress is something which is not only an emotion.  It can completely transform your physical well-being.  While […]

  • Avoiding The Holiday Blues

    It’s normal to feel blue from time to time, especially with all the rushing and spending during the holiday season.  Marketers are targeting each and every one of us at a frenetic pace; a pace which we are not hard-wired to keep in line with.  Celebrating the holidays just comes naturally; but for many, they […]

  • 4 Common Types of Brain Stimulation Therapy

    Brain stimulation therapies have spent a lot of time in the limelight during recent years.  Despite this attention, few are actually aware of what brain stimulation therapy is as well as the common uses of these therapies to treat mental disorders in patients who have failed to see relief from psychotherapy treatments.   In this […]