Home Teeth Straightening Kits Is A New Trend. What You Should Know

Home Teeth Straightening Kits Is A New Trend. What You Should Know

One of the few advantages of spending nearly a year at home with no social interaction is that it’s proven to be the ideal time for some of us to finally do the painful and often embarrassing beauty procedures we’ve been putting off for so long. One of these procedures includes straightening your teeth. 

Smile Prep writes that many adults desire straighter teeth but lack the time or financial resources to pursue regular orthodontic treatment. Luckily companies like SmileDirectClub and Byte have introduced at-home teeth straightening kits that do not break the bank. For a balanced and professional review of the best teeth straightening kits, one can visit the Smile Prep website. Here is what you should know for now:

How Does Invisible Aligners Work?

Invisible aligners, like regular braces, can straighten teeth and correct common bite issues. Aligners, on the other hand, can be taken out of your mouth at any moment and are designed to be replaced every week. The new aligner will shift your teeth closer to your end goal each time you replace your aligner. These are more common in individuals who have previously worn braces and have lost or stopped wearing their retainers, though they are not limited to this group of people. Clear aligners work well for people who can handle wearing an appliance, especially a nocturnal appliance, according to cosmetic dentist Sophya Morghem. After your treatment, you will need to wear retainers to keep your teeth from shifting.

Why It Is Advantageous

It is considerably more convenient to use home aligners because they do not require any office visits. You won’t have to worry about fitting visits to the dentist into your schedule. Traditional orthodontic procedures, such as braces or Invisalign, are substantially more expensive than home aligners. The majority of providers now offer payment plans to spread the cost of treatment out over time. Home teeth alignment takes an average of 6 months to complete, making it one of the quickest ways to straighten your teeth. Home teeth aligners are almost imperceptible. Depending on the provider, the trays can be frosted or shiny. They will, however, be far less obvious than traditional braces.

Filling The Industry Gap

The emergence two decades ago of Invisalign, clear plastic aligners that offered an alternative to the despised “metal mouth” image of braces so familiar to a generation of children, paved the way for the direct-to-consumer teeth-alignment sector.

Several companies have emerged in recent years to offer consumers invisible braces that can straighten their smiles in a few months without requiring them to visit an orthodontist — not even to obtain the molds or impressions from which the aligners are manufactured.

SmileDirectClub saw the opportunity early and began in 2014, with support from Camelot Venture Organization, a private investment group that earlier backed Quicken Loans and 1-800 Contacts. Initially, Align Technology manufactured SmileDirectClub’s aligners; presently, SmileDirectClub manufactures its own aligners.

Nashville-based SmileDirectClub went public on Wall Street in September 2019, claiming to have served more than 750,000 customers globally and representing 95%t of the at-home clear-aligner business. According to SEC filings, its user base nearly tripled from 90,000 to 258,000 between 2017 and 2018.

Choosing The Best Product

Orthodontic treatment can seem out of reach when you’re on a limited budget, but home aligners are surprisingly reasonable. Home aligners eliminate the expenditures associated with face-to-face dental care because they do not require office visits. However, because prices differ from one provider to the next, certain home aligners may be more affordable than others.

With any orthodontic treatment, you want to be confident you’ll achieve the results you want – otherwise, why bother? As a result, prioritize efficacy over all other variables. The efficiency of your therapy is influenced by the product design, amount of skill, and quality of materials used by your provider. Every home aligner company uses a somewhat different procedure and design to make their aligners out of clear, BPA-free plastic. As a result, some brands may be more noticeable than others. These differences are minor, but they could influence your decision if you’re looking for the most inconspicuous treatment option available.

Final Thought

You’ll receive custom-fit retainers at the end of your home aligner treatment to keep your teeth from shifting back to their original placements. When you compare the advantages of home teeth straightening kits, it is clear to see that overall it’s an investment that will leave you smiling.