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  • Things You Need To Improve Your Mental Health

    Ever had your heart broken? It may seem petty at first and silly, but it can actually take a toll on your mental health and affect you in ways one cannot comprehend. Losing a loved one is traumatic, as well. However, the above incidents cannot be a prerequisite for one’s poor mental health. Experiences like […]

  • Hugging can boost your mental health

    Apart from just spreading joy, there are many benefits of hugging. And while not everyone will enjoy or feel comfortable from the physical touch involved, hugs positively impact both physical and mental health. With consent and under appropriate circumstances, you should hug frequently to reap the health benefits. A few reasons why you should hug […]

  • YANA vs. Insurance Companies

    YANA vs. Insurance Companies

    YANA is an innovative new solution that stands for You Are Not Alone. It’s one of the very few world-class online mental health clinics that provide affordable services. The company connects its clients to a convenient, high quality, and inexpensive form of therapy all on mobile devices. While it might seem like a niche concept, […]

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    How to Navigate a Life Crisis

    Life sometimes throws us a curveball. Some fine day when everything appears to be finally going our way, something unexpected can happen to us.  Sometimes this event is fortuitous. We call that “a lucky break.” At other times, something breaks down, something important to our happiness and well-being. We call that “a life crisis.” How […]

  • How to Become More Appreciative of Nature

    The first way to become more aware of nature’s presence is by meditating in it. In order to do so, wellness experts like Helen Lee Schifter, find a place outside that is just right for them. Then, one must sit and focus on breathing in and out at a balanced pace. When first starting out, […]

  • Why are You Unable to Concentrate?

    If you find it difficult to concentrate at work or in school, then you are not alone. The collective global attention span has been shrinking over the past several years, according to a study published in Nature Communications. Researchers have found that people lose track of things extremely quickly these days. For instance, in 2013, […]

  • Understanding the basics of counseling

    When it comes to therapy, a lot of individuals feel confused about whether they need therapy or not. Adding to that, the individuals also feel the dilemma of which expert and organization they need to connect with. Accepting that you need professional help to deal with your emotional turbulence is the major step on your […]

  • The impact of debt on your mental and physical health

    Taking adequate and consistent care of one’s overall health and wellbeing is incredibly important. It should come as no surprise considering the fact that it isn’t so important that we take care of our health because our health has a direct impact on practically every aspect of our lives. This is true regardless of who […]

  • How to Reduce Your Anxiety

    If you experience anxiety or stress leading up to an important event or just as a factor of your daily life, you are not alone.  Millions of people combat feelings of being overwhelmed almost constantly, and there is no shortage of reason to actually feel concerned at times.  Because modern life revolves around a constant […]