How To Improve The Appearance Of Thread Veins

Thread veins are very common in adults. However, they do tend to develop more frequently in women than they do in men. They are very common and are believed to affect up to 50% of the population. These veins are chiefly caused by, what’s known as structural abnormality of blood veins. Tiny veins take blood to the heart and other places in one general direction, but thread veins form when some veins allow a small amount of backflow. This pressure then weakens the wall of the blood vessel, and the veins engorge to look like spider veins as you know them. There are a number of activities and processes that you can perform to lessen their appearance and remove them entirely, so find out how.

Compression Stockings

Although these won’t be featured in next month’s publication of Vogue, compression stockings or support stockings do help to improve your circulation by squeezing your legs throughout the day. You needn’t have a prescription to wear these stockings, but your doctor can recommend how long you should be wearing them for. You can wear these under clothes or overnight, so give them a go to see whether you can benefit.

Improve Circulation

Getting the blood to flow more freely in your legs can reduce the appearance of thread veins. Always make sure that you’re stretching before you engage in exercise so that you’re improving circulation, and perform daily activity even if it only involves walking around the house and climbing the stairs. You should be trying to encourage blood to circulate around your body to reduce the appearance of thread veins, so make sure that you don’t sit in one position for long periods of time without getting up and moving around.

Thread Vein Treatments

There are two main types of effective medical treatment for thread veins, and both of these are performed at Dr Newmans Clinic. The first method involves using microwave technology to destroy the veins without leaving scarring or pigmentation. The process is called Thermocoagulation and is believed to be far more effective than laser therapy for removing thread veins, as the results are instant and the process is non-invasive. The second method uses an injection of saline solution that is injected into the vein, and it then swells and expands over the course of a few weeks only to be completely destroyed thereafter.

Lifestyle Change

If you’re not active enough, then your chances of developing thread vein dramatically increase. A regular exercise program and some weight loss can help relieve both the appearance and the symptoms of spider veins, and varicose veins also. Those affected by varicose veins should try to avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time and should elevate the legs whenever possible. This will improve circulation and decrease swelling. If you’re not used to regular exercise, then try making small changes and walking or cycling to the convenience store rather than driving, or going for a short fifteen-minute stroll after eating dinner.

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